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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Meryl Streep? SHE'D Probably Be Better With A Bow And Arrows..

Yes, it's a long title. To put it in context - I started a new file (again!) with a dwarven rogue named Meryl. I decided to try a character who was well equipped at archery this time. Because I've always found characters who specialize in archery never do well on my team.

Meryl: Dwarven Rogue
I've decided to go with a female this time - mainly so that I can get an achievement or two that I can only get while playing as a female. Plus, I have this odd thing about preferring female dwarves to male ones [And no, I don't have a dwarf fetish]. And yes, she is skilled with her hands... while using a bow! But I cannot seem to get past the origin story... :/ I find it rather difficult to fight as an archer. I have two daggers equipped as my second weapon set for close up combat though. But not even that seems to help much. I think once I get into the game a bit further and unlock more talents, I may get a better grasp on things. Oh! Before I leave Meryl, I'll just mention I chose the Dwarf Noble origin story. Taking advantage of this royalty thing will be fun!!

Chaz: Elven Rogue
OH. MY. GOD. Chaz is amazing!! At the moment, I have just beat the undead army at Redcliffe... and by god was it simple!! I've beaten them before while using mages - Blaise included - but never has it been so easy! Backstabbing is so awesome too! The whole dual weaponry talent set is just really, really up my alley :D I also have unlocked my first specialization - Duelist. Coup De Grace is a really brilliant talent for rogue as it allows you to backstab any foe who is stunned, no matter what angle you hit them from. Add this to Dirty Fighting and Riposte and you've got automatic backstabs right there!! For a foe who isn't stunned, Combat Movement increases the flanking angle of the rogue who's attacking. That means you can get a backstab at someone from a wider angle, basically. I have been opened up to a whole new world of abilities which I cream myself over... Ok that's a horrible image but I said it anyway!! I enjoy this file SOOOO much. I'm just gonna go on and on about how much fun I'm having with Chaz [no innuendo intended] so I'll just leave it at that!

I haven't played as Blaise recently so I won't even mention him past here. But I'll leave it at that :D

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