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Monday, 30 July 2012


Ah what a day. It's been fun so far and I expect the rest of the night to be the same if not better ^_^ Now this post all started off with my decision to go to the beach today - That is; Putsborough Sands near Georgeham. I forgot my camera... but luckily I had my phone instead. So I took some lovely photos of the beach to make you all jealous :P

Now, what really makes this blog is the fact that while I was moving the pictures of the beach onto my laptop to upload them to this post, I started looking through all the other photos on my phone. And I decided to post a few... Well, a LOT! :D So here we go!! Enjoy ^__^

Ciara Eating Fairy Lights

These photos were taken one night in The Asylum. I don't remember how I ended up there but I'm glad I did. Myself, Eilís and Ciara had super fairy light sexy time on the couch... They lit up my world :D

Eilís, Queen of Fairy Lights

Zevran's Leather Fetish On Dragon Age

Zevran isn't very private about his sexual desires or his leather fetish. Thought this was funny that's all :D

Michelle In A Coca Cola Van...

I have no recollection of where this was but most likely, it was somewhere in Cork around New Years. Myself and Michelle went ice skating... My first ever time going. It was a ball of fun! Can't wait to go again ^_^ 

Cannot Be Unseen

As for this one... This was on a desk in a lecture theatre at college. Rather than listen to the lecture, I thought this photo was more interesting. Anyone disagree that this photo is not quite artistic?

Yes I Do
If I remember correctly, my good friend Michael wrote this on a blackboard in a lecture room one day when we were trying to study. What lovely handwriting! I wish mine was half as good as his... Mine is like chicken scratch gone through the shredder and then it was shat on... by the chicken!

Words Elude Me

Speaking of chickens... I have no explanation for this one... It speaks for itself really. I came across this in a house in Maynooth when I was there for the Intervarsity Maths Competition last year. Maths geeks do have a fun side! I swear! :)

The Kind Of Games Yvonne Plays
Yes Yvonne, you get a special mention on my blog :D Remember this photo? :P Yvonne was playing Tony Hawk on the Xbox 360 and I was watching her. She came across this action so I HAD to document this. Yvonne then proceeded to "Shag Dad's Balls". Fun was had by everyone involved.

Fluffy The Kitten
Sparky Cat The Cat
The next three photos are of cats. Well... 2 cats and one kitten. This little guy/girl (yeah, I tried to find out but he/she was too fluffy) has a brother too. Cute little things they are.

Sparky Cat The Cat is their mommy. Sparky Cat is adorable too!! This photo of her was taken when she was lying down on my lap. She certainly loves her comfort.

My Pussy Cat Spot
And last but certainly not least - it's Spot! This photo of her was taken when she was asleep on my lap; quite a rare occurrence.  I do love cats :D As you all should know by now. Spot will always be my favourite. So, Spot, if you're reading this somehow, always remember that you're my favourite :3

Penguin! In The Zoo!

Aaannddd this one is for Cormac :D Here's a penguin I saw at London Zoo. I have other photos to show you but this was the only one I took with my phone.



Finally we have the beach photos. That is a lot of water! And such an awesome view! The beach is quite long.. it took me about 25 minutes to walk half of it. I found a crab shell.. and some cuttlefish bone! We get cuttlefish bone for our budgie at home so he can sharpen his beak. By the way, our budgie's name is Tweety. Very creative :P But I was only 9 or 10 when we got him.

And that's all I have for today. But I'm sure it's more than enough :D Oh, I'm halfway through my time here in Devon. This is my 5th week of 9.. Time flies when you're having fun :D Talk to ye all later!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

The Big One Zero Zero Zero

1000! I'm almost at 1000 views :D Hopefully this post pushed me over that goal ^^ And I'd like to start off this post by saying that I'm so happy for everyone's support. Whether you've come here once or come here regularly - I appreciate it all. I didn't think my blog would go very far but to me, 1000 views in 3 months is a big achievement.

