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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pokemon Tower Defence

This is just a quick post about a game I came across a while back. A very addictive yet fun game!

Yes, you guess correctly. It's Pokemon Tower Defence =D And here's the link B) 

So go try it!

The story takes you through the Kanto region but with a whole new twist - a brand new story and way to play! You can catch Pokemon, train them, evolve them, trade them, teach them attacks, do combos, beat gym leaders and even get shiny Pokemon! The levels are challenging too so it's not a very easy game to finish either. I'm currently in Lavender Town on Chapter 5 of 9 and I have 4 gym badges.

I have a shiny Butterfree, shiny Golem, shiny Tentacruel and shiny Alakazam in my party. As well as Charizard and Gyarados. They make quite a good team! I got shiny Geodude and shiny Tentacool for completing challenges and I bought shiny Abra in the Game Corner. As for the shiny Metapod, I caught it in the wild back in Viridian Forest.

Oh and the game corner and trade centre are both accessible through the Pokémon Centre website which you can access when you play the game.

It's a very fun game, as I said, so give it a go. But I warn you, it's addictive!! So go enjoy your new toy :D

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