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Friday, 31 August 2012

49p Oreos! And Pokémon! ^_^

With not long left here in Devon, I decided to do something small but nice for my boss and his family. Seeing as they put up with me for two months, gave me free accommodation and free dinner! So I got to town as fast as I could after work today. Unfortunately, all the specialized shops were closed at half 5... Which meant no Thornton's chocolates for the missus... This led me to relying on Tesco!

Tesco... A students dream! And this one in Barnstaple has a second floor ^_^ So I grabbed a bottle of Irish whiskey, a tub of Celebrations and a "Thank You" card before looking for some treats for myself. Discounts EVERYWHERE! Half price Oreos for 49p a packet :D YUM! Also, better than half price Malteasers XD OH MY NOM!!! They'll keep me going :D

And now for some serious business... POKÉMON! Yes, it's another Nuzlocke Challenge post. And this one promises to be rather interesting. Or so I hope!

Last time we spoke, I had just arrived in Lavender Town. SOOO much to catch up on! I sorted a few things out after leaving Rock Tunnel. Healed my party, sold some items that were worthless.. the usual. I avoided Pokémon Tower. I'll go back there in a little while once I've a few other matters of business dealt with. Those being - getting my 4th gym badge and travelling to Fuschia City to get to the move deleter so Cynder can forget Cut and Penny can forget Flash. They're my two priorities! Oh.. and replace Queens :(

Rather than talk about what I will do, I'll get back to what I did. I slipped past all the trainers on Route 7 (west of Lavender Town) except for one. And I caught a Pidgey (called it Valerie) there, as well as another one on Route 8 (I called the Route 8 one Qwerty). Route 8 is just east of Celadon. On arriving to the beautiful city, it was straight down to business. You remember Queens? How she died a horrible, horrible death? I was contemplating getting Eevee as her replacement ^_^ And evolving Eevee into Vaporeon. I got Eevee in Celadon in the tall building at the top of the city.  Since I was going to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, I called it Liqui :D But alas, Eevee's nature was AWFUL. Too awful to bother with Vaporeon...

Why Vaporeon you ask? Well, Flareon is out of the question because of Cynder. And Jolteon is just crap... And I can't get Umbreon because Firered stops Pokémon from evolving by happiness until I get the National Pokédex. This meant...

Stupid Game...

Yeah. The game just STOPS evolution like that. It SUCKS. It means I can't get Crobat until after the Pokémon league :( So that's why I can't have Umbreon. So I sacked the Eevee idea. Instead I planned on having Clefairy! Yes, an odd choice. But the Nuzlocke Challenge says nothing about buying Pokémon so I grabbed me a Clefairy (Fay) from the Game Corner :D I have a massive weakness for Clefairy. She's so darn CUTE :3 OH! Just before I go on about Clefairy, here's a little side note about buying things. I visited the massive dept store and bought TM43 Secret Power and TM31 Brick Break. I taugh Secret Power to Twister and Brick Break to Cynder. Now they're so much stronger :D But back to Clefairy...

Ain't She Cute?

The trouble with her.. is she's crap. Well, not totally crap. But she can't defend herself. She is tough! I'll give her that. But she doesn't have the offensive power to keep up. But I didn't have another replacement so I said I'd try her anyway ^_^ Once she was level 25 (on her way to join the others at 30), my brother had a brilliant idea. Mr. Mime! Everyone loves Mr. Mime. Mr. Snrub doesn't as far as I remember from one of his blog posts... But everyone else loves him :D All I needed was an Abra to trade and you can pick them up cheap at the Game Corner. Clefairy was dumped and MIMIEN joined my team... I have to stick with that stupid nickname now because he's a traded Pokémon. But MY GOD is he amazing :D

Awesome Stats!

Lucky for me, it didn't take long for Mimien to catch up with the rest of my Pokémon. I battled the trainers on Route 7 using my regular party Pokémon and they went up to 31/32. Then I used the VS Seeker to train Mimien up. Boy did he grow fast! And his Substitute and Barrier combo really kept him alive! Not to mention his high speed! Once I finished, I had 5 level 32 Pokémon. But it was only the beginning of my problem...

Yes. Mimien started disobeying me because I don't have enough gym badges. This is why I'm taking on Erika so fast. So that once I have her badge, Mimien will obey me and stop 'loafing around'... Erika's gym will be piss easy. All of my Pokémon have super effective moves against her grass Pokémon. Even Penny has Acid! It's going to be a sinch... Just before going into the gym, I paid a visit to the hotel in Celadon. A hotel, you ask? Yes, there's a hotel. It's the house on the right below the Game Corner. And this is what I found..

To Watch The Amazeballs Secks

Looks like someone wanted to get lucky! I found it rather amusing :D If you talk to the girl, she says she brought her brother and her boyfriend. So what I say about secks is true GOD DAMN IT! Anyway, off to Erika's gym I went. The trainers in there were no match for my type-effective team! As for Erika, here's how my battle went...

PSYCH! I didn't get that far. Far too bust these days... Between picking up extra shifts after a co-worker was sacked and sorting society stuff at college, I have a full plate at the moment so Pokémon is taking a back seat unfortunately. But I'll try my best to keep it going :D

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