\m/ ^_^ \m/

So, down to business. I am currently hooked on The Big Bang Theory. I've always loved this show. Passionately. I'm latched to this show like a positive sodium ion is to a negative chlorine ion in salt! Science similes FOR THE WIN. I watched all of season one on Tuesday. And right now I'm on S03E07 - The Guitarist Amplification. I can't wait until season 4 when Amy Farrah Fowler comes into the story more. And yes, I know... she technically joins the show in the last episode of season 3. Either way - I'm super excited ^^

I've recently become hooked on this new game on Facebook - Yu-gi-oh BAM. I started playing it because I used to be (and still am) a big fan of Yu-gi-oh. And the electronic games are my favourite part.. I've played all the Yu-gi-oh World Championship games since 2006.. except the 2012 one (if it exists). I am a major Yu-gi-oh nerd/geek/appropriate-noun. So beware of random tangents into the world of Yu-gi-oh.

And now.... for some cats! I don't think I've mentioned cats since my post about study month. So here's a lovely post about some cute pussy cats :D (Note: this is just gonna be pictures from teh internets)

Thanks to George Takei's Facebook Page

Thanks to

Thanks to

Ok, that last one wasn't a cat.. they're otters. But still cute ^__^ Here's a link to The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened. And believe me, a good chunk of them are worth the time to look at. And before you do look at them - check out the captions of the photos first because they make the experience so much better :D

Ah so I'll leave you there for tonight. Thanks again for everyone's support and willingness to put up with my ramblings. Here's to another 1000 views XD

Live long and prosper!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Finally Underway

So, the last two days have been lazy days. I haven't had work. So I made the most of yesterday and ventured into town. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises. It was long, but oh so good ^_^ I also bought myself my first pair of Chinos. I must say I do look dazzling in them. I also fell for buying a tiger onesie... which is ridiculously comfy!! And keeps in sooooooooooooo much heat!!! And to finish off the night, I wnt to a barbecue at my boss's house down the road. Playing Hide and Seek with his kids and their dog was actually great fun. And the dog won every time d(^_^)b

Today has not been as productive. I finished off Digimon Season 2. Now to give Digimon a rest for a while... And once I decide to watch something else, I'll get hooked on that instead. Oh and I started playing Spyro The Dragon for Playstation. It's so much fun!! Ah nostaglia :') And I've got lots more where that came from too. Crash Bandicoot for one. And Digimon World too (which I'm going to leave be for a good while). Plus a few others on my list ^_^ Time to go back in time and finally start up playing them old games I love.

I passed my 1000 Tweet mark there to other day. Totally missed it!! Even though I was watching my tweets.. It ended up going out to Florence Welch (That's Florence from Florence + The Machine). Lucky her :D

Right, so I'll leave it there for today. Yeah, my life ain't that exciting at the moment... But I am going to go for a cycle in a little while. And make the best of the stunning weather here in Devon ^_^ Talk to ye all later

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Decision Time

Here's some bad news - my time is Devon is passing quickly and the timing of things is just working very well... For example, I was told earlier on that I could take tonight off work so I decided to use my time to see The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, between bus times and film screening times, it wasn't feasible... Also, my days off have all been rainy days so I can't go outside much. And what's worse, any time I have off, my cousin isn't around to take me surfing. Hopefully things will straighten themselves out soon though.

In the meantime, I'm back to watching Digimon. Yes, I'm still on season 2. And just about 60% through it!! And I came across a fatal continuity error in one of the underlying storylines... Which is bad!! Especially for Digimon which is so good with continuity usually. But it was just one mistake... One tiny mistake... I hope they have an explanation somewhere that justifies it!! I remain hopeful that they do.

As for the horror that is Minecraft; I've given that a rest. I've hit a mental block in it. I've tried building things but any of my designs just get taken down. And I keep jumping between projects. And I have animals running loose on my island! It's all too much to handle at the moment. Too much thinking... too much planning... too much I want to do...

I need to find something to stimulate my mind!

Any suggestions?
I need to decide on something now before I explode!

