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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Social Whore

I'll try keep this short!

I'd just like to bring your attention to one thing. This being:

That is the link to my Twitter account [if you didn't guess]. Follow me if you want to. Also, there's a link up there at the top of the page. No pressure. I'm not gonna hunt you down or anything... *shifty eyes*

The reason I'm bringing you to it's attention is mainly because it might be a good way for you to see when I post new blog posts. I always tweet about them :D Also, Twitter is a handy way of contacting me if you want to comment about blog content or if you have any criticisms or whatever. I do have a Twitter widget on my blog page so you can see my latest tweets :D

I'll leave it at that :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I Played My Own Hunger Games!!

These last 36 hours have been so much fun!! I flew over to London yesterday morning for a group assessment for The Challenge. I came across that website randomly months ago and decided to apply for a job with them :D (Yes, I basically repeated what I said at the start of my last post. At least you're paying attention!)

Nerves. Excitement. Fear. Dread. This is how I was feeling Monday night as I was going to bed... but because of all these, I only managed to get about 4 hours sleep. That didn't help but sure, everything worked out great anyway!! Once I got to London, I visited my aunt in the north of London. It was quite nice :D She really enjoyed that I came to visit seeing as we see each other maybe once year when she visits over the Summer. I did get some homemade brown bread - awesome lunch!! :D

The group assessment was 5 hours long. It was long but SOOOOO much fun :D I met some really nice people there too. I think I came from the furthest away [to be fair, I crossed the sea to get there!] and that I was the youngest person there [I found out that there was a girl around my age - but she was just two days older!]. The  2 guys and the girl we had as our group assessors were awesome as well. Plus, the weather was brilliantly warm too!!

The end of the day comprised of a small group of 4 of us going for a drink. And chips! Nice way to end the day and start some potentially magnificent friendships XD

I left the city and went back to Stanstead airport around ten that night. And waited around for 8 long, grueling hours!! I played some Pokémon online [here's my update on pokémon]. But the best part of the night was definitely reading the 2nd Hunger Games book - Catching Fire!! I was twenty pages from finishing when my phone died... :( BOO!! I'll finish it soon... once I get a free minute or two :D But what made the whole experience of reading the book was what happened in the airport!!

I was suffering from a severe lack of sleep plus an exhausting day and very little food and water. And I was reading Catching Fire. I started to think that reality was now somewhat like a dream world. Well, it didn't feel like proper reality. I started wandering around the airport - moving from place to place and setting up a new camp by folding up my coat and sitting on it. The lack of food and water led me to wander around in search of sustenance. But to no avail.. Everywhere was closed. Well, except a coffee shop here or there but they were expensive!! I felt like I was in the arena with 23 tributes after me so staying in one place for an extended period of time was not safe. The only weapons I had were my Nintendo DS and a few pens which I could have used to stab someone. It was thrilling and exciting :D

Once the time hit me, that I had to leave and board the plane, the arena faded away and I was no longer part of the Hunger Games. It was fun while it lasted though!! :D I thought ye'd enjoy my little delirium so there ye go ^_^

Wifi In Stanstead!!

Now there's a random title! Last night, I spent 8 hours in Stanstead Airport, London, waiting for my flight home to Cork. LONGEST. NIGHT. EVER. Just to clear up why I was in London - it was an interview for a summer job at The Challenge :D

So... Those 8 hours in Stanstead Airport dragged on and on and on and on... *5 minutes later* ... and on!! Anyway. Pokémon. Right! Stanstead had wifi - therefore I went on the Global Trade Station (GTS) and I did a few online ranking battles. It did help pass about an hour and a half!!

One thing I'd like to say about the GTS...
The amount of trades I could not do because of this was ridiculous!! I eventually managed to trade for a Rotom, giving away my own one. I did it just for sheer want of an international Pokémon :) In my half an hour or so of searching for even the most basic of Pokémon, all the trainers wanted Reshiram or Zekrom in return... I would just like to say... STOP RUINING THE GTS!! I did see a few (not a lot!) actual decent trades. Such as people looking for an Axew or maybe a Drapion. THAT'S what I'm looking for - decent offers! Is it too much to ask?!

