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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Pictures from 2012

Below is an album of all my blog pictures from 2012. I thought it would be nice for you to see them all in one place.

You can find me on Imgur if you really want to :D You can visit the below album here if you want to comment on any of the pictures.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

4th Year Consumption

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo my dear readers!

I'm still alive if you were wondering. As you might guess, 4th year it taking a big toll on my blogging life. However, because it's Christmas, I'm taking the next week off all college work while I'm at home. I still have a mountain of work to do but I deserve some time off to relax. And to blog!

What have I been up to lately? Well over the last few weeks, I've been playing a lot of League of Legends. I just leveled up to level 22. I have been practicing with some new characters and trying difference builds and strategies. Some of the characters I've been playing as are Teemo, Nasus, Heimerdinger, Master Yi, Ashe, Lulu, Morgana, Ryze and Lux. I finally got to the skill level whereby I can play with practically any character without being terrible. The first time I played as Lulu, I killed everyone :D I'm saving up to buy her because she's so cute and deadly. Like my Teemo ^_^

I Like Playing With Fairies

I've also put  about 100 hours into the new Pokémon game - Pokémon X. I was looking forward to that game so much but it was such a huge let down... I've loved all the Pokémon games up til now and you all know how dear Pokémon is to be. But wow. I was not at all impressed with that game! What I did like about the game was that Pokémon were FINALLY in 3D. That was some small comfort...

To bring up the mood, let's talk about ARTPOP. As I'm sure you all know, ARTPOP is Lady Gaga's new album. I must say, I'm not disappointed. I was kind of expecting to be... not exactly sure why... but that was how I felt. But, that's in the past! On my initial play-through of the album, I knew that I would grow to love specific songs. Nothing stood out initially, except Aura and Venus, both of which I still love now. And now that I have a great grasp of the songs, I must say that Gypsy and Venus are my top two songs, with Aura being 3rd and G.U.Y. next. I do love all the songs though, except for Jewels 'n' Drugs. What an abomination!! I don't understand why it's on the album... :O I skip it every time it comes on :P

Day of The Doctor!! :D
I was very excited to see the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who. You have no idea! While the special itself was fantastic, I must say that I found parts to be very predictable. Not so much so that they ruined the episode or anything. It was more "OH MY GOD I KNOW WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO DO AND IT'S GENIUS". I was very very impressed. I could not wait for the Christmas Special on Christmas Day... however I thought it was a bit crap! XD

Remember how I bought the first two Game of Thrones books last summer in England? Well I finally started reading the books! I'm actually sooooo bad at reading books. I started the Saturday on my way to Paris (more about that below). I'm so glad I started reading it though, it's so good! It did take me a while to grasp all the characters but when I did, it became much easier to read. I haven't seen the TV show at all yet. But I'll get there when I have the first book read. Anyone I ask says to do what they did (whether it's read the book or watch the TV show) but I've not met anyone who has done both... so I'm going to be the first of my friends to do so.

On a side note, my brother didn't know what to get me for Christmas so I was like,
"Em... Let's go to Easons and get Game of Thrones in the 3 for 2 sale."
So he did. And now I have 5 books :D

So, Paris. In August, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Paris for Christmas. On Saturday the 14th, we set off to Paris for four days. It was soooo tiring but so much fun. It was a very cheap holiday yet we got to see so much. On Saturday, we visited the Arc de Triomphe as it was on the route to our hotel. We got to travel to the top for free because we are under 26. Thumbs up for free visits for under 26s! Afterwards, we spend a few hours walking from the Champs-Élysées towards our hotel. So many crepes and churros were devoured! We finished off the night with two hours of The Simpsons... IN FRENCH! It was the episode where they went on holiday to England and Homer rear-ended the Queen.

Je vous le dis! Je suis anglaise!

Arc de Triomphe!!

Sunday, we went to the Catacombes. They are a system of underground tunnels which hold over 6 million skeletons. That only cost €4 because of our age. It was well worth the €4... It was so creepy yet thrilling to see so many skulls, femurs and hip bones. Later in the day, we went sightseeing and saw the Notre Dame and the Moulin Rouge. The night ended with a bang as we met with another couple who we knew were going to be in Paris the same time as us. Ice skating in front of the Eiffel Tower is something I can now cross off my bucket list ;)

Such Romance!

Monday was by far the best day (save for the ice skating). Best time to visit The Louvre? 9 o'clock in the morning! Within fifteen minutes of getting in the door (without standing in a long queue) and paying no entry (because under 26 :P), we saw the Mona Lisa. I never realised it was so small! Two hours later, we left having visited the Venus de Milo and the Egyptian exhibits also. And not to mention, the Lady Gaga exhibit we stumbled upon! Yes, I kid you not, Gaga is in the Louvre!