Agh... goodbye. Talk soon.
ex oh ex oh ex oh

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Chickenator 5000

It is complete. The Chickenator 5000. It is an amazing contraption of epic proportion that holds as many chickens as I want it to hold. In the space of 4 minutes, it produced 81 eggs :D

The Chickenator 5000

It took a few days and some modifications and added extras but it is totally finished now. In the tubes filled with water, there are chickens floating on top. They cannot escape and any eggs they lay flow down and come out in the bottom right hand corner by the chest (which my hand is covering in the photo). I got all of these chickens from a single chicken I brought to my little island. Isn't that amazing?! One little chicken laid a few eggs, I threw them around and a few baby cheeps came out and eventually BOOM... massive population explosion :D

This Is Where I Put My Eggy Chickens

The photo just above is where I can add new chickens to any of the 16 tubes. I just had a thought... eventually I'll kill all the chickens and get loads of feathers and raw chicken and experience collect in a nice pile at the bottom of the Chickenator. I'm so proud of this machine :D

This Is Where I Put My "Other" Chickens

Finally, the top floor. This is where I shall kill some chickens for experience and raw chicken and feathers. It's where I'll throw my extra eggs :D

Ah so there is my newest project on Minecraft. My next plan.... well I dunno what it'll be yet :D

So... in other news, I've been watching Digimon season 2. I'm about halfway through and I really don't remember the story from years back. So it's quite fun to watch it again :D After Digimon... I'm thinking of either watching Glee or Sabrina The Teenage Witch ^_^

Aaaaand finally, I'd just like to wish Eilís a very happy birthday :D

Happy Birthday Eilís!!

I'll leave ye there for tonight. Talk soon dudes and dudettes ^_^

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rebecca Romijn!!!!!!!!!!

Ah Austin Powers :D How I love those movies ^_^ Who doesn't?!

What reminded me of this was a photo I saw on Facebook of Cillian and Gillian sa spéir. Weird connection there but it makes sense to me :P

But back to reality.. Oh, there goes gravity... etc..
I have had quite a bit to drink on an empty stomach so I'm rather tipsy at the moment. I have stopped trying to convert things to euro to see if they're cheaper or more expensive here. And my head is all over the place right now.

Minecraft!! I have almost completed my Chickenator 5000!! It's a massive, complex machine that gives me eggs every 6 seconds. It's overly complicated and made of glass but I think it was worth the effort because it looks amazing!! I don't have a photo of it yet because it's not fully finished. I wanna add a top layer for farming chickens for feathers and meat. So I'll do that as soon as I think of an idea and have enough glass to do so. By the way, the Chickenator 5000 is made of glass...

My Old Chicken Pen

My Old Chicken Pen After Slaughter

I'm still trying to think of an idea for my animal farm. I may think of something in my drunken state. I've also heard from a reliable source that flood farming wheat works!! So I may or may not get into that. Depending on how I feel about it at a future date. As my wheat farm at the moment is pretty awesome.

Next time I'm on Minecraft, I'll take a few shots of my little island and show you all. I have a pretty sexy brick house and underground storage unit. An overground wheat farm and Chickenator 5000. And a stone golem protects the place from hostile mobs. I did have snow golems (which are AWESOME and really cute) but they died in rain... So I'll make them a little house for protection :D

So I'll leave it there for now chaps and chap-ettes :D

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Money Money Money, Must Be Funny

Ah Mamma Mia :D I remember when this came out and I saw it. Abba is one of my guilty pleasures. Also goes for Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski. 3 amazing women :D I especially loved Christine in The Big Bang Theory. Who wouldn't have loved her in it?!

So yes, I do have a fondness for these three ladies. Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her... Just awesome!! And Julie Walters... I studied her for my Leaving Cert. Mrs. Wilkinson in Billy Elliot B) And not to forget Molly Weasley either!!

