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Friday, 4 May 2012

Spell-ing D-E-A-T-H

I don't know where the title came from... but sure what can you do :D Being stuck in college, away from the Xbox, is torture. All these wonderful ideas run through my head about Dragon Age! A thought popped into my head today - "I've heard a lot about spell combinations but I've only come across 2.. what are the others?". So naturally, Dragon Age Wiki - Spell Combos told me the answers :D

Improved Drain, Shockwave and Shattering are the three I've found myself. But the others on the list look awesome :D To be fair to my party, the only other ones I could use with Blaise and his teammates are Entropic Death and Nightmare due to the spells I let Blaise learn and the ones Morrigan and Wynne learn. Spell combinations are really cool! There are a few combos I use that aren't on that list - such as Vulnerability Hex + Crushing Prison or Force Field + Fireball. I do hope to come up with more combos... once I get to playing Dragon Age more over the summer :D

Once I get into using characters other than mages, I'll probably come across some combos with talents. My first port of call would be Chaz, since I've a file with him already under way. So I'll post more about talent combos at some future point :D
*puts it on my to-do list*

I'd better leave it at that because I'm getting a bus home soon!! Can't miss it - it's the last one going this evening!! Ttyl fellow Dragon Agers B)

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