Smiling or Frowning?

Lady Gaga!

Next, we decided to go up the Notre Dame. What an amazing building! Another tourist attraction that cost nothing. Following that was a trip to the Sacré Coeur. Another amazing building. But the climax of the entire trip was the Eiffel Tower. Despite having to pay to visit the summit, it was the best of all! From queuing up to getting to the top, it took only 15 minutes as we booked our tickets in advance. That was some efficient planning right there! You'd think visiting the Eiffel Tower was overrated... but my god... it was not. What's even better was we were there for sunset ^_^ How romantic!

The night ended with a quick trip to see the tunnel where Princess Diana died... and a screening of Inception... in French. Perhaps the strangest part of our entire holiday!

And that pretty much ended our trip. Tuesday was spend travelling back to Ireland... nothing very exciting. Well... at least until Saturday the 21st! My boyfriend and I went to see Wicked! in Dublin that night. I bought him tickets for his birthday. It is by far his favourite show but I had not seen it before. I was actually blown away by it... the singing was spectacular... the acting was perfect... the costumes were amazing. And the story... mind-blowing! Even though I figured some things out before they happened ;) But wow... I can see why he has gone to see it multiple times!!

...and that pretty much sums up my life over the last two months. College fills in all the empty spaces between LOL, Pokémon, Gaga, Paris and Wicked!.

I'll try my best to bring another post before the new year!

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Blogging 101

The title of this piece came to me as I opened this blank post. However, I will not be speaking about the basics of blogging. Because anyone who knows me should realise that I have no idea what I am doing. If you must know, this is my 101st blog post. Hence the silly title. Moving on...

What I will share with you all over the next few posts will be some poems that I wrote... about 4 years ago during my Leaving Cert year. The very first one I wrote - Reality - is so darn cringe that I won't even plague you with it. Instead I'm going to start off with a piece I called, 'Lifeless'.

The dim glow fades
as the night draws to a close.
Weaker than before, it remains silent.

The cinders quench, the ashes
lay beneath the grating, out of view
until the master notices next morning.

Shocked to see the lifeless place, he cries,
“It might be different if I paid attention”.
Forever cold.

What was my inspiration for this? As far as I remember, I wrote this about my great-grandaunt, Josie. She passed away In 2008 just before I started my Junior Cert exams. At the time, I heard she wasn't well but even though I was 15 at the time, I was still rather oblivious to this thing people called 'death'. Mostly because she was the first person in my family who I knew rather well who died.

I'm not sure why I decided I wanted to post these poems I wrote. I guess perhaps because part of me wanted to share these feelings. 4 years ago, I didn't have friends.. Well, I did. But nothing like the friends I have now. But that was my fault, not theirs. I've grown up a lot since then. And now I have people with whom I can share these things that once upon a time wouldn't have ever been seen by anybody else.

Anyway, I don't want to bog you down. But I do hope that you'll enjoy these pieces I wrote. Some I am quite happy with. Some (like Reality) are just plain cringe.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Big One Zero Zero

Howdy all! Here I am again for another milestone - this is my 100th blog post :D And what is this post gonna be about? The future. Or at least what I'd hope to do in the future. Let me start with a message I received lately. I received this reply in response to a Facebook post about the Blog Awards Ireland. My blog post LGBTQ Pride was nominated for Best Blog Post, and you can vote here. Please do vote! I'd really appreciate it. Anyway, here's the message I received. It was from a woman I've known since primary school; my friend's mom.

Ciarán Ó Bioráin. Now that I've got that out of the way... I've heard you going on about LGBTQ but like most things it was a little over my head. But when you sent a request to vote for your blog page I'm one of those who read before signing... It's the first time that I actually read it (well most of it anyway). You are a brilliant young fellow (but then you knew that) and I've always had a soft spot for you (like an extra mammy) since NS when you didn't torment me lol. You are so right in not hiding.. what good is it.. it only brings suspicion and whispers. I've watched our parish change so much from the time when I was in school to now.  I have to say thank God the oldies are gone. They hid behind the doors and whispered and made everyone's lives hell all because they wanted to be the first with the gossip uncaring of how other peoples' lives were affected. Keep that blog going it looks and sounds well. And I hope you win.

