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Friday, 31 August 2012

49p Oreos! And Pokémon! ^_^

With not long left here in Devon, I decided to do something small but nice for my boss and his family. Seeing as they put up with me for two months, gave me free accommodation and free dinner! So I got to town as fast as I could after work today. Unfortunately, all the specialized shops were closed at half 5... Which meant no Thornton's chocolates for the missus... This led me to relying on Tesco!

Tesco... A students dream! And this one in Barnstaple has a second floor ^_^ So I grabbed a bottle of Irish whiskey, a tub of Celebrations and a "Thank You" card before looking for some treats for myself. Discounts EVERYWHERE! Half price Oreos for 49p a packet :D YUM! Also, better than half price Malteasers XD OH MY NOM!!! They'll keep me going :D

And now for some serious business... POKÉMON! Yes, it's another Nuzlocke Challenge post. And this one promises to be rather interesting. Or so I hope!

Last time we spoke, I had just arrived in Lavender Town. SOOO much to catch up on! I sorted a few things out after leaving Rock Tunnel. Healed my party, sold some items that were worthless.. the usual. I avoided Pokémon Tower. I'll go back there in a little while once I've a few other matters of business dealt with. Those being - getting my 4th gym badge and travelling to Fuschia City to get to the move deleter so Cynder can forget Cut and Penny can forget Flash. They're my two priorities! Oh.. and replace Queens :(

Rather than talk about what I will do, I'll get back to what I did. I slipped past all the trainers on Route 7 (west of Lavender Town) except for one. And I caught a Pidgey (called it Valerie) there, as well as another one on Route 8 (I called the Route 8 one Qwerty). Route 8 is just east of Celadon. On arriving to the beautiful city, it was straight down to business. You remember Queens? How she died a horrible, horrible death? I was contemplating getting Eevee as her replacement ^_^ And evolving Eevee into Vaporeon. I got Eevee in Celadon in the tall building at the top of the city.  Since I was going to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, I called it Liqui :D But alas, Eevee's nature was AWFUL. Too awful to bother with Vaporeon...

Why Vaporeon you ask? Well, Flareon is out of the question because of Cynder. And Jolteon is just crap... And I can't get Umbreon because Firered stops Pokémon from evolving by happiness until I get the National Pokédex. This meant...

Stupid Game...

Yeah. The game just STOPS evolution like that. It SUCKS. It means I can't get Crobat until after the Pokémon league :( So that's why I can't have Umbreon. So I sacked the Eevee idea. Instead I planned on having Clefairy! Yes, an odd choice. But the Nuzlocke Challenge says nothing about buying Pokémon so I grabbed me a Clefairy (Fay) from the Game Corner :D I have a massive weakness for Clefairy. She's so darn CUTE :3 OH! Just before I go on about Clefairy, here's a little side note about buying things. I visited the massive dept store and bought TM43 Secret Power and TM31 Brick Break. I taugh Secret Power to Twister and Brick Break to Cynder. Now they're so much stronger :D But back to Clefairy...

Ain't She Cute?

The trouble with her.. is she's crap. Well, not totally crap. But she can't defend herself. She is tough! I'll give her that. But she doesn't have the offensive power to keep up. But I didn't have another replacement so I said I'd try her anyway ^_^ Once she was level 25 (on her way to join the others at 30), my brother had a brilliant idea. Mr. Mime! Everyone loves Mr. Mime. Mr. Snrub doesn't as far as I remember from one of his blog posts... But everyone else loves him :D All I needed was an Abra to trade and you can pick them up cheap at the Game Corner. Clefairy was dumped and MIMIEN joined my team... I have to stick with that stupid nickname now because he's a traded Pokémon. But MY GOD is he amazing :D

Awesome Stats!

Lucky for me, it didn't take long for Mimien to catch up with the rest of my Pokémon. I battled the trainers on Route 7 using my regular party Pokémon and they went up to 31/32. Then I used the VS Seeker to train Mimien up. Boy did he grow fast! And his Substitute and Barrier combo really kept him alive! Not to mention his high speed! Once I finished, I had 5 level 32 Pokémon. But it was only the beginning of my problem...

Yes. Mimien started disobeying me because I don't have enough gym badges. This is why I'm taking on Erika so fast. So that once I have her badge, Mimien will obey me and stop 'loafing around'... Erika's gym will be piss easy. All of my Pokémon have super effective moves against her grass Pokémon. Even Penny has Acid! It's going to be a sinch... Just before going into the gym, I paid a visit to the hotel in Celadon. A hotel, you ask? Yes, there's a hotel. It's the house on the right below the Game Corner. And this is what I found..

To Watch The Amazeballs Secks

Looks like someone wanted to get lucky! I found it rather amusing :D If you talk to the girl, she says she brought her brother and her boyfriend. So what I say about secks is true GOD DAMN IT! Anyway, off to Erika's gym I went. The trainers in there were no match for my type-effective team! As for Erika, here's how my battle went...