That was a bit of a tangent there because once I found the original Abba song, I went to the Mamma Mia version and so on... So my post is not about MILFs, it just took a strange turn that way :D

Aaaaaaaaanyway... today I got my first set of wages :D Quite happy with myself... except that the hours were counted wrong and I'm short a bit of money... Must have le chats with le boss demain soir. But it was not my fault... See we have this punch-in system which I was not shown how to use until my 2nd shift so my first shift never went through... hence the lack of hours they had for me. BASICALLY... I'm a bit of a derp ^_^

Other than that little hiccup, everything is great :D I'm not working tomorrow so that means I will have time to play Minecraft. As you know, I've been spending time playing Digimon World... but because Angemon died and was reincarnated as an awesome Palmon which digivolved into Ninjamon (again!), I've decided to leave that be for a little while. So hopefully my next post will be Minecraft related and I can show you all how awesome my world is :D That is, the part that isn't ocean because so far, about 80% of the map I have is blue with water... :/

Aaaand today I got a parcel :D One which I was expecting... Cillian finally sent me on Mockingjay so that I can read it. Really looking forward to finishing it to see how the Hunger Games series ends. Plus, I got a pretty cool birthday card with the book B) At least I know that people still remember me while I'm in England!!

So! There's life :D Happy out! G'night y'all...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Why Is The Milk Gone?

My milk is missing... And where could it be? :/ I put it in the fridge and now it's not there. I'm severely saddened by it!! I can't make tea now... Night = ruined

Anyway... yesterday was pretty amazing!! First, I went for a cycle to Croyde and back. That was a nice journey. And I came across a fairly famous family's house!!

The Wild Thornberrys

I saw this and HAD to take a photo :D It was the highlight of my trip. Once I returned home to the pub, I went off to a local fete that was on. When I got there, I went clay pigeon shooting with my cousin and his girlfriend :D It was AWESOME ^_^ I destroyed that first clay pigeon I shot. Really surprised myself. Although I did miss the next 5 shots...

Tasty dinner was tasty! Went to Pizza Express for some nommage. And the night proceeded with a few drinks in Croyde with my cousin. So I was getting quite tipsy. Before I knew it though, we were on our way home... :(

BUT, once we reached the pub, a few of my workmates were going out clubbing so I followed :D Myself, Laura, Mazz and Becky had a great night out in Marisco's. I had my first Jager Bomb too ^_^

Totes Dark Bbz

Yeah, the photo is pretty dark... but that's Laura and Mazz in an R2D2 costume!! Random alright but cool :D Girls, if ye happen to be reading this - thanks again for the awesome night out ^_^

Ah.. so tomorrow is my first payday which I'm looking forward to. For now, I think I'll head to bed because I'm pretty tired... *yawn*
G'night all!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


OMG. I'm 20... *world crashes down*


Yes, I'm 20. It's not the end of the world :D I love my birthday. By the way, it's my birthday today (July 14th). I get amazing posts on my Facebook wall... such as the following...

Typical Evan Doherty
Every time I read that, I piss myself laughing. Even though I already knew that "ki ki" meant "when two drag queen have sex (hook up) with each other".

Moooooooooving on... As I've mentioned, I got back playing Digimon World. I recently lost my Ninjamon to old age so he reconfigured and I got a Poyomon :D Who I let digivolve into Sukamon... But then I went to Trash Mountain to get him to dedigivolve back to Poyomon. A few digidays later, I managed to get Angemon :D Who defeated Birdramon for me ^_^ Even when he was just recently digivolved and not trained. Awesome Angemon is awesome!!

Hmmmm...I'm kind of stuck for words right now. My motivation for this blog post was Evan's post. As sure I'll leave ye with this awful image... Me in a tiger onesie!! I intend to buy myself a tiger onesie at some point in the near future. I want this for several reasons:

1.     I want to be a big cat.
2.     It's very cozy and warm.
3.     It will have a tail hence I will have a tail.
4.     See number 1.

I'll leave it there peeps :D

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dirty Jokes!

Ok, so my title says "Dirty Jokes!", but in reality I only have the one... :( But it's still funny nonetheless :D Who here has ever watched Animaniacs???  :D

Coz here's a dirty joke I came across in one episode B) I hope you appreciate it as much as I did XD

"Finger Prince"... 
hehehehe dirty writers :D

Anyway... What have I been doing lately? Well besides losing my phone on a midnight stroll... I finished watching Digimon Season 1 today!! Ah how I missed it... And onto season 2 next! Season 1 was just brilliant. One of my favourites ^_^ As for season 2, I have seen a good chunk of it before but not all of it... So I'm looking forward to watching that. I also aspire to get Cillian watching some Digimon but I'll wait until I'm back in Ireland. So you'd better watch out Cillian :D

Finishing season one let me to reignite my love for the game Digimon World. I used to play it on my playstation years ago but I stopped once the playstation became obsolete... and because we had no working controllers. But I did get a playstation emulator so I can play on my laptop!