Once I gave up on the GTS, I decided to try a few ranking battles. I was really caught off guard though... my first battle was very easy. I managed to K.O. the 4 enemy Pokémon without taking any damage apart from that of Tyranitar's Sand Stream. But I was not prepared for my next two opponents [who actually turned out to be the same person]. I did not do well.. and lost fairly badly the first time, but held myself better the second time yet I still lost. Just shows to go ya that you do need a strategy!! I'll come back with a better, stronger, smarter team and win!! :D

That's the extent of my online playing. I was delirious with the lack of sleep so I decided to give up while I was ahead [despite losing more than winning].

Ah well! Happy Pokémon-ing ^_^

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Uldred Was A Nightmare!!

Chaz: Elven Rogue
This needs no introductions. I didn't get much chance to do anything in Dragon Age: Origins last night... Ok, that's a lie! I did get about 7 hours!!

In that time, I completed the quest Broken Circle -  This is where you use the Grey Warden treaties to recruit the mages or templars. I had recruited the templars previously so I decided I wanted the mages this time. Plus, I could use the mages to help me save Conor in Redcliffe Castle without  anyone having to sacrifice themselves! :D

I really do like this quest because it's very cleverly thought out and just generally brilliant!! One thing I like is that once you enter the Fade because of the Sloth Demon, you can find pools where you can increase your attributes permanently! Sure each pool gives you one specific point for an attribute but they add up. Also, the opportunity to gain the 4 shape-shifting abilities is SOOOO cool!

Battling through the Circle was, in fact, rather simple given that I was playing on Nightmare difficulty! It was challenging but really fun. I got Wynne to join my party and she's a great asset to have. Once I get Morrigan to level 14 and she learns to be a Spirit Healer, I will have two spirit healers on my team and Cleansing Aura will ruin all of my enemies!! Chaz is doing quite well as a Duelist and I'm ONE level away from becoming in Assassin :D I have only gone up one level in those 7 hours I played and I only got Device Mastery (so that I could unlock a chest in the Circle). So I can't give much of a spiel about combos and stuff... But anyway, the Circle was grand to get through until I met Uldred in the Harrowing Chamber at the top... It was impossible to kill him so I... I... changed the difficulty :( I'm quite ashamed... But I won so HA! :D

Right now, I am in Redcliffe Castle JUST about to put a mage in the Fade to battle the demon controlling Conor. I'll probably go with Morrigan! Oh and I will unlock Blood Mage too! Which will be a great help for my mage file with Blaise... which I haven't played in quite a long time... Anyway, that's how Chaz is doing at the moment :D

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Time To Pig Out!

Yes! My exams are finished :D I'm so over the moon XD I'm so unbelievably happy! This means a fun, light-hearted, uplifting blog entry today :D

Not half an hour ago, I went to Tesco and bought lots of calories :D I JUST finished a whole bag of Bacon Fries. And my Ben an Jerry's is sitting on the table, defrosting. Add that to the wine and cider I'll be having tonight *sips wine* Ok... so I already started on the wine. Oh and let's not forget the Malteasers. 2 big bags for €4 - this makes me even happier :D Maybe with all these calories I might put on some weight!

This morning, I left my apartment en route to my exam. Just as I got into the middle of Brookfield, I could smell something really sweet in the air. It wasn't like someone had baked cookies or anything like that. It was more like the smell of fruit chewing gum. The smell lingered until I got the the Mardyke arena for my exam. It was a really nice way to walk to my final exam :D And, on my walk back from Tesco, the smell came back. But even stronger! And nicer! I've no idea where it came from. But it was amazing :D I really hope it doesn't disappear. But I do hope it's coming from a not-creepy source. For example, I wouldn't like if some old witch was cooking children (or worse, kittens) and flavouring them with strawberry and the odour was wafting through the Brookfield area!

