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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Thor Is A Fan

First off, I'm just going to say that I did not make this. I found it. And I liked it. So I'm sharing it. Problem?

As You Wish, Thor

I'm just settled into my new home for the next two months - The Rock Inn. It's a pub in Georgeham, Devon. Thankfully, I have wifi here which means you can have ALL OF TEH BLOG POSTS :D I'm starting work tomorrow so I'm anxious, nervous, excited, scared etc etc but I've no doubt that I'll have fun here.

I arrived in London on Sunday and stayed there for 2 days. On Sunday, I went for a stroll down Camden Lock - a massive market!! I got someone I know a birthday present which I'm sure they'll love but I'm not giving you any clues as to what it is or who it's for ;) I got myself an incense burner - I've always wanted one, I don't know why. But it's got a little dragon statue on it and I've got a weakness for dragons...

The Canal Beside The Lock

Monday was a tiring day... I ventured to London Zoo for a few hours. The weather wasn't great but at least it wasn't raining.. It's been YEARS since I was there so it was nice to see all the animals :D Especially the Axolotl! A real life Mudkip... or Wooper! Or... Night Fury. Please god someone understands those...

Axolotl In London Zoo

I'll finish off with this tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. Yes, I went to see Sweeney Todd in the Adelphi Theatre in London. It was amazing!! Imelda Staunton played Mrs. Lovett and she stole the show!! However, my seat was not great so it kinda ruined the experience a bit... So next time, I won't be so cheap!!

I've got to head now. Talk later everyone :D

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