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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I Played My Own Hunger Games!!

These last 36 hours have been so much fun!! I flew over to London yesterday morning for a group assessment for The Challenge. I came across that website randomly months ago and decided to apply for a job with them :D (Yes, I basically repeated what I said at the start of my last post. At least you're paying attention!)

Nerves. Excitement. Fear. Dread. This is how I was feeling Monday night as I was going to bed... but because of all these, I only managed to get about 4 hours sleep. That didn't help but sure, everything worked out great anyway!! Once I got to London, I visited my aunt in the north of London. It was quite nice :D She really enjoyed that I came to visit seeing as we see each other maybe once year when she visits over the Summer. I did get some homemade brown bread - awesome lunch!! :D

The group assessment was 5 hours long. It was long but SOOOOO much fun :D I met some really nice people there too. I think I came from the furthest away [to be fair, I crossed the sea to get there!] and that I was the youngest person there [I found out that there was a girl around my age - but she was just two days older!]. The  2 guys and the girl we had as our group assessors were awesome as well. Plus, the weather was brilliantly warm too!!

The end of the day comprised of a small group of 4 of us going for a drink. And chips! Nice way to end the day and start some potentially magnificent friendships XD

I left the city and went back to Stanstead airport around ten that night. And waited around for 8 long, grueling hours!! I played some Pokémon online [here's my update on pokémon]. But the best part of the night was definitely reading the 2nd Hunger Games book - Catching Fire!! I was twenty pages from finishing when my phone died... :( BOO!! I'll finish it soon... once I get a free minute or two :D But what made the whole experience of reading the book was what happened in the airport!!

I was suffering from a severe lack of sleep plus an exhausting day and very little food and water. And I was reading Catching Fire. I started to think that reality was now somewhat like a dream world. Well, it didn't feel like proper reality. I started wandering around the airport - moving from place to place and setting up a new camp by folding up my coat and sitting on it. The lack of food and water led me to wander around in search of sustenance. But to no avail.. Everywhere was closed. Well, except a coffee shop here or there but they were expensive!! I felt like I was in the arena with 23 tributes after me so staying in one place for an extended period of time was not safe. The only weapons I had were my Nintendo DS and a few pens which I could have used to stab someone. It was thrilling and exciting :D

Once the time hit me, that I had to leave and board the plane, the arena faded away and I was no longer part of the Hunger Games. It was fun while it lasted though!! :D I thought ye'd enjoy my little delirium so there ye go ^_^

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