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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Decision Time

Here's some bad news - my time is Devon is passing quickly and the timing of things is just working very well... For example, I was told earlier on that I could take tonight off work so I decided to use my time to see The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, between bus times and film screening times, it wasn't feasible... Also, my days off have all been rainy days so I can't go outside much. And what's worse, any time I have off, my cousin isn't around to take me surfing. Hopefully things will straighten themselves out soon though.

In the meantime, I'm back to watching Digimon. Yes, I'm still on season 2. And just about 60% through it!! And I came across a fatal continuity error in one of the underlying storylines... Which is bad!! Especially for Digimon which is so good with continuity usually. But it was just one mistake... One tiny mistake... I hope they have an explanation somewhere that justifies it!! I remain hopeful that they do.

As for the horror that is Minecraft; I've given that a rest. I've hit a mental block in it. I've tried building things but any of my designs just get taken down. And I keep jumping between projects. And I have animals running loose on my island! It's all too much to handle at the moment. Too much thinking... too much planning... too much I want to do...

I need to find something to stimulate my mind!

Any suggestions?
I need to decide on something now before I explode!

Agh... goodbye. Talk soon.
ex oh ex oh ex oh

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