PSYCH! I didn't get that far. Far too bust these days... Between picking up extra shifts after a co-worker was sacked and sorting society stuff at college, I have a full plate at the moment so Pokémon is taking a back seat unfortunately. But I'll try my best to keep it going :D

Monday, 27 August 2012

Badly Poured Upside-Down Guinness

Random title. Yes, that's the way I roll. So yeah, I don't know what'll come up today but let's find out :D I'll start with the title. After work last night (on the busiest night of the year), we all had a drink. To celebrate! After much alcoholic banter, one of the chefs said I should get a haircut because I look like an upside-down Guinness. That was badly poured! Was it a compliment? Or an insult? Or unsult? Either way, I was confused :S

Today I finished my last Monday of work here at The Rock Inn. Actually, I should have got my wages today... Ah they'll be there tomorrow ^_^ Right now, I'm tired and sore... I had a little accident earlier. Once I clocked out and was finished for the day, I made myself some pizza. Threw it into the oven and waited ten minutes... Once it was ready, I grabbed a tea towel and took it out. As I walked over to the table to put it on a plate, my feet went from under me. Stupid shoes! Also, slippy floor... So yes. Gravity took hold, my pizza went flying, my left elbow took a blow from the corner of the table and my right arm was burned by the pizza pan. NOT FUN! :( The worst thing was I had to make more pizza...

That's about as exciting as my life is right now. In other news, I'm preparing to go home. I must find my way to Bristol Airport. I don't think it's that difficult, but it will take some time to sort. This time next week I'll have my bags packed and probably be getting ready for a night on the town ^_^ Once I'm back home, I'll have a full plate. With college, mostly. Peer Support. Society stuff. And lectures too! Plus a few social things - some based around college, others not. One such thing being Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball :D Exciting!! Just about two weeks until the concert ^_^

Oh! I've made some small adjustments to my blog. One thing in particular is my "Currently Reading" gadget. It's literally just a photo of the book I'm reading/going to read. Right now, I'm planning to read Jane Lynch's autobiography. First time I saw her was in Glee. And then I saw her in something else recently... But I quite like her and am looking forward to reading her book :D

Bought It For £3! ^_^

In Pokémon world, I've continued a bit more with my Nuzlocke Challenge. I've taken a strange little turn with it. You'll see what I mean when I write my next post about it :D I've got to the stage of the game where Kanto really opens up and you can take the story whichever way you want. Tis getting interesting ^_^

That's all I've got right now. Sorry for the boredom! I should have a warning sign at the top of posts... Something to think about for the future :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Le X Factor

It's that time of year again. X Factor time :D I know.. it started last week but this week I said I'd write about it. I really don't know how this year will go... but if previous years are an indication, it'll just get worse. I know you agree :)

So last week was week one of auditions. I'm not actually sure where those auditions were on.. But anyway! In the few hours the show was on - I saw nobody I liked... apart from Ella Henderson. I'll talk more about her later.

But first - Jahmene Douglas. What's the deal with him? The judges loved him... I found him far too screechy.. I've heard stuff about him winning and going far. But it's only week one! Give someone else a chance :O So yeah.. I'm not really that keen on him. EEEEEEEK! SCREEEEEECH! MOOOOOOO!

Now... Ella Henderson! 16 year old girl. I must say I really liked her audition. There was no bullshit that you get with some people *ahem* Zoe Alexander *ahem* So yeah, here's Ella's audition video for you. It is kinda long: 8 minutes and 55 seconds. And 'll be honest, if someone posted that and told me to watch I probably would skim it... But do listen to her audition at least :)

I do hope she gets on well :D So.. I mentioned Zoe Alexander up there. Dear god, what a drama queen. She is a P!nk Tribute artist. As she said, she is Zoe Alexander As P!nk but she wants to drop the "As P!nk" part and just be Zoe Alexander. So naturally, she came on dressed as P!nk and auditioned with a P!nk song. Way to get away from P!nk... Silly girl! After her audition failed her and she was leaving, she threw a tantrum saying the judges made her do a P!nk song... Blah blah blah. Get over yourself! Come back next year...

Curtis Golden... I quite liked his audition. His rendition of Christina Aguilera's Candyman was awesome :) I have the video below. I would like him to get one well. Not much else to say about this guy... But Mel B! Jeez what a bitch! :D "I found it all a little bit irritating" Haha! Way to crush his spirit. But well done to Curtis for getting through with a yes from Gary, Louis and Tulisa :D

The rest of the people who auditioned really didn't deserve a mention here. So I'll leave it at that for last weeks X Factor.

As for last night's X Factor.. Here are my thoughts :D

Dear god... Rylan "Spray Tan In The Back Yard" Clark. "I'm borderline drag queen now"... Fair dues for auditioning and everything, but CRINGE... Didn't really like the audition. But I agreed with Louis. I was confused but I'd have given him a yes seeing as Tulisa and Rita gave him a yes. JUST to give him a chance. Apart from that... Goodbye!

