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Friday, 22 June 2012


As I've said already, SOOOO very sorry for the lack of blogging lately :( I've been busy trying to get a job and the lack of easy access to internet doesn't help either. But now that I have some internet connection and no employment to hold me back, I'm all yours!! \m/ ^_^ \m/

Minecraft. What an evil time consuming yet amazingly addictive game! I was introduced to it about this time last year but my interest in it just died... Recently, with the new updates and all my free time, I've started playing again. I started a whole new world and so far I'm doing quite well for myself. I would like to upload photos and screenshots when I get a chance. Oh, and I'd just like to say one thing - thanks Cillian for the title  above coz I kinda stole it from you :P

Here's a bit of an overview of my world. I am on an island. A small island which has my brick bungalow house with attic, a wheat farm, an animal farm and two connected caves that come all the way to the surface. I recently started to mine separately from the caves just to go down to the very low levels but naturally I dug down so deep I hit a cave. I am in search of diamond at the moment so I can harvest Obsidian and make a portal to the Nether :D

But with all my searching, I found no diamond... :'( And I found only 1 baby slime! I tried to bring him to the surface but he died. *cries* He would have made such a cute pet! But his remains shall be treated with the respect he deserves... by making *flails arms* STICKY PISTONS!!!

Oh! Oh! OHH! Snow Golems!! :D I found some pumpkins so I made some snow golems! They're so cute :D But I learned the hard way that they die in rain :( So I made more! It's so funny to see them pelting hostile mobs with snowballs B) They are such awesome guards to have around :)

I shall leave it there folks and hopefully next time I'll have some pictures for ye.

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