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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Videos, Videos, Videos

As you may guess from the title, this post is about videos. To be more specific - videos I recorded while playing Dragon Age: Origins. There are 4; the first 2 are short, the 3rd one is a bit longer but rather enjoyable and the 4th one.. is just kinda cute in a weird way. Here ya go!!

1. Portal Reference?
It's Sten... and he makes, what I think is, a Portal reference? I thought this was odd when I noticed it so I recorded it for the lulz. So here it is. See for yourself and make of it what you will. Oh! And this file is the first one I completed. I am an elven mage trained as I am training Blaise at the moment. Blaise will become much better though! Hopefully ^_^

2. Chaz - Slicing and Dicing since April 2012

This one isn't really that amazing to be fair. But I do love when characters do awesome killing blow moves!! I captured most of this one as Chaz rips into the Ogre in the Tower of Ishal in Ostagar.

3. Flirting?

Now this one is just under a minute long. It's a conversation between Morrigan the Mage and Leliana the Rogue [and what a rogue she is!]. It's rather amusing and you can really see where Leliana's lesbian tendencies come into the game. Praise the lesbians :D

4. Anders Has A Soft Side

Now, this is from Dragon Age: Awakening. An expansion pack to Dragon Age: Origins. I came across a little kitten in the game and since Anders asked could we keep him, I said yes [because I too have a soft side for fluffy kittehs :D]. The little kitteh was christened Ser Pounce Alot. Not my choice, Anders named him, but cute nonetheless. It took me ages to realize what this little fluff ball's secret power was but eventually I discovered that if you use him in battle, he revives all your fallen allies :D Plus his cool-down is rather fast so he's really, really helpful!! Anyway, here's the clip I caught..

5. No More Videos

Ok.. That's all I have in terms of videos. For tonight at least! I'll surely have more eventually.. and possibly some more exciting ones than the few above. Which, I know, aren't overly WOW. But sure, something to pass the time :D

Until next time :3

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