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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

*Insert Creative Title Here*

I couldn't come up with a proper title so what I have there will have to do. So put up with it!

I would like to start by saying that I have been offered a job. In England. Down in Devon. Short notice alright but I won't argue! I'm heading off this Sunday. So that means this will probably be my last blog post in Ireland for 2 months!!

I do not know yet whether or not I will have internet access over there. If I do, all the better so I can keep my blog updated! But if I'm unlucky enough that I don't have the internet there, I won't have any posts going up until September. Although I'll endeavour to write posts which I can upload at a later date should there be a lack of internet access.

In my spare time over there, I will play more Minecraft and write a few more posts about how I'm getting on with that. Oh! I recently started watching Misfits! Cannot remember if I mentioned that in an earlier blog post... but I'm mentioning it now anyway. I'm on season 3 and I just saw episode 5 last night. I love it so much ^_^ I can't wait to see how the season ends and after that I can't wait for season 4. It has become a new obsession of mine :D

I have developed a new guilty pleasure... And that is Golden Girls. I started watching season 1 of that at the weekend and it's highly addictive. Anyone who has seen it will agree (I hope!). Between Minecraft and Golden Girls, I'll have a great social life over there :D *cries in the corner*

The worst thing about going over to England is that I'm missing my cousins wedding. Which happens to be on the day of my 20th birthday. So I won't be at home for my birthday either! That means I'll have a party once I get back in September. I've never had a birthday party two months after the actual date...

So there's my update. I really hope I can blog while I'm over there. And tweet. It's be nice to keep Twitter and Blogger (and Facebook too I guess) updated while I'm gone. But for now, only time will tell.

Wish me luck!! ^_^

Pokemon Tower Defence

This is just a quick post about a game I came across a while back. A very addictive yet fun game!

Yes, you guess correctly. It's Pokemon Tower Defence =D And here's the link B) 

So go try it!

The story takes you through the Kanto region but with a whole new twist - a brand new story and way to play! You can catch Pokemon, train them, evolve them, trade them, teach them attacks, do combos, beat gym leaders and even get shiny Pokemon! The levels are challenging too so it's not a very easy game to finish either. I'm currently in Lavender Town on Chapter 5 of 9 and I have 4 gym badges.

I have a shiny Butterfree, shiny Golem, shiny Tentacruel and shiny Alakazam in my party. As well as Charizard and Gyarados. They make quite a good team! I got shiny Geodude and shiny Tentacool for completing challenges and I bought shiny Abra in the Game Corner. As for the shiny Metapod, I caught it in the wild back in Viridian Forest.

Oh and the game corner and trade centre are both accessible through the Pokémon Centre website which you can access when you play the game.

It's a very fun game, as I said, so give it a go. But I warn you, it's addictive!! So go enjoy your new toy :D

Love Is In The Air... So Is The Smell Of Darkspawn Blood

I thought I'd ramble about the romance opportunities in Dragon Age: Origins... So here is the long awaited post!

There are 4 characters you can have romantic relationships with: Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana and Zevran. Alistair and Morrigan are straight whereas Leliana and Zevran are bisexual. That means for either gender of your main character, you can romance up to 3 characters. But, things are not as easy as they may seem!

Alistair and Leliana require rather high approval ratings and they do not put out easily. So you have to be nice to them! Doing their side quests will help get on their good side. Also having the characters in your party will probably help getting the side quests to pop up for you. Morrigan and Zevran will put out rather easily. Zevran is a self-proclaimed whore so he should be very easy to bed. As for Morrigan, she should take a bit of convincing but will not be as hard to seduce as Leliana or Alistair. I do think that Morrigan may fall in love but is reluctant to admit it. Alistair and Leliana probably will fall in love with your character. As for Zevran, I honestly don't know. Chaz is currently in a kind of relationship with Zevran but apart from the abundance of sex, there doesn't seem to be anything else going on...