I think I'll leave it there. I must prepare for the escapades which will transgress tonight!!

Happy days :D

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Effort Value Training

I've decided to write about EV (effort value) Training and how it works. For two reasons - one, I need a topic to write about and two, it's something a lot of people don't actually understand properly. So I'll explain it and try to make it as clear as I can :)

When you catch a wild pokémon, or are given a pokémon in-game by someone, or get a pokémon in an egg, it will have 0 [that's ZERO] EVs. A pokémon will gain EVs through different methods - the most important one being by battling other pokémon. Before I talk about the different methods, I'll mention why you should EV train your pokémon.

EV training gives the benefit of better stats :) That's the reason. A pokémon can accumulate a total of 510 EV points; with a maximum of 255 in any one stat. So that means you can max out two of your stats. It depends on the pokémon and your strategy how you EV train a pokémon. So I'll leave that to yourself because there are an uncountable number of combos to choose from! How the EVs affect your stat points is as follows -  for every 4 EVs you have in a stat, your pokémon's stat will be 1 point higher at level 100. Now, just to make it clear. I get a Pikachu level 100 using rare candies [it doesn't have any EVs] and it's speed is 200. Now, I battle pokémon and gain 4 EVs, so the speed stat increases to 201.

In Pokémon Black and White, EVs and stats recalculate after every battle, rather than each time a pokémon grows a level. Which means you can still EV train your level 100 Zekrom that you got in an event [I mentioned Zekrom because I got one at level 100 in an event]. Now, you'll notice that 255 is NOT divisible by 4. That means that only 252 of the 255 EVs in a stat will actually make any difference to a stat. So if you're clever you'll raise two stats with 252 EVs each and then with the 6 [510-2x252=6] leftover, throw them into something else and get an extra point up. So my level 100 Pikachu with 252 speed EVs now has a speed stat of 263. Which is a MASSIVE increase from 200!! It's a 32% increase! :D

So there's how EVs work. And here are the ways to increase your pokémon's EVs:

1. Battling Other Pokémon
Every time you battle and faint a pokémon, your pokémon gains EVs. But it depends on the pokémon you faint as each pokémon gives different ones. Some give 1,2 or 3 EVs for a particular stat and some give 2 EVs - one each for two stats [eg. 1 Def EV, 1 Sp. Def EV].

2. Medicine Items
I dunno what else to call these so I said medicine. These are:

HP Up - HP
Protein - Attack
Iron - Defence
Calcium - Special Attack
Zinc - Special Defence
Carbos - Speed

They give 10 EVs to their respective stat. But they only work up to 100 EVs. Above 100 EVs in a stat, they won't be effective. So they're most effective when your pokémon has no EVs.

3. The Wings
These are new items in Pokémon Black and White. You find them on the two bridges in Unova - Driftveil Drawbridge and Marvellous Bridge. They appear randomly. They give 1 EV to a stat but unlike the medicine items, they will work above 100 EVs. However, because they only give 1 EV and are not that easy to find, it's unlikely you'll completely EV train a pokémon with wings. But they do help in some situations.

4. Pokérus
This is a virus your pokémon may catch randomly. It's very hard to come by and it's very contagious. If you ever come across it, infect a pokémon and save it in your PC because it doesn't wear off while they're in there. The effects of Pokérus never wear off a pokémon however the contagious effect can wear off. What Pokérus does is it doubles the EVs you get per battle. So if you faint a Patrat which gives 1 EV in Attack and your pokémon has Pokérus, you will actually get 2 EVs in Attack. This halves the time taken to fully EV train a pokémon so it's really REALLY handy!!

