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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Finally Underway

So, the last two days have been lazy days. I haven't had work. So I made the most of yesterday and ventured into town. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises. It was long, but oh so good ^_^ I also bought myself my first pair of Chinos. I must say I do look dazzling in them. I also fell for buying a tiger onesie... which is ridiculously comfy!! And keeps in sooooooooooooo much heat!!! And to finish off the night, I wnt to a barbecue at my boss's house down the road. Playing Hide and Seek with his kids and their dog was actually great fun. And the dog won every time d(^_^)b

Today has not been as productive. I finished off Digimon Season 2. Now to give Digimon a rest for a while... And once I decide to watch something else, I'll get hooked on that instead. Oh and I started playing Spyro The Dragon for Playstation. It's so much fun!! Ah nostaglia :') And I've got lots more where that came from too. Crash Bandicoot for one. And Digimon World too (which I'm going to leave be for a good while). Plus a few others on my list ^_^ Time to go back in time and finally start up playing them old games I love.

I passed my 1000 Tweet mark there to other day. Totally missed it!! Even though I was watching my tweets.. It ended up going out to Florence Welch (That's Florence from Florence + The Machine). Lucky her :D

Right, so I'll leave it there for today. Yeah, my life ain't that exciting at the moment... But I am going to go for a cycle in a little while. And make the best of the stunning weather here in Devon ^_^ Talk to ye all later

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