Next up was Kye Sones. Audition was good. Got a great look - well capable of becoming a singer. Got the voice too! Seemed rather... mysterious. Hard to know what kind of person he is but seeing as he got through we'll soon find out.

Lucy Spraggan and her original song Last Night... Now that was entertaining! My favourite audition so far :D There's something about original songs this year. Hopefully there will be more :D Here's her audition video. You'll hear the whole song before it reaches 3 minutes so give it a watch. There's also a music video to her song... here's the link :D

For the most of what I've seen on X Factor, it's been a TFZ. Talent Free Zone as Nicole Scherzinger said! Which leads me to my final audition - Billy Moore. Some people say that Glee ruined Don't Stop Believing. But WOW... just watch this! I'm glad the audience cheered him on though :D

So there's my little ramble on X Factor so far this year. As for writing more about it... I dunno... You'll have to wait and see! ^_^

Saturday, 25 August 2012

O2 Freaking Webtexts.. I Hate You!

Ever since O2 introduced their new webtext security process, I've developed a hatred for that service. Up til then, I liked O2. We had a great relationship. We went out on dates and cuddled. We listened to each other. We had awesome sex... But O2's new arrangement is really taking it's toll on me...

Every time I go to log in to my account and send a webtext, I have to get them to send me a security code to my phone. Which I then have to enter so I can send webtexts. WHY?! What if I lose my phone? Or it loses it's battery? Then I can't use my webtexts - and these are the two occasions where webtexts are most important. O2 is stupid! >:(

Now that my rant is over.. Here's an overview of my AWESOME day ^_^

I traveled into Barnstaple today because it's my day off. My plan was to go see Ted but it didn't work out because the showing time was too late. Instead, I decided to watch Brave :D A Pixar movie! I love Pixar. I love Disney. I LOVED Brave :D

Princess Merida. Yes she's ginger. Problem?!

From tv ads and trailers, I heard a lot about this film but not so much that I heard any of the story. The story was really entertaining! And unexpected. Hey, what's with girls and archery lately? :O I'm not complaining... It's just an observation. But damn.. It's sexy!

The Girl On Fire

So after seeing Brave, I wandered around town. Because of a recent discussion on my Facebook page about Game of Thrones, I bought the first two Game of Thrones books - A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. I'm going to read these before watching the show. They're quite long though... The first is about 800 pages! But I've heard the books are great so they'll keep me occupied for a while ^_^

Book #1
Book #2

Speaking of books, I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy this evening. It was back in May when I read Catching Fire (here's my delirium story). And it took me until now to read Mockingjay. But I must say - I really enjoyed these books! :D The one thing I found is that the names and people didn't seem to stick in my mind. I don't know why... Well, not the major characters like Katniss and Petta and Gale. It was more so the secondary characters that I seemed to not remember. Like Enobaria... I have no recollection who this is... :/ But overall, I really enjoyed this series. They were quite easy to read which was good. I've really got back into reading. I haven't been in this mindframe since... since... the end of the Harry Potter series. That's a long time ago!! :O

Ah the world of books... :D But moving on from there. It's back to tv! Does anyone remember Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? They used to show it on Cartoon Network. Well, this is another show I loved which I'm rewatching currently. I remember all these episodes. Ah how I missed the show.. After Foster's, I dunno what to move onto next. Maybe more Malcolm In The Middle ^_^

Here's a quick update of what I watched this summer:

Digimon - Season 1, Season 2
Family Guy - Season 1, Season 2
Glee - Season 1
Golden Girls - Season 1, Season 2
Malcolm In The Middle - Season 1, Season 2
Misfits - Season 1, Season 2, Season 3
Pokémon - Season 1
Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 1
Smash - Season 1
The Big Bang Theory - Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5

That's a LOT of tv... And now to finish Foster's and add it to my list ^_^

Friday, 24 August 2012

I Had A Bad Experience With A Fish Once...

Oh my god! My fish is gone :O

*sees broken piggy bank on the desk*

And he robbed me! >:(

That little bastard!! In order to get over my traumatic experience, I played some Firered. Last time, I beat Lt. Surge. I beat him to a pulp! I thrashed him! I pulverized him! You get the picture.

My Fish Turned Into A Zombie... etc etc

So back to Pokémon. Route 9 was my next stop. This is the path to Rock Tunnel and it's just east of Cerulean City. To be honest, this is never a challenge. The trainers here are a sinch. There really is no competition here. Except for a few status problems from persistent foes. But that's it... They really should have done something more with this place because it's such a waste of good Pokémon land! Well, my Pokémon are level 27.. I guess that's a bit high for where I am. As for the Pokémon on Route 9, I got a Rattata. Called it Jim-Bob... because why the fuck not? :D

I got lost in a hallway for a week once. Had to survive on toothpaste and acorns.

