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Friday, 27 July 2012

The Big One Zero Zero Zero

1000! I'm almost at 1000 views :D Hopefully this post pushed me over that goal ^^ And I'd like to start off this post by saying that I'm so happy for everyone's support. Whether you've come here once or come here regularly - I appreciate it all. I didn't think my blog would go very far but to me, 1000 views in 3 months is a big achievement.

\m/ ^_^ \m/

So, down to business. I am currently hooked on The Big Bang Theory. I've always loved this show. Passionately. I'm latched to this show like a positive sodium ion is to a negative chlorine ion in salt! Science similes FOR THE WIN. I watched all of season one on Tuesday. And right now I'm on S03E07 - The Guitarist Amplification. I can't wait until season 4 when Amy Farrah Fowler comes into the story more. And yes, I know... she technically joins the show in the last episode of season 3. Either way - I'm super excited ^^

I've recently become hooked on this new game on Facebook - Yu-gi-oh BAM. I started playing it because I used to be (and still am) a big fan of Yu-gi-oh. And the electronic games are my favourite part.. I've played all the Yu-gi-oh World Championship games since 2006.. except the 2012 one (if it exists). I am a major Yu-gi-oh nerd/geek/appropriate-noun. So beware of random tangents into the world of Yu-gi-oh.

And now.... for some cats! I don't think I've mentioned cats since my post about study month. So here's a lovely post about some cute pussy cats :D (Note: this is just gonna be pictures from teh internets)

Thanks to George Takei's Facebook Page

Thanks to

Thanks to

Ok, that last one wasn't a cat.. they're otters. But still cute ^__^ Here's a link to The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened. And believe me, a good chunk of them are worth the time to look at. And before you do look at them - check out the captions of the photos first because they make the experience so much better :D

Ah so I'll leave you there for tonight. Thanks again for everyone's support and willingness to put up with my ramblings. Here's to another 1000 views XD

Live long and prosper!!

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