6. Macho Brace
This is a hold item which first appeared in 3rd generation games. It lowers a pokémons speed while this item is held but it doubles the EVs you get in battle. Couple this with Pokérus and when you faint that Patrat you get 4 EVs in attack rather than one. This means that instead of fainting 252 wild Patrats to fully train your pokémon, you only need to faint 64 when you have Macho Brace and Pokérus

7. The Power Items
These are new items that first appeared in the 4th generation. They are similar to the Macho Brace in that they lower the speed of your pokémon while the item is held. But, they are much stronger than the Macho Brace because they give you 4 EVs in a particular stat. There are 6 power items - one for each stat. These are:

Power Weight - HP
Power Bracer - Attack
Power Belt - Defence
Power Lens - Special Attack
Power Band - Special Defence
Power Anklet - Speed

If you equip the Power Weight to you pokémon and faint a wild Patrat, you get the 1 EV in Attack from the Patrat plus 4 EVs in HP from the Power Weight. Combining one of these items with Pokérus can give you a minimum of 10 EVs per battle [2x(4+1)] if you beat a pokémon that gives you 1 EV and a maximum of 14 EVs per battle [2x(4+3)] if you beat a pokémon that gives you 3 EVs. This can substantially reduce the time taken to EV train your pokémon :D However, these items can only be got at Battle Tower [Sinnoh] or Battle Subway [Unova] for 32 BP each. So they're quite expensive but well worth it!!

Now, that's all I have on EVs I think. Hope this helped and I really hope I didn't forget anything.

Happy training!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Headless Dragon-Man

Hello again!! Here's another post about the one and only Dragon Age: Origins. Who'd have guessed?!  I had some fun this weekend playing Dragon Age. Well, much more than normal! :D

Meryl: Dwarven Rogue
Now, the last time I spoke about Meryl, I only had words of hatred for her. But, I finally beat the origin story and I'm currently in the Kocari Wilds collecting Darkspawn Blood and searching for the ancient treaties. It's still taking some getting used to playing with a bow and arrow, but I'm managing and I will get there. What has been a great help is the fact that I sometimes make Chaz use a bow and arrow when he's far from enemies. Chaz and Meryl are like polar opposites of each other. Ok.. Not total opposite but here's what I mean - Chaz masters the use of dual-weaponry and has a bow as his secondary weapon for ranged combat [because his dexterity is so high] and Meryl masters the use of bow and arrow with two daggers as her secondary weapon set for close range combat. I really don't have much left to say about Meryl as I haven't done so much with her and she's only about level 3. So I'll leave you with this video I took just after a battle in the Deep Roads at the beginning of Meryl's story...

Now, you're probably wondering what the hell that was. But, if you watch it again and look closely at the guy that's walking away, you should see that he... is headless!! He was decapitated in the battle but somehow managed to get back up again without a head. By the time I noticed this, it was too late to get a good video of it unfortunately :(

Chaz: Elven Rogue
Chaz, Chaz, Chaz... There is not enough praise in the world!! :D I've played quite a bit of his story this weekend. I got the Urn of Sacred Ashes! And am currently in the Circle Of Magi on Lake Calenhad. I want to recruit the mages so I can return to Redcliffe and defeat the demon that inhabits Conor [without using Blood Magic to save him] so that I can unlock Blood Mage. Anyway... That's enough about where I am in the story. In terms of levels and talents - I'm roughly level 13 [specialization next level XD]. I recruited Zevran after finding the Urn so he'll teach me the Assassin specialization soon, which I want to teach to Chaz. Battles seem so much easier and faster than my previous elven mage file. Enemies don't stand a chance when my doggy [Doppler] stuns them with Dread Howl and I can backstab them from any angle with Coup De Grace. Plus with Dueling activated and sustained, I get an attack bonus. And Momentum allows me to attack faster then normal. So in a short space of time, I can do a LOT of damage :D It's awesome!!! One last thing before I leave Chaz - I defeated the High Dragon on the mountain where the Urn is. It was a LONG battle. Morrigan was the only one who survived and she just attacked from range and used a spell now and then.