Win for me!! \m/ ^_^ \m/

At the moment, I have a Ninjamon which digivolved from Palmon. So I'm looking around more to discover new things rather than train Ninjamon up. I would kind of like him to die off so I can start with a new Digimon but I want it to be from old age so that he'll reconfigure into a new digiegg with all his abilities. That means nothing to most of you I'd say.. :D

So right now, Digimon is taking over my life a little bit. I've searched the internet to see could I buy crests and tags and this is what I found...

The 9 Crests

They're so cool... But VERY expensive. $189.99 for the set of 9! That's $21.11 each... But I would like at LEAST one... as for which one, I can't decide... :/ I might invest in one sometime :D Although... something that would be much cheaper and probably cooler are these...

The 8 Kanto Gym Badges

These will become part of my collection some day. I count on it!!

Ah... those are my dreams right now.. childish dreams... but they keep my in college because once I graduate and start earning big I can buy whatever I want... starting with those!! :D

Monday, 9 July 2012

"I'm From Ireland, Ma'am"

Today was lots of fun :D And right now, I've settled down with Digimon and a lovely cup of tea ^_^ I'm in such a good mood!!

So, I was out the front today taking orders, serving food and drinks, clearing tables and having the bants with customers. At one point, I got chatting to the people at table 33. They were asking where I was from because they recognized my non-English accent. We had a lovely chat altogether :D

I swapped a shift tomorrow so I can sleep in. Lucky me! That's gonna be refreshing. I had a nap earlier because I was so tired after the weekend. And boy, did that hit the spot ^_^

Chartreuse and Black Sambuka. Nom!! I had a little taste of these earlier when I was getting the low down on the drinks and bar. Awesome day was awesome...

I forgot how much I love Digimon. It's such an awesome show! I'm powering through season one - I'm just on episode 15 now.


Right-o. That's all from me. Just before I go, I'll leave you with a quick anecdote. I went to the local shop earlier for some paracetamol... it cost 69p for a pack. I laughed and thought, "That must be for all them wives who have headaches to avoid sex" :P

Sunday, 8 July 2012

SPF 500

22 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours. This job is taking it's toll on me... especially my hands. If my hands were taking it well, I'd be ok. But, whatever is wrong with them, I have there red patches on them. It's like... severely bad sunburn. They're very sore to touch and move... :/ Bad combination for a Kitchen Porter :( Here's a scary photo for you!!!

Ugly Hand Is Ugly

The last two days have been hectic meaning I couldn't post yesterday. I ran out of milk last night so I haven't had tea since yesterday... I'm already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I need to go to a shop. And quick!! Unless I get someone to go shopping for my tomorrow, I'll have to wait until at LEAST Tuesday... :( So far my shopping list is:

Custard Creams

I don't ever use moisturizer but all that washing has made my hands REALLY dry and tight so I need something to loosen them up and keep them moist. I'm a very delicate boy. Anyone who knows me will know that. As for the custard creams, I just have a weakness for them :P

But I have good news for my hands - next week, I'll be a waiter. So no dirty dishes and washing up. I'll be in a nice shirt, and black pants with a tea towel draped carefully over my arm. More experience for me :D

Right. I'll leave it there. I'm going to watch one episode of Digimon before bed. Just to keep my hobbies up :P

Ciao ^_^

Friday, 6 July 2012

Digimon Are The Champions!!

YES! Digimon!! :D Nostalgia all around :D Who here likes Digimon?? Actually, I should ask - who here DOESN'T like Digimon?

In my time off, I decided to start on Digimon Season 1. How I loved this show when I watched it all those years ago... It's a lot better than Pokémon but Pokémon will always have a special place in my heart <3 There are so many similarities between the two.. I don't actually know which was made first. All I remember was I used to watch them around the same time in my life.