Riddle me this - why in *insert appropriate deity's name here* name would someone have a level 20 Caterpie? Silly trainers.. No wonder you don't accomplish anything in your life. Go evolve your Caterpie and become somewhat of a threat before you battle me. Kudos to the kid with Beedrill though - whatever his name was. Bug Catcher Brent.. that was it :) Thanks Bulbapedia! \m/ ^_^ \m/

Oh, eh.. remember I said the trainers weren't a challenge? Well.. I was battling Hiker Brice and it was Queens vs GEODUDE. A Double Kick halved Geodude's HP so one more would finish him off. The out of nowhere, Magnitude 8 hits Queens and sends her packing... :( I'm super annoyed about that!! I really liked Queens. And to make it worse, she's the first Pokémon in my game to "die". I don't like Hikers! >:( Now who to pick as her replacement? I could bring back Scotch.. But I think I'll leave it until I find a new Pokémon. That way, my current party Pokémon will grow in levels faster. I guess it's time to evolve my Pokémon... If Queens was a Nidorina, she may have survived that hit and I'd still have her... :'( Who am I kidding, LIFE IS OVER! *sobs*

My Poor Baby!

Once the rest of the trainers were pulp, it was on to Route 10 where I got myself another Ekans. This one I named Sparky. My nicknames are becoming less creative... I need a drink!

I Know You Agree

Rock Tunnel was my next port of call. I took it on with 5 Pokémon. I decided that once my Pokémon reach level 29, I'll let them evolve. Because 29 is a prime number :D So far, all but Sonic are level 28 so it won't be much longer before I have Charmeleon, Golbat, Gloom and Pidgeotto. The first trainer in Rock Tunnel was easy. And it set me up for a fall. Because of the few Pokémon I beat, I forgot about my mission to catch Pokémon. So once I found a wild Zubat, I fainted it... rather than catching it. Silly me :( That's two that I've missed out on now... That Zubat and a Pokémon on Route 6. Oh well... onwards and upwards! I must say that Penny really is taking lead in this place.  Because of all the rock Pokémon! The only thing is I had to teach Penny HM05 Flash because none of my other Pokémon could learn it (except Flash... but that'd mean getting rid of my awesome moveset).

Now it's photo time! Here's a few pics to show you what evolution can achieve. As most of you will know, evolution is important in Pokémon and really can help your team get stronger. And yes, they finally reached level 29 thanks to the trainers dotted around Rock Tunnel.

So as you can see, evolution ups your Pokémons' stats considerably! The only one missing here is Flash but he's been fully evolved since level 10. Overall, Rock Tunnel was a huge success. All my Pokémon have reached level 29 and evolved. I grabbed a few items too. A revive was one of them, so I can go sell that for monies ^_^ So on reaching Lavender Town and selling my useless items, I have 62550 Pokédollars. Not bad :D I must say, Lavender Town used to be much creepier in the older games. In Pokémon Yellow (the first Pokémon game I played), it was terrifying. The eerie music. The dark purple colouring. The tower. Your rival's dead Raticate. You've heard about that, right? There's this story out there that your rival is in Pokémon Tower because he's mourning the death of his Raticate. Remember in the S.S. Anne, your rival has a Raticate? But when you battle him in Pokémon tower he no longer has a Raticate. The story is that Raticate sustained a fatal injury on the ship and your rival didn't reach the Pokémon Centre in time and Raticate passed away. Who knows if the writers meant this. But these conspiracies are fun :D

Not much of an update but it'll keep you at bay until things get more exciting. Come back soon for more ^_^

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bringing Back Bebo

You heard me right guys and girls. I'm bringing back Bebo XD I'm so excited about this.. it's gonna be the new Facebook Timeline! ^_^

Ok seriously, Bebo should go and die... I logged into my account there the other day just to see it... and I cringed.... and laughed at my old profile. I also was horrified to see the "Dating" tab. Bebo has a dating service?! What sorcery is this that hath ruined thine children? :O

Oi, Patrick, remember when I showed you my Bebo profile? Months ago? And you got such a laugh out of it? So much so that you saved the webpage for future reference? :) Well here's what I decided... I'm gonna show you all how I lived my days on Bebo. With my 432 luv... and my profile skin and how it stands for rebellion... and let's not forget my "About Me" and all the shameful things I've said on it that would make a normal person want to hang themselves for even thinking about posting that stuff on the internet.

So here you go... My bebo profile. Those ancient writings that never should have surfaced but still exist on the internet...
First off I have my profiler. Which I actually like :D It's the least cringe part of my profile. Oh! The video that loads when you open my page - it never gets old ^_^ There it is, right under my profiler. Just read on and you'll get to it :D From here on, it goes downhill. As for my page's skin.. it was one I found on a Bebo page. It's purpose was "just coz" and it was so bad that I didn't want it on my blog... All I'll say about it is - "Real Boys Kiss Boys".
*dies of cringe*

My Bebo Profiler

The next two are the About Me of my page. To be fair, most of this is still true. I make normal quiver in a corner across the room! And I may not be your favourite crayon but I know that one day you'll need me to finish your picture... Also, Daolin is the coolest BESTest person ever B)

More Cringe...

