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Monday, 21 May 2012

Headless Dragon-Man

Hello again!! Here's another post about the one and only Dragon Age: Origins. Who'd have guessed?!  I had some fun this weekend playing Dragon Age. Well, much more than normal! :D

Meryl: Dwarven Rogue
Now, the last time I spoke about Meryl, I only had words of hatred for her. But, I finally beat the origin story and I'm currently in the Kocari Wilds collecting Darkspawn Blood and searching for the ancient treaties. It's still taking some getting used to playing with a bow and arrow, but I'm managing and I will get there. What has been a great help is the fact that I sometimes make Chaz use a bow and arrow when he's far from enemies. Chaz and Meryl are like polar opposites of each other. Ok.. Not total opposite but here's what I mean - Chaz masters the use of dual-weaponry and has a bow as his secondary weapon for ranged combat [because his dexterity is so high] and Meryl masters the use of bow and arrow with two daggers as her secondary weapon set for close range combat. I really don't have much left to say about Meryl as I haven't done so much with her and she's only about level 3. So I'll leave you with this video I took just after a battle in the Deep Roads at the beginning of Meryl's story...

Now, you're probably wondering what the hell that was. But, if you watch it again and look closely at the guy that's walking away, you should see that he... is headless!! He was decapitated in the battle but somehow managed to get back up again without a head. By the time I noticed this, it was too late to get a good video of it unfortunately :(

Chaz: Elven Rogue
Chaz, Chaz, Chaz... There is not enough praise in the world!! :D I've played quite a bit of his story this weekend. I got the Urn of Sacred Ashes! And am currently in the Circle Of Magi on Lake Calenhad. I want to recruit the mages so I can return to Redcliffe and defeat the demon that inhabits Conor [without using Blood Magic to save him] so that I can unlock Blood Mage. Anyway... That's enough about where I am in the story. In terms of levels and talents - I'm roughly level 13 [specialization next level XD]. I recruited Zevran after finding the Urn so he'll teach me the Assassin specialization soon, which I want to teach to Chaz. Battles seem so much easier and faster than my previous elven mage file. Enemies don't stand a chance when my doggy [Doppler] stuns them with Dread Howl and I can backstab them from any angle with Coup De Grace. Plus with Dueling activated and sustained, I get an attack bonus. And Momentum allows me to attack faster then normal. So in a short space of time, I can do a LOT of damage :D It's awesome!!! One last thing before I leave Chaz - I defeated the High Dragon on the mountain where the Urn is. It was a LONG battle. Morrigan was the only one who survived and she just attacked from range and used a spell now and then.

 I can't remember if I mentioned this before but I'll say it again anyway. In my first file as an Elven  Mage, I played through and unlocked all of the specializations. I proceeded to play the expansion pack, Dragon Age: Awakening, once I beat Dragon Age: Origins. I then started my file as Blaise, a human mage, and I noticed that I had no specializations unlocked. Now, they should still be unlocked from my first file because they carry over, but I think because I used the file in Awakening, it somehow cancelled them out.. :/ So I have to unlock them all again!! Which has been annoying because once I reach level 7 in a new file, I probably won't be able to unlock the specialization I want... :( Fortunately, between my files with Blaise, Chaz and Meryl, I'm unlocking them all again :D And you may have noticed that I haven't written about Blaise recently - that's because I haven't played with him in a while (giggity).

So there ya go :D That's all for now

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