Today I did sweet fuck all!! I did finish season one of Golden Girls but I was only half watching the last few episodes... I think I might rewatch them eventually before going on to season two. The funniest scene I ever saw in season one was in the E15 In A Bed Of Roses just at the end. Rose was brilliant in that scene... or should I say Betty White :D I cracked several ribs... twice over because I rewatched the final scene. Oh such a brilliant show. ^_^

Me reason for doing sweet fuck all today was the weather. It was raining all day :( Hopefully tomorrow it'll be sunny and I can go for a cycle :)


Episode 3 of digimon :D I think Agumon was my favourite Digimon when I was little. I remember buying a stuffed Agumon in Dunnes or Heatons for £5. And I still have him. As I was playing Digimon World on my Playstation back in the day, I started with Agumon and used to keep the stuffed one with me as I played. I even put a bandage on his hand when my Agumon got injured in the game. #TrueStory

Work tomorrow starts some time in the evening so I'll have all day to explore the place if the weather is good. *prays for good weather* But, if I don't have anything to do then be happy that I'll have time to blog even MOAR. Boo YEAH!!

Signing off...
<( '.' <)

^ ^ ^
That,up there, is a Kirby. Shame on you if you don't know what that is!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day One Down (I Think..)

SO today was my first day working. 4 and a half hours in the kitchen and it wasn't that bad. I've got a hang of how things work so I'd say that's a successful day :D

My hands are a bit worn from washing all day and they're a bit dry... I should get some moisturizer!! Oh and to explain what I mean by, "I Think.."; I may be working a bit later on too but I've yet to find out. One of the lovely advantages of living in the pub :D

Since I got back to my room, I have been watching quiz shows. Golden Balls, Catch Phrase, Blockbusters and now I'm onto The Interceptor. It's actually quite cool!! 2 people dropped in the country with a 3rd person trying to help them meet up by giving them directions via walkie-talkie. The Interceptor then has to try catch the players and shoot the 5 tags on their back. It's lots of fun to watch!! This is the first time I've seen it :D

When I logged onto Facebook earlier I had 61 notifications!! Popular Kieran is popular :D In other news, I've been playing a good bit of Pokémon Tower Defence recently. I has Charizard, Gyarados as well as shiny Dragonite, shiny Alakazam, shiny Golem and shiny Butterfree. If Alakazam could somehow levitate, I could use Earthquake all day with Golem and I'd be sorted :D Still though, it's lots of fun ^_^

I'll leave it there for today

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Thor Is A Fan

First off, I'm just going to say that I did not make this. I found it. And I liked it. So I'm sharing it. Problem?

As You Wish, Thor

I'm just settled into my new home for the next two months - The Rock Inn. It's a pub in Georgeham, Devon. Thankfully, I have wifi here which means you can have ALL OF TEH BLOG POSTS :D I'm starting work tomorrow so I'm anxious, nervous, excited, scared etc etc but I've no doubt that I'll have fun here.

I arrived in London on Sunday and stayed there for 2 days. On Sunday, I went for a stroll down Camden Lock - a massive market!! I got someone I know a birthday present which I'm sure they'll love but I'm not giving you any clues as to what it is or who it's for ;) I got myself an incense burner - I've always wanted one, I don't know why. But it's got a little dragon statue on it and I've got a weakness for dragons...

The Canal Beside The Lock

Monday was a tiring day... I ventured to London Zoo for a few hours. The weather wasn't great but at least it wasn't raining.. It's been YEARS since I was there so it was nice to see all the animals :D Especially the Axolotl! A real life Mudkip... or Wooper! Or... Night Fury. Please god someone understands those...

Axolotl In London Zoo

I'll finish off with this tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. Yes, I went to see Sweeney Todd in the Adelphi Theatre in London. It was amazing!! Imelda Staunton played Mrs. Lovett and she stole the show!! However, my seat was not great so it kinda ruined the experience a bit... So next time, I won't be so cheap!!

I've got to head now. Talk later everyone :D

One More Pokémon!!