Single and 18... A Rapist's Dream

Next we have my calendar for 2010. As each event passed, I struck it out. (Does that sounds right? Is that right? :S) It was the only thing that kept me sane. Knowing that I'd soon finish with secondary school and move on to college. It was my life-force.... and... and.. Ok I can't keep this up anymore. I was bored during my Leaving Cert year...

I Liked Using Smileys

Because of Bloggers crappy photo positioning and stuff, the best way it to place them one-by-one rather than having two side-by-side. Anyway... Yes, all the music is from female artists. They all have their own personal smiley too. This is very homosexual music... I spent a lot of my LC year updating Bebo. Studying is for suckers! But stay in school, kids. Education is important.

When it came to films, I blanked on names so I threw down genres instead. It was easier and covered up the stench of bad taste. And my Happiest When list... why did I bother spilling my guts to the internet? Nobody CARES. Especially on Bebo.

I REALLY Liked Using Smileys

Daolin, She Hacked Me... Still True Though!

This next one, Friends, has to be the worst. The Skittles (Ok, the Skittles are cool!). The Italics. The Bold. The Phrases! Someone kill me now. I have a feeling that if Evan is reading this, he's thinking (or saying), "Oh god, Kieran, did your parents beat you with dead toads while you were growing up?" or "Even I have more self respect than to even think that.. #POO #poo #pooPOOpoo". Or something like that.
But finally. My Stuff. Now I'm proud of that list. Some fun memories wrapped up in such few words and phrases *nostalgic sigh*

This Is Fake. I Had No Friends!

Nobody Shall Ever Understand!

So there you have it. My Bebo profile. Well most of it. The cringe stuff anyway. Dunno why I felt like sharing it... I suppose so you could all learn that just because you spent your teenage years in the privacy of your own room, trying to update your Bebo page to make it look respectable so that others would like you, it doesn't mean you're going to grow up looking for acceptance from strangers on the internet... Scratch that.. It's exactly what'll happen to you!

And before I sign off and wallow in self pity over my disgraceful 19th year on this planet (yes, I counted correctly), I'm going to show you something I found. Which I even forgot about! My old blog! Or what Bebo calls a blog... I only had like 2 posts. It was suckish. but here's one that I had. It made me giggle and want to actually try these now that I'm in college.

Fun Things To Do In A Supermarket If You're Bored

01. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in peoples' trolleys when they aren't looking

02. Set the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5 minute intervals
03. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the ladies toilet
04. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, "Code 3 in Housewares...", and see what happens
05 Go to the Service Desk and ask to out a bag of M&M's on credit
06. Move a "CAUTION - WET FLOOR" sign to a carpeted area
07. Set up a tent in the Camping Department and tell other shoppers you are sleeping over and invite them in if they bring pillows from the Bedding Department
08. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to dry and ask, "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"
09. Look right into the security camera, use it as a mirror and pick your nose
10. While handling large knives in the Kitchen Department, ask the clerk if he/she knows where the anti-depressants are located
11. Dart around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible
12. Hide in a clothing rack and when people browse through, say "Pick me!! Pick me!!"
13. When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker, hit the floor and assume the foetal position and scream, "NO... It's those voices again!!"
14. Go into a fitting room, shut the door and wait a while. Then loudly yell, "There's no toiler paper in here."

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Nuzlocke Effect

I've coined a new term... I hope it catches on. I call it The Nuzlocke Effect. Before I explain it, I'm gonna quickly go through the Nuzlocke Challenge rules...

1.   When you enter a new area, you can only catch one Pokémon there. And you can only catch the first one you find. If you faint it or run out of Pokéballs, you can't come back and get another Pokémon. You've to move on.

2.   Once one of your Pokémon faints, it's considered "dead". And it must be released. I've varied this slightly and I store "dead" Pokémon in a box in the PC. This was I know what Pokémon I've caught and how many "die" during my quest.

3.   This is an unofficial rule. It's more of a guideline :D Nickname your Pokémon. It makes them more special. So you take care of them better and that way there's less chance you'll lose them.

Anyway. To explain myself about The Nuzlocke Effect. Because you're restricted in catching Pokémon, it means that the ones you do catch are...

