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Monday, 4 June 2012

Blaise Is Getting Lonely

I know I've mentioned before how I haven't played Blaise's file in a while. Well here's my excuse..

Concerning Blaise, I went to play some last night and realised I was in the Circle Of Magi doing the Broken Circle quest. Now, seeing as I did this recently enough with Chaz, I felt I'd get sick of magic and mages if I continued with Blaise. And furthermore, I'd get bored of Dragon Age: Origins. So, once I've moved on a bit with Chaz or Meryl, I'll continue with Blaise :)

Chaz: Elven Rogue
So. I beat Uldred and saved the mages. The only other thing I did with Chaz recently was save Conor by destroying the demon within him (by taking Morrigan into the Fade), I did Morrigan's side quest, Flemeth's Grimoire, and finally Leliana's side quest, Leliana's Past. I've done Morrigan's side quest before so it was nothing new to me, BUT she did give me her ring as a gesture. Now, I am writing another post about romances so I won't go into too much detail here, but once Morrigan grows attached to you a certain amount, she gives you her ring which has the magical ability to track you wherever you are. Her excuse is that I'm too valuable to the rebellion to risk so should I go missing, she can find me easier. It sounds like something out of The Hunger Games :D She's very evasive with her feelings though! :) Leliana's side quest was new to me but it was fairly short and uninteresting... :/ I do have a feeling that it's not over though so I'll see where it goes :D

Meryl: Dwarven Rogue
So last time, I was in the Kocari Wilds collecting Darkspawn Blood and finding the Ancient Treaties. I've grown to like Meryl however :) The team certainly helps her though - I have Alistair, Morrigan and Sten. I ALWAYS use Morrigan because she's awesome!! But I'm tempted to see who I can replace her with... I've never used Sten on my team so this should be interesting!! I completed the Kocari Wilds and became a Grey Warden. Then I completed the Tower Of Ishal :D Next, I went to Lothering and recruited Leliana and Sten there. So at the moment, I'm on my way to Orzammar. Back home for Meryl!! I'm really interested to see what story opens up since I was cast out of there for treason... Oh! I grew to level 7 so I unlocked my first specialization with Meryl - Ranger. As a bow and arrow wielder, I though ranger would be best because it adds more firepower to my team. In terms of skills actually, I thought about Poison-Making but since realized that it doesn't work on arrows :/ So that plan is gone out the window. My second plan is Trap-Making which would be brilliant for an archer :D All I need is a skill point and I'm sorted :D Meryl has recently acquired the talents of Shattering Shot and Suppressing Fire. Both of which have proved rather useful so far!!

As you can see, I'm getting there! I'm slowing turning Chaz and Meryl into proper fighters - not that Chaz needs much more training. Meryl does need a bit more before she can hold her own on the field. As for Blaise... Well, I'll get back to him. I promise!! One thing I will ask - when I got to start a new file, what kind of character should I make? Male/Female? Rogue/Mage/Warrior? Elf/Human/Dwarf? I'll leave it up to ye what ye wanna see :D But, I will tailor the choice so I do a different origin story to one I've already done :)

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