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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Exam Month... Comes After Study Month

Yes, it's exam month @ UCC :D Social lives die (for the most part) and stress is at an all-time high. The [academic] year is coming to an end... And what a year it's been. I'd just like to add that I had a golden year :D Well I like to think so.. a few lectures here and there that I missed because of unavoidable circumstances.. That's still a sUCCess in my eyes :D OH YEAH!!

So Monday was the start of my exams. The first of my ten! 3 more weeks of this left - I'll be finished on the 23rd with stats. Can't tell you how satisfying it will be to be done for summer :D And this summer promises to be a good one! Or so it seems at the moment anyway.

To start of the summer will be the magical Messyfest III: The Chundering... Massive social orgy! Yes, it's a huge party.. basically! It will be a welcome change from exams, I can tell ya that!! XD

A week from then, I shall be in London :D At a group assessment thingy for a summer job for a few weeks. I'll find out more when I get there. But for now there lies the potential that I may be working in London for a few weeks during the summer :D How awesome would that be?!?!

I also have plans to play through a few games [Bioshock, Zelda, Dragon Age, Pokémon and probably a few others], read a lot of books, listen to more music, and attempt to learn some piano. I've always been interested in piano but never learned it. I got a book for my last birthday but never did much with it. So I'll try get some use out of it this year. OH! I forgot to mention - movies. Watch lots of movies. That's part of the plan too :)

Tomorrow is a very special day. My cat, Spot, it's her birthday tomorrow! She'll be ten years old. Ten long years living with us. Yes, she was born at our house. She so pretty :3 So she gets a special mention here.

Who's a pretty pussy cat?

This summer looks to be fun-filled, as I said. Oh, and my cousin is getting married too!! On my birthday and all! Seisiún mór B) As for my birthday, I will become old and twenty! [Ha! Old :P Yeah right...]

To everyone doing exams, good luck!! They'll be over soon. Power on!
\m/ ^_^ \m/


  1. Where's the kitty photo? :(

    1. Awh boo! :( I'll fix that. I didn't know it didn't show up..