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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wifi In Stanstead!!

Now there's a random title! Last night, I spent 8 hours in Stanstead Airport, London, waiting for my flight home to Cork. LONGEST. NIGHT. EVER. Just to clear up why I was in London - it was an interview for a summer job at The Challenge :D

So... Those 8 hours in Stanstead Airport dragged on and on and on and on... *5 minutes later* ... and on!! Anyway. Pokémon. Right! Stanstead had wifi - therefore I went on the Global Trade Station (GTS) and I did a few online ranking battles. It did help pass about an hour and a half!!

One thing I'd like to say about the GTS...
The amount of trades I could not do because of this was ridiculous!! I eventually managed to trade for a Rotom, giving away my own one. I did it just for sheer want of an international Pokémon :) In my half an hour or so of searching for even the most basic of Pokémon, all the trainers wanted Reshiram or Zekrom in return... I would just like to say... STOP RUINING THE GTS!! I did see a few (not a lot!) actual decent trades. Such as people looking for an Axew or maybe a Drapion. THAT'S what I'm looking for - decent offers! Is it too much to ask?!

Once I gave up on the GTS, I decided to try a few ranking battles. I was really caught off guard though... my first battle was very easy. I managed to K.O. the 4 enemy Pokémon without taking any damage apart from that of Tyranitar's Sand Stream. But I was not prepared for my next two opponents [who actually turned out to be the same person]. I did not do well.. and lost fairly badly the first time, but held myself better the second time yet I still lost. Just shows to go ya that you do need a strategy!! I'll come back with a better, stronger, smarter team and win!! :D

That's the extent of my online playing. I was delirious with the lack of sleep so I decided to give up while I was ahead [despite losing more than winning].

Ah well! Happy Pokémon-ing ^_^

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