Oh I forgot, I voted twice for you ha ha

I thought that deserved to be published because it was one of the nicest messages I've received in a good long time. And this is why I write... I write to talk to people. I write to share my feelings with you. I write so that you might be inspired. I write because I love it :)

Anyway, for the main body of my post. Where would I like to see myself in the coming years? Well let's start from now... I'm moving to Cork tomorrow; back to college! Starting my final year on the 16th. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started college... that's just CRAY. This year I have an FYP (final year project) and have no idea what topic to study. But I'm kind of looking forward to it. I'm really looking forward to getting back into a routine and studying... I also have my council secretary role to look forward to. It's nothing spectacular but it's another thing to buff the CV ;) But now let's go further...

When I finish my exams next May, I'm hoping that by then I'll already have a graduate position as an trainee actuary under my belt. And on top of that, I'd hope that I can get a placement next summer for 12 weeks (or so) in a different country; just for the experience. I'll soon start looking for graduate opportunities to start building on that dream. As for where I'd like to work? Well Cork would be ideal... close to home, close to friends.. but realistically, I'll be looking at Dublin for my job. Who knows? I might even check England! That'd be very cool...

So that sets up my next 3 to 4 years work-wise... if I'm lucky. But what else? I'd like to have my own apartment of course; a place I can call home. Yet, I will try to keep my expenses low and save my money. I'll be putting a lot of my money away for bigger expenses such as building a house and raising children. Of course, those are huge expenses but it's always good to have a nice starting fund.

In the coming years I'd love to travel... either on holidays to places I haven't been, or working abroad. Both would be fun! I've always wanted to see the world. And yes, that would be another expense... Something I'll need that saved money for ;)

I'm hoping that this year will see the start of my new exercising regime. A regime that I will try to keep up during the year and carry on for years after. I'm not a terribly unfit person, but a bit of exercise wouldn't go astray. Especially since I have a free gym to use in Cork. It's going to be hard work to make myself go but it will be so rewarding :)

Where will my blog be? I'm hoping in the next few years that I'll have many more posts, many more views and many more followers... I can't really think of what else I'd like in the next few years. I'm sure there's more I should mention but that's all that comes to mind. But before I go, I have two things to show you :D

The 3 Egyptian God Cards

Espeon and Umbreon

The first picture is one I owe you... I meant to show you that pic in my 21 Years of Procrastination and Awesomeness - Part 2 post but my camera was temporarily without a memory card. But wow... aren't they something else? I got them off Santa one Christmas :D And they're in perfect condition. As for the second photo, I got these lovely little guys on the internet. I decided to treat myself. Aren't they cute?

Now, it's time for me to hit the hay. Long day tomorrow!! Goodnight all :D

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Nuzlocke To End All Nuzlockes

Well howdy! I know what you must be thinking, "Jeez it's been almost a year since this guy told us about his Nuzlocke Challenge in Pokémon FireRed". And you would be correct, it's almost been a full year...

Now the last time I was talk to you about my Nuzlocke Challenge was here. So have a brush up on what's been going on if you can't remember (I know I certainly forgot!).

I have some very awful news! I got a new phone... which means I lost all my Nuzlocke data :'( So that's the end of that. There will be no more posts regarding my FireRed Nuzlocke. This will be the final one. To continue with the bad news, I dont have any new screenshots for you to look at either. To be honest, I didn't get very much more done in that file before I got my new phone. Here's all that happened:

--- Cynder evolved into Charizard and became AWESOME
--- Penny (Gloom) started to annoy me having only grass moves
--- Sonic, my lovely Golbat, took a massive hit from a Koffing and died
--- I caught Tentacool to replace Sonic, and started slowly training it up

And that was it, the uninteresting, bitter end to my challenge...

I feel really bad that it had to end like that because I really liked writing those posts. I do love to go back and read them, plus the photos make it so much more fun!

What will I do next you ask? Well at the moment, I'm working on my Eeveeloution party. I've become so obsessed with egging... my worst fear will be my Espeon because not only do I want an egg move and good IVs, I also want Espeon's hidden ability - Magic Bounce. That's gonna really make the egging difficult. And yes, I do have an Eevee from Dream World :D Took me a while to get it but I did, and it's female ^_^

As you probably know, it's just over 2 months until Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are released. Now while I love the new things like Pokémon and attacks and abilities etc, one thing I'm looking forward to are the new training mechanics (because I'm a geek like that). So far I haven't heard of much except that there's supposed to be a new way to raise your pokémons' EVs outside of battle. It sounds interesting!

And to finish of this post, I've one last thing to say. You'll notice that this is my 99th blog post. Meaning my next one is number 100! Yes, I know... I had 82 posts last year and only 17 this year so far... I feel bad that I haven't written more but maybe when college starts back and I focus, I can set time aside each week to write. As for what I'll write about next time... I'm still working on it. But I hope that you'll all enjoy it :D