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Saturday, 12 May 2012


I started watching the first series of Pokémon yesterday and I'm currently on episode 26... Yes that is a lot of Pokémon for 24 hours!! Ash's Butterfree reminded me that weeks ago, I started raising a Butterfree in Pokémon Black (dunno why that shows up in white). So I resumed his training... This also led me to decide - I want to make a new party! ^_^

Now to explain the title of this post... That is my new team :D I chose three myself and got Cillian to pick three as well. I chose the first three on the list below. Now this isn't meant to be an amazing online battling team. I was just kinda bored and wanted to raise a Butterfree and then this whole team evolved from that [Pokémon puns :D].

So far, I have Butterfree and Axew [the first evloution stage of Haxorus] EV trained fully. Breloom is next on my list. And so far, getting a good Shroomish has proven difficult. Trying to get fairly good IVs, with a nice ability and nature is tough! But I'll get one soon enough :D I feel quite happy about this party - except for Emolga. I haven't looked up about it yet but because they've caused me so much trouble in the past, I think I'll train it to be an annoyer :D

Once I've developed the team a bit more, I'll give a little run-down on it ^^ Sure, this'll be an interesting project that'll keep me occupied for a while.

I just wanna get back to the anime for a second. I'm on episode 26 at the moment - Pokémon Scent-sation. Where Ash gets to Celedon City and wants to challenge Erika to a gym battle. It's been years since I've seen the first series and I forgot how much I love it :D *nostalgia*

I have thought about the possibility of one day starting my own Ash Ketchum journey and raise all the Pokémon he's had in the anime. Again, another fun project B) But I'll leave that for much later.. Possibly during summer when I'm doing nothing ^^

And just before I go, I would like to point out that this is what I'm doing instead of studying for my exams ^_^

Bye bye!!


  1. I have distinct memories of watching the Butterfree episode at 8 years old and my mother finding me curled up in a fetal position in the bathroom afterward, sobbing

    1. Awh! I think that was the effect on most children at the time...