*thinks of synonym for "special"*


*gives up and looks on Google*


*gives up on Google because it failed me*

...Ok let me try this again. Because you're restricted in catching Pokémon, it means that the ones you do catch are... like family :D There that worked. I don't need the internet to do all my thinking for me. Anyway, back to my point. Because the Pokémon are like family, you start to become more deeply involved and you develop a certain... attachment. Which one might call a variation of love. Even though those Pokémon are just bits of data, you develop feelings for them and begin to understand their thoughts and emotions and natures. It's like some robosexual relationship I guess... Any Pokémon-induced long night masturbation sessions should be kept to yourself! Or even better, posted somewhere on the internet so we can all sympathize and laugh ^_^

This is what I call - The Nuzlocke Effect. It has led me to realise how my Pokémons' natures actually do reflect them. Here's a quick synopsis of my Firered Pokémon (the ones I've been raising at least):

Cynder (Charmander)
Now this little guy has quite the endurance. I don't think I've ever seen him on red HP. He even managed to beat some water Pokémon in Misty's gym in Cerulean City. Cynder is a fighter! And won't give up :D

Scotch (Mankey)
This one doesn't sound right but believe me - it fits like a glove! Scotch is quite delicate... her weak defences mean she can't take much damage. Plus she doesn't boast an impressive moveset yet either. But seeing as she's now gone from my team, it doesn't really matter :D

Twister (Pidgey)
I don't think this could be more true. Pidgey is a timid Pokémon by nature - so it says in the anime if I'm correct. As for battling, while he doesn't have amazing stats or attacks, he still can take down strong Pokémon. If it wasn't for him, I'd never have beat Misty after all ^_^

Flash (Butterfree)
This one fits the bill I think. Butterfree is nowhere as strong as some other Pokémon like Charizard or Gyarados... But it can do a lot of damage when it wants. Flash is my team leader. Mainly because he's the only one who'd fully evolved. Flash doesn't boast power, but rather he wins with brains and tactics. He goes into battle assuming he will lose... that's why Sleep Powder plays an important role. Add in his recently learned new move Dream Eater and he always comes out on top. That's my boy!

Queens (Nidoran)
Same as Flash - Nidoran is a tiny little dote equipped with low powered moves. However, she possesses a dangerous ability. Poison Point. So anyone who touches her could feel the sting of poison. She's rather good defensively and she can hold her own without being too arrogant about her chances of success.

Sonic (Zubat)
I think the long hours of excruciating training got to Zubat and he learned to be a better fighter. As a baby, he only has Leech Life and Astonish which did very little damage so leveling up took a while... However, this made Zubat learn his limits of fighting. He's definitely the baby of the bunch but I sense he's very eager! Now that he's prepared for battle with Confuse Ray, nothing will stop him from wreaking havoc!

Penny (Oddish)
Penny's replacing Scotch. Grass Pokémon are quite resilient and she's a tough cookie to crack. She's got nice defences and is doing well on my team. She took down Lt. Surge's Raichu! And she can hold her own nicely ^_^

Now how ever many of you actually believed that, I don't know. This idea came to me one drunken night ^_^ And it was too good to pass up writing about! So there you go. One of my random drunk thoughts manifested into a blog post. You're welcome!

Saturday, 18 August 2012


As some of you might know, I'm not the activist-y type. I barely keep up with LGBT stuff I see on Facebook. But some recent events have inspired me to write this.

The first event which inspired this post has to be Courtnee Love-Cox and her latest blog post. Here it is if you want to have a read. I suggest you do. It's heart-wrenching... This made me think about maybe posting some stuff about LGBT issues that I might become involved in or hear about that would be important. So here I am!

Just to clear the air here - I'm bisexual. Hence my involvement with LGBT issues and all that. And I have a good few close LGBT friends. I'm even part of the UCC LGBT Society as the Finance Officer. It's a brilliant society and we've done some great work - that is, the whole society, not just the committee. And the cherry on top this year was that we won Best Large Society at the BICS (Board of Irish College Societies) Awards. But enough about that, it's not what I'm here for.

Bi Pride ^_^

That's me at Cork Pride 2011. Such a fun day! I was really nervous about going as it was my first pride. But it turned out to be a brilliant experience!

I've operated under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy while I'm working in England for the summer. I thought it was easiest. But recently, I was asked about my preferences... so I told. In the last few days, I've heard a few dodgy comments made towards me... I think they were meant to be "playful" or "joking" but I didn't think they were very appropriate... I don't want to name names because I think it's horrible to point people out like that. But I will tell you what happened...

The first thing that was said was mentioned the other day, when I was asked a very simple, clean question. This question was - what kinds of sweets would I like to see being sold in the pub where I'm currently working. I took a second to think... and decided on Malteasers. Because they're my weakness! I absolutely love them ^_^ THEN, the quick reply I got after making my suggestion took me off guard:

"Is that because you like balls in your mouth?"

I was not happy. At the time, I just brushed it off and continued working. But then more comments were made and they all just piled together. On reflection, I find it quite homophobic. Sure, I don't mind the odd joke now and then. Or even serious questions like when I was asked who was the most attractive of the male chefs in the kitchen :P But when something like that comes out of something as innocent as Malteasers, it's not good.

