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Monday, 23 April 2012


Technology doesn't like me..
I've come to that conclusion recently.
Either it does ACTUALLY hate me or it's a big coincidence that both my laptop and phone have decided not to function correctly.

Tomorrow, I will get my phone fixed though :D
I am very happy about that.
As for my laptop, I have no internet and no idea why that's happened.
I mean, right now I'm using wireless internet from my house with Patrick's laptop...
There's no excuse!!
By the way Patrick, thanks for letting me use this without your permission.
You're so nice ^_^

On the bright side...
I got a ticket to see....

Lady Gaga's
Born This Way Ball

I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited XD I can't wait!!
It's gonna be unreal! ^_^
It'd be so cool to get into the Monster Pit!
[although I'm still not quite sure exactly what it is!]
[All of teh exclamation marks!!1!eleven!!!!]

In one weeks time, my college exams start up for three weeks.
This'll be tough!
But 2nd year is almost over.. wow!
I'm halfway through my course; how the time does fly.

Oh, I did catch Ho-oh by the way.
I'm currently on my way through Victory Road to battle the Pokémon league.
Just putting that out there ^^

Friday night I was at a wonderful party for the one and only Lorraine-bow :D
Happy 21st Birthday Lorraine!
Lots of fun was had and many memories were made.

Yes, I have joined Pottermore!
GoldCrimson9501; add me :D
But make sure you tell me who you are :P
I am a proud Hufflepuff
We will reign supreme... eventually!

Ciao for nao ^^

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