Alistair is the first character who joins your party and can only be romanced by a female character. So for all those guys (or people who play as male characters) out there who fall for Alistair's humorous charm, I'm sorry to say that you will never get his meat!! I have not yet romanced Alistair as I always play as a male but I'm hoping that Meryl will be able to bed him :D

Morrigan is second to join your party. She believes in survival of the fittest so agreeing with that view should score you some valuable approval points. Depending on your relationship with Morrigan, the final ending may change but I won't spoil it for you. I'll just leave you to discover it for yourself :D But I must say, Morrigan is my favourite character. A while after you and Morrigan start a relationship, she may pass on her ring to you. I don't know as of yet if it affects the story but I think I heard somewhere that it might. If I have an update on that, I'll let ye know.

Leliana can join the party in Lothering. This town/village is the place you visit after leaving Flemeth's Hut after Morrigan joins your team. So Leliana can join you fairly early on. She holds sex and romance in high regard so a relationship with her is not so easy to secure but I do believe that once you get her, she's yours forever and will be quite faithful to you. I have not yet romanced Leliana so I can't say much more here.

And finally, Zevran! He is kind of difficult to recruit in that there is no set time that he enters the story. I managed to recruit him just after beating Uldred at the Circle of Magi (as far as I remember)... Or maybe it was after I got to the Urn Of Sacred Ashes. Either way, I got him. But there are other ways to bring him into the story, although I don't know them off the top of my head. Zevran is very easy to get in bed with. Just flirt with him now and then as ye talk and you're off!! There isn't much to him which is kind of disappointing as he is the only gay male romance. Whereas at least the other three characters are deeper and more realistic. Oh well!!

I think I'll leave it there. There are possibilities of love triangles and all that but you have to play smart to work them. I recently had one with Zevran and Morrigan but she made me choose so I picked Zevran over her. And once you break off a romance, I don't think you can go back to that person so be careful! And always wear a condom :P

Friday, 22 June 2012


As I've said already, SOOOO very sorry for the lack of blogging lately :( I've been busy trying to get a job and the lack of easy access to internet doesn't help either. But now that I have some internet connection and no employment to hold me back, I'm all yours!! \m/ ^_^ \m/

Minecraft. What an evil time consuming yet amazingly addictive game! I was introduced to it about this time last year but my interest in it just died... Recently, with the new updates and all my free time, I've started playing again. I started a whole new world and so far I'm doing quite well for myself. I would like to upload photos and screenshots when I get a chance. Oh, and I'd just like to say one thing - thanks Cillian for the title  above coz I kinda stole it from you :P

Here's a bit of an overview of my world. I am on an island. A small island which has my brick bungalow house with attic, a wheat farm, an animal farm and two connected caves that come all the way to the surface. I recently started to mine separately from the caves just to go down to the very low levels but naturally I dug down so deep I hit a cave. I am in search of diamond at the moment so I can harvest Obsidian and make a portal to the Nether :D

But with all my searching, I found no diamond... :'( And I found only 1 baby slime! I tried to bring him to the surface but he died. *cries* He would have made such a cute pet! But his remains shall be treated with the respect he deserves... by making *flails arms* STICKY PISTONS!!!

Oh! Oh! OHH! Snow Golems!! :D I found some pumpkins so I made some snow golems! They're so cute :D But I learned the hard way that they die in rain :( So I made more! It's so funny to see them pelting hostile mobs with snowballs B) They are such awesome guards to have around :)

I shall leave it there folks and hopefully next time I'll have some pictures for ye.

Love Triangles Don't Work

Chaz: Elven Rogue
Right, let me get right into it. I only got to play a small bit of Dragon Age because the Xbox froze on me and I was too annoyed to play any more.

What I did get to play, however, turned out to be rather disappointing. I am currently in the Brecillian Forest looking for the Werewolves. I didn't get very far into the temple when I accidentally talked to Morrigan and we had a little dispute... She asked me to choose between her and Zevran - another character who I'm bonking at the moment. Now, I do have to write that post about romance options in the game! And I will do it! But for now - Zevran or Morrigan.. I chose Zevran because I never had a relationship with him. Whereas I've had one with Morrigan in a previous file. Putting me on the spot to choose was very unexpected though and I was not happy...

