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Monday, 30 July 2012


Ah what a day. It's been fun so far and I expect the rest of the night to be the same if not better ^_^ Now this post all started off with my decision to go to the beach today - That is; Putsborough Sands near Georgeham. I forgot my camera... but luckily I had my phone instead. So I took some lovely photos of the beach to make you all jealous :P

Now, what really makes this blog is the fact that while I was moving the pictures of the beach onto my laptop to upload them to this post, I started looking through all the other photos on my phone. And I decided to post a few... Well, a LOT! :D So here we go!! Enjoy ^__^

Ciara Eating Fairy Lights

These photos were taken one night in The Asylum. I don't remember how I ended up there but I'm glad I did. Myself, Eilís and Ciara had super fairy light sexy time on the couch... They lit up my world :D

Eilís, Queen of Fairy Lights

Zevran's Leather Fetish On Dragon Age

Zevran isn't very private about his sexual desires or his leather fetish. Thought this was funny that's all :D

Michelle In A Coca Cola Van...

I have no recollection of where this was but most likely, it was somewhere in Cork around New Years. Myself and Michelle went ice skating... My first ever time going. It was a ball of fun! Can't wait to go again ^_^ 

Cannot Be Unseen

As for this one... This was on a desk in a lecture theatre at college. Rather than listen to the lecture, I thought this photo was more interesting. Anyone disagree that this photo is not quite artistic?

Yes I Do
If I remember correctly, my good friend Michael wrote this on a blackboard in a lecture room one day when we were trying to study. What lovely handwriting! I wish mine was half as good as his... Mine is like chicken scratch gone through the shredder and then it was shat on... by the chicken!

Words Elude Me

Speaking of chickens... I have no explanation for this one... It speaks for itself really. I came across this in a house in Maynooth when I was there for the Intervarsity Maths Competition last year. Maths geeks do have a fun side! I swear! :)

The Kind Of Games Yvonne Plays
Yes Yvonne, you get a special mention on my blog :D Remember this photo? :P Yvonne was playing Tony Hawk on the Xbox 360 and I was watching her. She came across this action so I HAD to document this. Yvonne then proceeded to "Shag Dad's Balls". Fun was had by everyone involved.

Fluffy The Kitten
Sparky Cat The Cat
The next three photos are of cats. Well... 2 cats and one kitten. This little guy/girl (yeah, I tried to find out but he/she was too fluffy) has a brother too. Cute little things they are.

Sparky Cat The Cat is their mommy. Sparky Cat is adorable too!! This photo of her was taken when she was lying down on my lap. She certainly loves her comfort.

My Pussy Cat Spot
And last but certainly not least - it's Spot! This photo of her was taken when she was asleep on my lap; quite a rare occurrence.  I do love cats :D As you all should know by now. Spot will always be my favourite. So, Spot, if you're reading this somehow, always remember that you're my favourite :3

Penguin! In The Zoo!

Aaannddd this one is for Cormac :D Here's a penguin I saw at London Zoo. I have other photos to show you but this was the only one I took with my phone.



Finally we have the beach photos. That is a lot of water! And such an awesome view! The beach is quite long.. it took me about 25 minutes to walk half of it. I found a crab shell.. and some cuttlefish bone! We get cuttlefish bone for our budgie at home so he can sharpen his beak. By the way, our budgie's name is Tweety. Very creative :P But I was only 9 or 10 when we got him.

And that's all I have for today. But I'm sure it's more than enough :D Oh, I'm halfway through my time here in Devon. This is my 5th week of 9.. Time flies when you're having fun :D Talk to ye all later!!

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