 I can't remember if I mentioned this before but I'll say it again anyway. In my first file as an Elven  Mage, I played through and unlocked all of the specializations. I proceeded to play the expansion pack, Dragon Age: Awakening, once I beat Dragon Age: Origins. I then started my file as Blaise, a human mage, and I noticed that I had no specializations unlocked. Now, they should still be unlocked from my first file because they carry over, but I think because I used the file in Awakening, it somehow cancelled them out.. :/ So I have to unlock them all again!! Which has been annoying because once I reach level 7 in a new file, I probably won't be able to unlock the specialization I want... :( Fortunately, between my files with Blaise, Chaz and Meryl, I'm unlocking them all again :D And you may have noticed that I haven't written about Blaise recently - that's because I haven't played with him in a while (giggity).

So there ya go :D That's all for now

Sunday, 20 May 2012

T Minus 4 Days

At this time, 6 days time, I will be finished my college exams XD Thursday was by far my most important and most intense exam - thankfully, it went well ^_^ My last post here was... May 12th. Here's an update on what I've been doing since then :)

Last weekend, I watched 40 episodes of the Pokémon Anime. 40 (I managed to get up to 40 from 26)! Yet I still found time to study ^_^  I forgot how much I loved it as a child :D It makes me sad that Pokémon aren't real and we can't go off on our own Pokémon adventures... But I can always dream XD Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the release of Pokémon Black 2. It's not coming out anytime soon, but nonetheless, I'm tingling in anticipation!!

I will blame these exams for my lack of consistency in blog posts. Sorry!! :( But that will no longer be a problem from Wednesday onwards :D

I'm facing a bit of a predicament at the moment - the misplacing of my passport. Normally, I wouldn't consider this a massive inconvenience, but merely treat it as something that will sort itself out in the future. Basically, what I mean is - I would hope to find it randomly someday that I'm cleaning my room or even just looking for my DS charger. ANYWAY, my point - I cannot find my passport and I am going to London in just over a week. And it's for a fairly important reason; a summer job!! Part of me is crying inside that I won't be able to go... the rest of me is hoping that I'll find the passport within the next week :D

OH MY GOD! I just remembered :D Today, I was over at my friend's house on a flying visit. And I was introduced to three puppies - crosses between a King Charles and Bichon Frisé! They were the cutest things I've seen in a long time!! :3 Here's a photo of one of the little buggers ^_^

Cute Puppy

Desperate Housewives... it's coming to an end :( Before the week is out, I'll have seen the final episode of the series.. and that makes me a very sad panda. I have no spoilers here because I do not like them. All I'll say is that I will miss the stories and characters and everything about the show. But, it had to end sometime. And hopefully, I will enjoy the ending :)

Share my blog and tell your friends :D
If you want that is :)

See ya!

Saturday, 12 May 2012


I started watching the first series of Pokémon yesterday and I'm currently on episode 26... Yes that is a lot of Pokémon for 24 hours!! Ash's Butterfree reminded me that weeks ago, I started raising a Butterfree in Pokémon Black (dunno why that shows up in white). So I resumed his training... This also led me to decide - I want to make a new party! ^_^

Now to explain the title of this post... That is my new team :D I chose three myself and got Cillian to pick three as well. I chose the first three on the list below. Now this isn't meant to be an amazing online battling team. I was just kinda bored and wanted to raise a Butterfree and then this whole team evolved from that [Pokémon puns :D].

So far, I have Butterfree and Axew [the first evloution stage of Haxorus] EV trained fully. Breloom is next on my list. And so far, getting a good Shroomish has proven difficult. Trying to get fairly good IVs, with a nice ability and nature is tough! But I'll get one soon enough :D I feel quite happy about this party - except for Emolga. I haven't looked up about it yet but because they've caused me so much trouble in the past, I think I'll train it to be an annoyer :D

Once I've developed the team a bit more, I'll give a little run-down on it ^^ Sure, this'll be an interesting project that'll keep me occupied for a while.

