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Friday, 20 April 2012

Kieran Used 'Connect To Internet'

This is just a quick entry [That's what he said!]. I'm just gonna mention a few websites I use when it comes to the wonderful world of Pokémon.

Now, before I start I'm just gonna say that my main interest in Pokémon is in the video games. Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Nintendo DS and Wii. I've played quite a few games... But my plan for the summer is to rewatch the anime :D So most of what I say will be in relation to the games.

1. 100 Top Pokémon Sites
Now this one; I don't know anything about it. The few websites I use primarily are listed next, but I came across this one and thought I'd throw it down for teh lulz. This is basically a website with links to 100 other websites about Pokémon. Have a look through - you might find something you liek.

2. Pokémon Global Link
For those of you who play Pokémon Black or Pokémon White, you may already know about this one. This is where the Dream World is. You can put a Pokémon to sleep [no, not put them down!] and they will dream and show up in Dream World. You have to make an account on the website and sync it with your game. In Dream World, there are a few cool things to do such as catch new Pokémon with awesome abilities, grow berries and trade items with other trainers, find items and berries and play some fun games. You can also customize your C-Gear from there too!!! And get some rare event Pokémon too ^_^ Such as Arceus and Lucario. Check it out :D

Dream World

Charizard C-Gear Skin

3. Pokémemes
Here is one of my favourites because it is just SOOOO funny! It's updated daily. There are hundreds of pictures and stuff on it. There's not much more I can say but check it out anyway :D

To The New Region!!
4. Smogon
Now this one... I don't really use it that often. But this is a very useful website to find strategies for raising Pokémon and online battling. It has details on all 649 Pokémon, plus extra stuff on other forms of Pokémon. Like Deoxys Speed Form has a different page detailing battle strategies to the page for Deoxys Normal Form. It also has some calculators on it, such as a battle damage one. Give it a look sure :)

5. Bulbapedia
Bulbapedia has loads in it. There is info on the TCG, the manga and the video games. Now, I find this site kind of difficult to maneuver but maybe that's just me. It does have a lot of information on the card game and the anime so if you're into them, check out Bulbapedia. As for the individual Pokémon pages, there is a lot of material on there that you may not be looking for if you're in search of the basic mechanical aspects of a Pokémon. Say, for example, you wanna train up a Pikachu and find out what attacks it learns in a specific game. Bulbapedia will show you that, but it will involve sifting through a lot of unnecessary stuff to find it. But overall, this website is really informative.

6. Serebii
This is my go-to website when it comes to Pokémon. I found it years ago and I always refer to it for any aspect of Pokémon. It posts daily news updates which is really handy! I find the layout is really well done so you should have no problem trying to find something on the site. Again, it has information on the TCG, the manga, anime and games. So much details goes into every post, but the site is designed that you only read what you want to find out. I really do adore this website and cannot give the creators enough credit about it. As they say, save the best for last - as I have done, in my opinion.

There ya go, my browser history for Pokémon. I hope you found this useful.

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