But! Just after I made my choice, I spoke with Zevran and he read me poetry =D Kinda unexpected and funny but that's all it was.

My romance with Zevran is kinda going nowhere.. the odd few minutes of sex with very little dialogue going on outside of the tent. I really dunno if the story will change because of this but sure I'll see eventually.

My main motivation for this post was to inform you all that I am a filthy bisexual hybrid with no consideration for Morrigan or Zevran's feelings because all I want it sexual satisifaction :D

Weepinbell?! When? Where? How?!

First off - I'm very sorry for the lack of activity on my blogs =/ I do have a lot of time over summer to spend on blogging but I don't have the internet to do so...

But anyway! I'm back now and should hopefully keep things more up to date. I recently finished watching the first season of Pokemon *sigh* and it was fun! But so goddamn long! 82 episodes! And there were so many mistakes in that show.

My biggest concern is James' Weepinbell. Where did that come from?! Same goes for Jessie's Lickitung.. Although 3 episodes after she mentioned him, she caught a wild Lickitung... Bad chronology! Bad!
Another thing that got me were the two snow episodes - Holiday Hi-Jynx and Snow Way Back (I think that's what the 2nd one is called). Ash suddenly has Charmander again? What happened to Charizard?!

*Bad continuity is bad*

But anyway! I really did miss the show as I used to watch it everyday after school. Ah the good ol' days \o/

It's not just been my blog that I've been neglecting either. I've also kinda slipped away from Pokémon Black as well. So my party isn't finished yet. But I WILL get it finished. I promise! And when I have the wifi internets again, *sarcastic voice* everyone can battle me and they can see what an AMAZING trainer I am :D

Hope you're all having a good summer!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Summer Brolly-Days

And we're into the first week of June! It's raining. Well done Ireland!! Not that I'd be spending much time outside anyway but it's nice to have the option of going out in the blistering sun B)

I think I can safely say I'm not going to London this summer *sad face* but who knows, it could be for the best! At the moment, I'm on vacation in Mitchelstown at the home of Cillian. Who actually joined Twitter recently! Superfishface7 ^_^ I have done nothing today except eaten bacon fries and pet some cats. And watched some Big Bang Theory. Oh summertime!

I found out recently that there are some kittens housed beside our house!! They're several weeks old and mobile enough to keep away from us =( But, the mommy is awesome and very affectionate and loving! Hopefully someday soon, the mommy will bring the kittens out for food and milk and we will get to meet them =D

The one thing I don't like about mobile blogging is the inability to format the post layout.. =/ I don't like it! Because I like to be very precise with how my posts look. But I suppose I can't do anything about it! =( Also, labelling is annoying...

Twitter! I have new followers! Potentially blog readers! Which would be awesome so thank you!

That's all from me now! Wrap up, stay warm, stay dry! For we all detest the weather here.. I know I do!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Blaise Is Getting Lonely

I know I've mentioned before how I haven't played Blaise's file in a while. Well here's my excuse..

Concerning Blaise, I went to play some last night and realised I was in the Circle Of Magi doing the Broken Circle quest. Now, seeing as I did this recently enough with Chaz, I felt I'd get sick of magic and mages if I continued with Blaise. And furthermore, I'd get bored of Dragon Age: Origins. So, once I've moved on a bit with Chaz or Meryl, I'll continue with Blaise :)

Chaz: Elven Rogue
So. I beat Uldred and saved the mages. The only other thing I did with Chaz recently was save Conor by destroying the demon within him (by taking Morrigan into the Fade), I did Morrigan's side quest, Flemeth's Grimoire, and finally Leliana's side quest, Leliana's Past. I've done Morrigan's side quest before so it was nothing new to me, BUT she did give me her ring as a gesture. Now, I am writing another post about romances so I won't go into too much detail here, but once Morrigan grows attached to you a certain amount, she gives you her ring which has the magical ability to track you wherever you are. Her excuse is that I'm too valuable to the rebellion to risk so should I go missing, she can find me easier. It sounds like something out of The Hunger Games :D She's very evasive with her feelings though! :) Leliana's side quest was new to me but it was fairly short and uninteresting... :/ I do have a feeling that it's not over though so I'll see where it goes :D

