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Monday, 23 April 2012

Such A Rogue

Heyo all!!

Seeing as I don't get to play Dragon Age: Origins much, I thought I'd update what I can when I do play.

Chaz: Elven Rogue
As you may guess, I have started a file with an Elven Rogue, named Chaz [no particular reason I chose that name]. And he uses Dual Weapons. I haven't got very far yet - I'm only after getting the vials of Darkspawn blood and have yet to take part in the Joining.

I think the only reason I chose to go with an Elven Rogue this time was because of two things:
1. I like Elves over Dwarves and Humans [for no reason apart from the fantasy aspect]
2. Dual Weapons was a choice because... well this slash and gash video

I'm playing on Nightmare difficulty. It IS very difficult in places... but SOOOOOOOOO much more fun :D I don't really have much else to say but this is the first time I'm playing through without a mage so it'll be interesting to see where I go.

Blaise: Human Mage
Back to my current mage; Blaise. I'm level 10 at the moment and going to Lake Calenhad to free the mages. I have just been at Redcliffe and made my choice to bring mages back to help me enter the Fade to destroy the demon in Connor [apologies to those who have NO idea what I'm talking about].

Just before making this decision, I had battled Bann Teagan and his men. Now, since I'm playing nightmare difficulty, I was expecting a very difficult battle. Especially since when I played through on normal difficulty, it took me ages to get past. But, I did it in one go! I was really surprised... Blaise used Death Hex on Bann Teagan, Morrigan used Vulnerability Hex on him and the with a Crushing Prison thrown on top of that, Bann was really vulnerable to my sword play. Anywho, I think it just means I'm getting good at battling well in this game :D

So there's my recent update on the game. Oh! One other thing was I learned how to use Force Field really well. Sending out a scapegoat for a group of enemies to attack, then as that character gets beaten to death, use Force Field on them and then throw a Fireball their way so the enemies take a big hit but your teammate remains unharmed. Once I unlock Virulent Walking Bomb, I will try that combo in my last Dragon Age post.

Oh and one final thing, if anyone has comments or suggestions or combos or anything like that, do feel free to comment below :) Any criticism is good criticism :D

That's all for now :)

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