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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Time To Pig Out!

Yes! My exams are finished :D I'm so over the moon XD I'm so unbelievably happy! This means a fun, light-hearted, uplifting blog entry today :D

Not half an hour ago, I went to Tesco and bought lots of calories :D I JUST finished a whole bag of Bacon Fries. And my Ben an Jerry's is sitting on the table, defrosting. Add that to the wine and cider I'll be having tonight *sips wine* Ok... so I already started on the wine. Oh and let's not forget the Malteasers. 2 big bags for €4 - this makes me even happier :D Maybe with all these calories I might put on some weight!

This morning, I left my apartment en route to my exam. Just as I got into the middle of Brookfield, I could smell something really sweet in the air. It wasn't like someone had baked cookies or anything like that. It was more like the smell of fruit chewing gum. The smell lingered until I got the the Mardyke arena for my exam. It was a really nice way to walk to my final exam :D And, on my walk back from Tesco, the smell came back. But even stronger! And nicer! I've no idea where it came from. But it was amazing :D I really hope it doesn't disappear. But I do hope it's coming from a not-creepy source. For example, I wouldn't like if some old witch was cooking children (or worse, kittens) and flavouring them with strawberry and the odour was wafting through the Brookfield area!

I think I'll leave it there. I must prepare for the escapades which will transgress tonight!!

Happy days :D

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