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Friday, 6 July 2012

Digimon Are The Champions!!

YES! Digimon!! :D Nostalgia all around :D Who here likes Digimon?? Actually, I should ask - who here DOESN'T like Digimon?

In my time off, I decided to start on Digimon Season 1. How I loved this show when I watched it all those years ago... It's a lot better than Pokémon but Pokémon will always have a special place in my heart <3 There are so many similarities between the two.. I don't actually know which was made first. All I remember was I used to watch them around the same time in my life.

Today I did sweet fuck all!! I did finish season one of Golden Girls but I was only half watching the last few episodes... I think I might rewatch them eventually before going on to season two. The funniest scene I ever saw in season one was in the E15 In A Bed Of Roses just at the end. Rose was brilliant in that scene... or should I say Betty White :D I cracked several ribs... twice over because I rewatched the final scene. Oh such a brilliant show. ^_^

Me reason for doing sweet fuck all today was the weather. It was raining all day :( Hopefully tomorrow it'll be sunny and I can go for a cycle :)


Episode 3 of digimon :D I think Agumon was my favourite Digimon when I was little. I remember buying a stuffed Agumon in Dunnes or Heatons for £5. And I still have him. As I was playing Digimon World on my Playstation back in the day, I started with Agumon and used to keep the stuffed one with me as I played. I even put a bandage on his hand when my Agumon got injured in the game. #TrueStory

Work tomorrow starts some time in the evening so I'll have all day to explore the place if the weather is good. *prays for good weather* But, if I don't have anything to do then be happy that I'll have time to blog even MOAR. Boo YEAH!!

Signing off...
<( '.' <)

^ ^ ^
That,up there, is a Kirby. Shame on you if you don't know what that is!

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