Training Pokémon does get boring... But I've finally made some progress on my HaxoHoundEmFreeLoomZor party :D I'm quite proud :P

I have everyone trained except for Scizor. I've got a rather complicated breeding mechanism for Scizor... I only had male Scyther or Scizor in my PC so I first had to egg with Ditto to get a female. Then, I wanted a good nature... After that, I bred that baby Scyther with a male (that wasn't it's daddy because incest is bad), and tried for a female Scyther with a good nature. That's all I have done right now. Next, I've to breed my Butterfree with Scizor to get good IVs and I'm hoping for a male Caterpie. And then finally I'll breed that Caterpie with the female Scyther and hope for an Adamant, Technician Scyther with good IVs. Phew!! Hopefully those last steps won't be too time consuming ^^

Those who are looking forward to Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2, put your hands up! *raises my hand*

Yes, they are due for release in Europe on September 30th (as far as I know). Due to the lack of internet I've had over the last few days, I've missed some of Serebii's coverage of the games. But I had a quick look last night. The map has been made a LOT bigger and the game looks like a whole ball of fun :D

My new tactic for playing the game is to catch only my 6 party Pokémon, and the odd rare pokémon here or there. So as to keep my PC empty. I'm going to keep Black 2 to store my "good" Pokémon. What that means is yet to be decided but it probably will mean my EV trained pokémon or whatever. I've made this decision because my PC in Black is overflowing with Pokémon and I dunno whether I'm coming or going :S

One thing which will annoy me about Black 2 is that some pokémon have totally difference movesets. Which means my Pokédex will not be accurate seeing as there will be no update for it :( I'll have to put up with that though...

That's all I have for now :)

Politics In Orzammar

Oh Orzammar. How your politics bore me. Yet because of your conflicting community and lack of order, I find it quite a joy to exploit you =D

Chaz: Elven Rogue
148 sovereigns! That's how much I spent on a little tiny dagger for Chaz. But it's so cool =P

The Rose's Thorn
Damage 6.40
Critical chance 4.8%
Armour penetration 8
Strength modifier 0.85
+2 dexterity
+2 health regeneration in combat
+3 damage
+5% melee critical chance
+30% critical/backstab damage

And with enchantments, it also has
+5 fire damage
+4 damage to Darkspawn
Chance to paralyze

I think it'll be worth it in the long run, as my kills are a lot faster. But, back to my gameplay!!

I think the last thing I was talking about before Orzammar was the Brecilian Forest. I'll just recap on what I did there. I completed as many quests for the elves as I could but once I found the werewolves in the ruins, I took their side. I wasn't very prepared for the fight against the elves but it was quite easy actually. Chaz took Varathorn down easily. Once I stunned him with Riposte, it was easy picking. And now the werewolves are on my side :D

And onto Orzammar it was!! This has to be the longest quest! I decided this time to side with Bhelen because I had sided with Harrowmont in a previous file. Also, because of Meryl's origin story, she will side with Harrowmont (because I'll make her!) once I get to Orzammar. I'm only supporting Bhelen so I can unlock the achievement. There is quite a bit to do in Orzammar so I'll leave that up to ye to play through.

The final quest to complete in Orzammar is The Anvil Of The Void. This is where you search the Deep Roads for Branka and the Anvil. The Anvil was created by Caridin, a paragon, and it's used for making golems. But it was hidden in the deep roads and protected by traps. Scouting the Deep Roads is a lot of fun and there's a lot of experience to get. But there are tough battles!! My team of Chaz, Morrigan, Wynne and Zevran was well able to handle the Deep Roads though.

Once I got the Anvil, I sided with Branka in order to obtain golems to fight with me in the final battle. Again, to unlock achievements!! But also because golems are cool :D

Once I left Orzammar, I returned to Redcliffe to get the Landsmeet underway. Arl Eamon and I travelled to Denerim for the Landsmeet, which is due to take place soon. Before it does, I have one quest to complete regarding Queen Anora. I won't spoil it :)

However, I'll have to leave it there because that's as far as I went. And I won't be able to return to that until September :(

My reason is - I got a job in Georgeham, Devon. Which I'm starting tomorrow. I have been in England since Sunday with no internet until last night. For the next two months, my posts here will not be about my gameplay seeing as I can't actually play the game. But I'll find something to write about :D

See ye later!!