The next one is just as bad. I was babysitting one night. Looking after two wonderful kids - everything was great! The following morning, when I was working, I had a little chat with their dad. He had asked me if I watched the Olympics diving the night before. Of course, I didn't because I was looking after his kids and wasn't distracted by tv. So I told him I missed it. Then I hear:

"But they're guys walking around in shorts. That's your kind of thing, isn't it?"

I'm paraphrasing here... These aren't the exact quotes but they're almost identical to what was said to me. Still, it was not very nice to hear. I babysit you kids and you have this idea that instead of doing my job I've been drooling over half-naked divers on tv? That's not on...

The last, and probably WORST, of what I've had to put up with is this... As I put the kids to bed, one of them wanted me to read a bedtime story. So I grabbed a book - Duck In The Truck - and I start reading. Once I'm finished, I ask the little guy if the story was good and he tells me he didn't like it because of my [Irish] accent :D I thought it was adorable and funny. So, I set him off to sleep and let him be. Where the story gets bad is here - the following day (after the Olympic Diving incident). I started telling Dad the story about his little guy and his thoughts about my accent when it comes to storytelling. So I started....

"I was putting *** to bed last night and he wanted me to read him a story..."

"Hold on now, Kieran. This isn't going down a dark route is it? Given your recent... outburst.."

Now... First thing, the asterisks are in place of the little guys name. The 'outburst' is in relation to my coming out to my workmates. What was implied (at least, what I took from it) was that the story I was telling Dad had some sexual component regarding his little son... I was horrified when I heard this. First there was the "joke" about the divers... now you're thinking that I molested your son as I put him to bed... Or something to that effect...

Seriously?! I've never had any stick about my sexuality before but these three things happened in the space of two days! They really affected my self esteem and work ethic...

As I've said above, I'm not the activist type when it comes to LGBTQ issues. But I do try to help the cause when I can. And being the victim of the recent comments I just told you about - it makes me want to educate people even more! You might think it's a harmless joke. But the people on the receiving ends of those "jokes" don't find them funny. I'm all for having fun and taking the piss sometimes but there's a line... And some people just don't know where it is!

So far, you're probably thinking, "jeez... this is a bit dark and morbid..". I think it is anyway. But I want to end on a good note ^_^ There are so many LGBTQ people out there who have it tough... whether you're out or not. But as Lady Gaga once said, "If you really want it, you can make it happen". So if you're the victim of bullying because of your sexuality, or the way you dress, or the things you like, or the people you hang out with - don't just sit back and take it. You can make a stand and make things better for yourself! If you need help, ask for it. You will find help somewhere. Once you have the dream that you want something better, you can make it come true if you really want it to! Here's a video I took when I went to see Lady Gaga ^__^

So don't ever let stupid comments or bullies get you down. Chances are, the people who bully you are afraid of you. They're jealous. That they can't be the amazing person you are. Just keep thinking positive and everything will work out ^_^

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

S. S. Anne Hathaway

The title was inspired by... *drum roll* ...Anne Hathaway! I must say, I do like her very much ^_^ My recent visit to see The Dark Knight Rises rekindled my love for this woman. So this'll lead to me revisiting The Princess Diaries movies sometime soon. They're fun!

I Can See You Naked. X-ray Specs And All That...

Now seeing as we're all being undressed by Anne Hathaway and her x-ray specs, let's just bask in the moment... *stretches out erotically*

I'm gonna be mean and get onto my main point - Pokémon. Bye bye, Anne Hathaway! I realised something - just before boarding the S. S. Anne, there is a little bit of water which I won't be able to access once the ship leaves. Lightbulb in my head told me to fish for a Magikarp! So I did, and caught it. It is now part of my collection ^_^ I came up with a very clever nickname; it's Splash! :P

With my complimentary ticket for the luxury ship in hand, I stepped aboard. I took the south-east stairs to the floor below and started destroying trainer after trainer until that floor was wiped clear. Next I cleared the rooms you see once you enter the ship. I found a lady who would heal my Pokémon when I talked to her. It was so nice to have her there so I didn't have to return to the Pokémon Centre.

I visited the kitchen next - the door for that is in the south-west of the ship. I just collected a few items there. No trainers to beat. Onwards and upwards I went. Up the stairs on the west of the ship above the kitchen. Once upstairs, I visited the front of the ship and beat 2 trainers. The last few trainers on the top floor succumbed to my superior Pokémon :D Then... Cillian appeared!

Leprechauns, Right? 

I Have 2 More Balls Than He Does...

Pidgeotto was torn apart by my Twister. Raticate was smashed by Queens. Kadabra got a headache from Cynder's Metal Claw. And finally, Wartortle was overpowered by Penny. It was an easy battle... not too much to talk about. When it comes to Pokémon battles, I do like when they're challenging because I can ramble on like no tomorrow. Remember my battle with Misty? :D So hopefully I can whip up more of those fantastic commentaries ^_^

I decided a nice trip home would be refreshing. Mainly because I forgot to get the Town Map at the beginning of the game... Silly Kieran. So once I got HM01 Cut from the captain of the S. S. Anne, I taught it to Cynder and headed to down Diglett Cave. I arrived on Route 2 and grabbed few items. It was off to Pallet Town. On my way, I passes Viridian City and talked to the Move Tutor and now... Flash knows Dream Eater :D With Compoundeyes and Sleep Powder, Dream Eater is an awesome move for Flash ^_^

Enemy Diglett Stands No Chance!

