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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dirty Jokes!

Ok, so my title says "Dirty Jokes!", but in reality I only have the one... :( But it's still funny nonetheless :D Who here has ever watched Animaniacs???  :D

Coz here's a dirty joke I came across in one episode B) I hope you appreciate it as much as I did XD

"Finger Prince"... 
hehehehe dirty writers :D

Anyway... What have I been doing lately? Well besides losing my phone on a midnight stroll... I finished watching Digimon Season 1 today!! Ah how I missed it... And onto season 2 next! Season 1 was just brilliant. One of my favourites ^_^ As for season 2, I have seen a good chunk of it before but not all of it... So I'm looking forward to watching that. I also aspire to get Cillian watching some Digimon but I'll wait until I'm back in Ireland. So you'd better watch out Cillian :D

Finishing season one let me to reignite my love for the game Digimon World. I used to play it on my playstation years ago but I stopped once the playstation became obsolete... and because we had no working controllers. But I did get a playstation emulator so I can play on my laptop!

Win for me!! \m/ ^_^ \m/

At the moment, I have a Ninjamon which digivolved from Palmon. So I'm looking around more to discover new things rather than train Ninjamon up. I would kind of like him to die off so I can start with a new Digimon but I want it to be from old age so that he'll reconfigure into a new digiegg with all his abilities. That means nothing to most of you I'd say.. :D

So right now, Digimon is taking over my life a little bit. I've searched the internet to see could I buy crests and tags and this is what I found...

The 9 Crests

They're so cool... But VERY expensive. $189.99 for the set of 9! That's $21.11 each... But I would like at LEAST one... as for which one, I can't decide... :/ I might invest in one sometime :D Although... something that would be much cheaper and probably cooler are these...

The 8 Kanto Gym Badges

These will become part of my collection some day. I count on it!!

Ah... those are my dreams right now.. childish dreams... but they keep my in college because once I graduate and start earning big I can buy whatever I want... starting with those!! :D

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