Meryl: Dwarven Rogue
So last time, I was in the Kocari Wilds collecting Darkspawn Blood and finding the Ancient Treaties. I've grown to like Meryl however :) The team certainly helps her though - I have Alistair, Morrigan and Sten. I ALWAYS use Morrigan because she's awesome!! But I'm tempted to see who I can replace her with... I've never used Sten on my team so this should be interesting!! I completed the Kocari Wilds and became a Grey Warden. Then I completed the Tower Of Ishal :D Next, I went to Lothering and recruited Leliana and Sten there. So at the moment, I'm on my way to Orzammar. Back home for Meryl!! I'm really interested to see what story opens up since I was cast out of there for treason... Oh! I grew to level 7 so I unlocked my first specialization with Meryl - Ranger. As a bow and arrow wielder, I though ranger would be best because it adds more firepower to my team. In terms of skills actually, I thought about Poison-Making but since realized that it doesn't work on arrows :/ So that plan is gone out the window. My second plan is Trap-Making which would be brilliant for an archer :D All I need is a skill point and I'm sorted :D Meryl has recently acquired the talents of Shattering Shot and Suppressing Fire. Both of which have proved rather useful so far!!

As you can see, I'm getting there! I'm slowing turning Chaz and Meryl into proper fighters - not that Chaz needs much more training. Meryl does need a bit more before she can hold her own on the field. As for Blaise... Well, I'll get back to him. I promise!! One thing I will ask - when I got to start a new file, what kind of character should I make? Male/Female? Rogue/Mage/Warrior? Elf/Human/Dwarf? I'll leave it up to ye what ye wanna see :D But, I will tailor the choice so I do a different origin story to one I've already done :)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bye Bye Cork!!

Yes, the end of the college year is here.. And what an amazing year it's been too! New friends, new stories, new relationships, new memories, new opportunities, new dreams, new targets, new babies and much much more!

I'm currently waiting for my bus back home to Limerick. With several heavy bags in my possession! This shall be my last time in cork (if not, one of my last times to cork before next year starts up). It is yet to be decided what I'm doing for the summer but I know that one thing I must sort asap is my passport! It needs renewing. Without that, I won't be able to travel outside the country...

My main plan is to go to England - whether it be Devon or London... But I'm still waiting to hear from places about jobs. If I get a job in cork, I could be back here for summer! XD But only time will tell!

Apart from getting a summer job, I plan to watch a few tv shows, movies, play a few computer games and continue writing my blog! And hopefully do up my bedroom at home if I get the chance :D I'm thinking of painting it orange (maybe...) so as to brighten it up :) Any suggestions??

Oh, I had another thought. My friend Nuala commented on a Facebook photo recently saying she liked my curly hair. Funny that because the day she commented, I got my hair cut! So I was thinking, if I didn't get a job I'd grow my hair long and see what happens with it :) just a thought of course. If it does get out of control, I'll just cut it... But it'd be nice to change from the usual short cut I get every time!

Oh! And during the middle of July, I will be turning 20 :D So that deserves a party!! Actually there a a few friends I have who's birthdays are during summer - particularly July! So hopefully I get invited to any parties that are happening ^_^

One other thing I'm going to miss about cork is the LGBT society.. I'm Finance Officer on the committee and I'm going to miss the other members, especially our queen, Annie!

All hail the queen!

I'll leave it there for now. Happy summer!
\m/ ^_^ \m/

Social Whore Part Deux

Ok.. I'll leave the social whoring behind after this post. I pwomise :D

I just wanna bring your attention to my new Facebook page for my blog. I'll be posting up links of new blog posts so it's a way of staying connected to the blog through Facebook. Plus, it's a way for people to interact with me and other readers about content in my blog or new ideas for stuff I should write about. Basically, it's just a handy way to stay in touch and show your support :D

And just before I mention it, there is also a "like" badge there on the right somewhere for an easy way to like my page.
Here's the page. And no more social whoring from now on... Unless they post some new social networking site... but what are the odds of that? :P