Right now, I'm training to take on Lt. Surge. I thrashed his flunkies in the gym but I'm not ready to take on Surge yet... I'm gonna play safe and work up to level 27. So the forthcoming battle is a while away yet...

*an hour or so later...*

And finally, 6 level 27 Pokémon. Now seeing as Flash, Twister and Sonic are all flying type... I decided to stick with Cynder, Penny and Queens for the gym battle.

Lt. Surge Will Regret Those Words

First out was Cynder vs Voltorb. Nice, easy way to start off the gym battle. Voltorb was only level 21 so it was fine for Cynder to take him on. It was just Ember, after Ember, after Ember... until finally Voltorb fainted. Next, I swapped out to Queens so she could take on Pikachu at level 18. This is where it got difficult - Pikachu used Double Team paired with Thunder Wave. But eventually, after sustaining some injury from Shock Wave, Queens took out Pikachu with a few Double Kick attacks. Finally, Raichu (level 24) appeared. Penny took him on. Penny's resistance to electric attacks worked in her favour. She took Shock Wave after Shock Wave without being fazed very much. I started with Acid and it did a nice bit of damage but Raichu's Double Team made hitting him more difficult. So damn annoying!! So I splashed out Penny's Poisonpowder and that was it... Raichu took persistent damage from poison while also being hit by Acid and Absorb. It was time to send him to sleep with the fishes! ^_^

My Lucky Penny

That's all I've got for you for the time being ^_^ Be back soon with some more on my Nuzlocke challenge..

Sunday, 12 August 2012

You May Say I'm A Dreamer

I thought of an interesting idea for this one - dreams. I'm gonna give you a little insight to a few dreams I've had. Some are vivid. Some are recurring. And some are just plain CRAZAY! ^_^ Hope you enjoy my ramblings.

I'll start with one dream I had years and years ago which was really vivid at the time. It's short but really clear in my head. It starts outside my old primary school, some time in the middle of the night. It was pitch black except for street lamps illuminating the road. There wasn't a sound in the air. No wind. No animals. Nothing. Suddenly, the road started to rotate downwards - it was a ramp. Once it opened fully, there was a Pikachu standing at the bottom of the ramp. It's cry pierced the midnight silence. It was crying out for me to help it. That's all there was too it...

I don't know how many of you believe in dreams having meaning, but I think that some dreams do. As for what that dream meant, I have no stinking clue! Now that you're all weirded out, I'll move onto another one.

Who remembers a cartoon called Xiaolin Showdown? With the Shen Gong Wu and all that? Another vivid dream I've had involves these Shen Gong Wu. But only the Orb of Tornami and the Sword of The Storm were in the dream. Anyway, this one isn't too long - I was practicing with these two in a big field out the back of my house and when I was using the Sword of The Storm, I started to fly. Albeit, not well. I didn't have great control over my ability but I was certainly in the air ^_^

Now this next one is exceptionally weird. I was in a pub and I went into the bathroom. I took of my shirt and left it outside the cubicle when I went in. After I came out, I'd noticed it was gone and I saw a few guys with it. So I tried to get it back off them but I couldn't. Suddenly, a nun came out of nowhere and it was Lisa Kudrow!

Imagine Her Wearing A Nun's Costume

She got my shirt back for me... Thanks Lisa ^_^

Everyone likes Link from Princess Zelda, right? This next dream seemed a lot like a Zelda game. I was the protagonist and in charge of everything. I was the Link! As I adventured, I picked up a few allies who were not supposed to find out that I could transform into a wolf. That posed a little problem when I had to return to a previous area and I was under a time limit. I had to return to this massive golem we found early on and activate it. This had to be done so we could activate a twin golem just in front of a big door so we could move on. Luckily, I got away from my posse just enough to transform and not get caught. But the next thing I know, I'm in a NASCAR race... I ended up winning so I didn't care how I got there ^_^

To continue my dreams featuring transformation, the next one revolves around me becoming an ant and living in someone's back yard. They had only recently moved in to the house and I made friends with the little baby. The baby and I got on famously. One day, the baby was attacked by some bugs so I saved the baby because we had such a great bond. Very strange dream... Next thing I know, the family were moving... :( I wanted to follow them but I just missed them leaving... I was really distressed!! I tried to find them but I couldn't. It was all very sad :(

That's all I have in my dream catalogue at the moment. I cant' think of any more dreams I've had. I've obviously had more but as you know, most of our dreams are forgotten! Hope you didn't find my little essay of dreams boring.. If you did, well too bad :P Come back soon ^_^