I just wanna get back to the anime for a second. I'm on episode 26 at the moment - Pokémon Scent-sation. Where Ash gets to Celedon City and wants to challenge Erika to a gym battle. It's been years since I've seen the first series and I forgot how much I love it :D *nostalgia*

I have thought about the possibility of one day starting my own Ash Ketchum journey and raise all the Pokémon he's had in the anime. Again, another fun project B) But I'll leave that for much later.. Possibly during summer when I'm doing nothing ^^

And just before I go, I would like to point out that this is what I'm doing instead of studying for my exams ^_^

Bye bye!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Videos, Videos, Videos

As you may guess from the title, this post is about videos. To be more specific - videos I recorded while playing Dragon Age: Origins. There are 4; the first 2 are short, the 3rd one is a bit longer but rather enjoyable and the 4th one.. is just kinda cute in a weird way. Here ya go!!

1. Portal Reference?
It's Sten... and he makes, what I think is, a Portal reference? I thought this was odd when I noticed it so I recorded it for the lulz. So here it is. See for yourself and make of it what you will. Oh! And this file is the first one I completed. I am an elven mage trained as I am training Blaise at the moment. Blaise will become much better though! Hopefully ^_^

2. Chaz - Slicing and Dicing since April 2012

This one isn't really that amazing to be fair. But I do love when characters do awesome killing blow moves!! I captured most of this one as Chaz rips into the Ogre in the Tower of Ishal in Ostagar.

3. Flirting?

Now this one is just under a minute long. It's a conversation between Morrigan the Mage and Leliana the Rogue [and what a rogue she is!]. It's rather amusing and you can really see where Leliana's lesbian tendencies come into the game. Praise the lesbians :D

4. Anders Has A Soft Side

Now, this is from Dragon Age: Awakening. An expansion pack to Dragon Age: Origins. I came across a little kitten in the game and since Anders asked could we keep him, I said yes [because I too have a soft side for fluffy kittehs :D]. The little kitteh was christened Ser Pounce Alot. Not my choice, Anders named him, but cute nonetheless. It took me ages to realize what this little fluff ball's secret power was but eventually I discovered that if you use him in battle, he revives all your fallen allies :D Plus his cool-down is rather fast so he's really, really helpful!! Anyway, here's the clip I caught..

5. No More Videos

Ok.. That's all I have in terms of videos. For tonight at least! I'll surely have more eventually.. and possibly some more exciting ones than the few above. Which, I know, aren't overly WOW. But sure, something to pass the time :D

Until next time :3

Meryl Streep? SHE'D Probably Be Better With A Bow And Arrows..

Yes, it's a long title. To put it in context - I started a new file (again!) with a dwarven rogue named Meryl. I decided to try a character who was well equipped at archery this time. Because I've always found characters who specialize in archery never do well on my team.

Meryl: Dwarven Rogue
I've decided to go with a female this time - mainly so that I can get an achievement or two that I can only get while playing as a female. Plus, I have this odd thing about preferring female dwarves to male ones [And no, I don't have a dwarf fetish]. And yes, she is skilled with her hands... while using a bow! But I cannot seem to get past the origin story... :/ I find it rather difficult to fight as an archer. I have two daggers equipped as my second weapon set for close up combat though. But not even that seems to help much. I think once I get into the game a bit further and unlock more talents, I may get a better grasp on things. Oh! Before I leave Meryl, I'll just mention I chose the Dwarf Noble origin story. Taking advantage of this royalty thing will be fun!!

Chaz: Elven Rogue
OH. MY. GOD. Chaz is amazing!! At the moment, I have just beat the undead army at Redcliffe... and by god was it simple!! I've beaten them before while using mages - Blaise included - but never has it been so easy! Backstabbing is so awesome too! The whole dual weaponry talent set is just really, really up my alley :D I also have unlocked my first specialization - Duelist. Coup De Grace is a really brilliant talent for rogue as it allows you to backstab any foe who is stunned, no matter what angle you hit them from. Add this to Dirty Fighting and Riposte and you've got automatic backstabs right there!! For a foe who isn't stunned, Combat Movement increases the flanking angle of the rogue who's attacking. That means you can get a backstab at someone from a wider angle, basically. I have been opened up to a whole new world of abilities which I cream myself over... Ok that's a horrible image but I said it anyway!! I enjoy this file SOOOO much. I'm just gonna go on and on about how much fun I'm having with Chaz [no innuendo intended] so I'll just leave it at that!

I haven't played as Blaise recently so I won't even mention him past here. But I'll leave it at that :D

Friday, 4 May 2012

Spell-ing D-E-A-T-H

I don't know where the title came from... but sure what can you do :D Being stuck in college, away from the Xbox, is torture. All these wonderful ideas run through my head about Dragon Age! A thought popped into my head today - "I've heard a lot about spell combinations but I've only come across 2.. what are the others?". So naturally, Dragon Age Wiki - Spell Combos told me the answers :D

Improved Drain, Shockwave and Shattering are the three I've found myself. But the others on the list look awesome :D To be fair to my party, the only other ones I could use with Blaise and his teammates are Entropic Death and Nightmare due to the spells I let Blaise learn and the ones Morrigan and Wynne learn. Spell combinations are really cool! There are a few combos I use that aren't on that list - such as Vulnerability Hex + Crushing Prison or Force Field + Fireball. I do hope to come up with more combos... once I get to playing Dragon Age more over the summer :D

Once I get into using characters other than mages, I'll probably come across some combos with talents. My first port of call would be Chaz, since I've a file with him already under way. So I'll post more about talent combos at some future point :D
*puts it on my to-do list*

I'd better leave it at that because I'm getting a bus home soon!! Can't miss it - it's the last one going this evening!! Ttyl fellow Dragon Agers B)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Exam Month... Comes After Study Month

Yes, it's exam month @ UCC :D Social lives die (for the most part) and stress is at an all-time high. The [academic] year is coming to an end... And what a year it's been. I'd just like to add that I had a golden year :D Well I like to think so.. a few lectures here and there that I missed because of unavoidable circumstances.. That's still a sUCCess in my eyes :D OH YEAH!!

So Monday was the start of my exams. The first of my ten! 3 more weeks of this left - I'll be finished on the 23rd with stats. Can't tell you how satisfying it will be to be done for summer :D And this summer promises to be a good one! Or so it seems at the moment anyway.

To start of the summer will be the magical Messyfest III: The Chundering... Massive social orgy! Yes, it's a huge party.. basically! It will be a welcome change from exams, I can tell ya that!! XD

A week from then, I shall be in London :D At a group assessment thingy for a summer job for a few weeks. I'll find out more when I get there. But for now there lies the potential that I may be working in London for a few weeks during the summer :D How awesome would that be?!?!

I also have plans to play through a few games [Bioshock, Zelda, Dragon Age, Pokémon and probably a few others], read a lot of books, listen to more music, and attempt to learn some piano. I've always been interested in piano but never learned it. I got a book for my last birthday but never did much with it. So I'll try get some use out of it this year. OH! I forgot to mention - movies. Watch lots of movies. That's part of the plan too :)

Tomorrow is a very special day. My cat, Spot, it's her birthday tomorrow! She'll be ten years old. Ten long years living with us. Yes, she was born at our house. She so pretty :3 So she gets a special mention here.

Who's a pretty pussy cat?

This summer looks to be fun-filled, as I said. Oh, and my cousin is getting married too!! On my birthday and all! Seisiún mór B) As for my birthday, I will become old and twenty! [Ha! Old :P Yeah right...]

To everyone doing exams, good luck!! They'll be over soon. Power on!
\m/ ^_^ \m/