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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

And The Nuzlocke Begins... Again...

So in my last post, I told you all how badly my first Nuzlocke Challenge in Leafgreen went... :/ It was very disappointing and embarrassing... But I have good news :D I started a new one... on Firered this time :D I called myself Blaise. Coz that's my confirmation name. Cool, eh? And I promise to keep this one up until the end if it kills me ^_^

And just before you get hooked on reading about my Amazing Journey 2.0, I must warn you... this is very long. Well, long compared to my other posts. So enjoy!!

As usual, I started the game with Charmander (Cynder). Route 22 got me a Mankey (Scotch). Route 2 brought me to Pidgey (Twister). And Viridian Forest helped me find my precious Caterpie (Flash). Before attempting to beat the forest, I trained them all to level 10. I took on my rival on Route 22 [I named him Cillian this time (and Route 22 is directly west of Viridian City)], and then I set off into Viridian Forest. Once I left the green jungle behind, my Pokémon had all grown at least one level. I bumped into another Pidgey on the top of Route 2, just under Pewter City. So I caught him and named him Saorview... because it was the first name to pop into my head :D

I went training Cynder, Scotch, Twister and Flash before taking on Brock. With 4 level 12 Pokémon, I was ready. Scotch took out Geodude and Onix easily with Karate Chop. I'm so proud :') And my adventure continued on toward Mt. Moon. The trainers along the way were no match for my superior team. Nidoran joined my team once all the trainers were defeated. I called her Queens - now guess which kind of Nidoran it was :P I decided to buy the Magikarp off the guy in the Pokémon Centre but not use it. Because it takes SOOO long to train it up. I named it Slyther - if I do decide to use her, at least she has a cool name ^_^ Instead of having Slyther on my team, I caught a Zubat in Mt. Moon and I'll have him on my team for now. Seeing as he will evolve to be very fast, I call him Sonic. Armed with these 6 deadly Pokémon, Route 3's wild Pokémon won't know what hit it!!

This is where I will be grinding to level up my Pokémon. Grinding is gaming lingo for "the process of engaging in repetitive tasks". Any time I've heard it being used, it's been to gain experience to grow levels. Grinding is quite important in a Nuzlocke Challenge. And that is the reason I failed so badly in my last one... Because I was grinding but doing it rather badly... :/ I didn't train my Pokémon to high enough levels because I was lazy and that mistake cost me greatly!

Back to the point of my blog - after tireless minutes of work (I put the game speed on double for training), I leveled all 6 Pokémon to 15. Then we took Mt. Moon from behind and raped it down a dark alley. It felt so good to say that. Usually I don't get away with that sort of stuff... After collecting my Dome Fossil, I exited asap. The clean, refreshing mountain air filled my digital lungs. My new found energy helped me capture a weak little Rattata on Route 4 (west of Cerulean) and I called him Ramsey. Don't question my methods!

Here's My Team After Mt. Moon

I healed them at the Pokémon Centre before taking the screenshot... don't think that they were so good that they didn't lose any HP in Mt. Moon. They're not THAT amazing... yet!! The next task ahead is training before battling my rival Cillian in Cerulean City. Level 18 should do me just fine ^_^

I'm gonna venture off on a little side note...

Evolution Time :D

It's a TRAP!!

I Pressed The B Button

Now to explain myself... Yes, I know evolution is important.. without it I wouldn't be here preventing it. I'm not sure if that's some kind of irony. I can't tell. I was never good at english. That's why I only got an A2 in higher level *modest Kieran is modest* But I've decided that during my Nuzlocke Challenge, I won't evolve my Pokémon for a while. This means they get to learn moves faster. And it'll persuade me to train them to higher levels before moving on in the story so that they can hold their own in battle. But I will evolve them eventually. Flash was an exception - he needed to evolve asap. But my other Pokémon can survive as babies for a while. Plus it'd look so much better to beat gym leaders with small, underestimated little devils >:) *evil laugh* Because I'm basically telling you how I'm playing the game area by area, minute by minute, I thought it'd be exciting to change topic now and then and give you some insight to my gameplay tactics. But now, it's time to give Firered a break...

*turns off game for now*

*many hours pass*

And now I'm back! Grinding my Pokémon is quite pleasurable when they're all so independent in battles. They're all able to hold their own which is great! Leveling them up to 18 was not too bad. And Cillian was easy to beat :P Following that, it was time to catch some Pokémon on Route 24 and Route 25 (both are just above Cerulean City). I was hoping to catch a Bellsprout up there... but unfortunately I came across two Caterpie's :/ I caught them anyway. And named them Bubba and Margarine (get it? :D Think about the name Butterfree...). The trainers up on both those routes were quite fun to battle. Oh, back since Pokémon Yellow, I've got into the habit of battling every trainer I found. Which I think is the right thing to do. Why bother not battling them, like? It's free money and experience ^_^ 

And off I went - more grinding before battling Misty. I figured that level 20 was enough so once all my Pokémon were each a score in level, I took on the Water Princess. And boy was she annoying!!

Odd Choice But It Worked... Mostly

I sent out Sonic against Staryu... That's what I mean by "odd choice". Not that I used Leech Life on Staryu. That would have been painful to watch because it's such a weak move. I thought it'd be a tough battle but Staryu was just crazy lucky which made it worse. I could take two hits from Water Pulse before I needed a Super Potion. The odd critical hit Water Pulse didn't help... Eventually, I had whittled away Staryu's HP just low enough that one more Bite would kill it and then Water Pulse confused me... I wasn't about to risk backfire and death so I switched out to Twister and used Quick Attack to finish Staryu off. Starmie was worse... Flash took charge and worked slowly by confusing Starmie and putting it to sleep. But the problem was that I couldn't do much damage with Confusion. Tactics changed and once Starmie was confused and safely asleep, out came Twister again. A few Sand Attacks and Starmie was beat (psychologically that is, not physically). I finished it off by swapping back out to Flash, using Poisonpowder and Supersonic and letting the poison take it's toll. It was curtains for Misty and I walked away with 2100 pokédollars, the Cascade Badge and the Water Pulse TM. It was a great battle and I couldn't have done it without Twister ^_^

Awesome Pidgey!! :D

Onward we go. I beat up that nasty Rocket who tore up the house just above the gym. And I got TM28 off him too :D That's the move Dig. I'm gonna save my TMs for later in the game.. I don't wanna use them now only to have that Pokémon die and have the TM go to waste :/ On a less morbid note, Route 5 helped me fill up my Pokédex with an entry for Oddish ^_^ I'm very fond of Oddish personally. It's such a cute Pokémon. I had thoughts of swapping Scotch for Penny (Penny being the Oddish I caught). What are your thoughts? I've never raised one before and I'm kinda looking to vary my party a little. Scotch is great and all... but I sense that he's a disaster waiting to happen. One critical hit and BOOM. Dead. Because his defence is not that great. I have plenty time to decide what to do... Actually, it's better I decide soon rather than later! To save myself valuable grinding time... I'll come back to it.

Route 6 brought me closer to Vermilion City. And the VS Seeker!! Which will be a great asset to my training regime. The VS Seeker takes 100 steps to charge and once you use it, trainers in the vicinity may start jumping up and down to signal that they're up for a rematch. It's very useful for getting money and experience! The best part is that some trainers actually have stronger Pokémon when you battle them again. Right now I'm just thinking about my party... and I've decided that I will replace Scotch with Penny. So now Oddish has joined my team.

I made a very silly mistake... I went to Route 6 to train Oddish up a few levels by battling wild Pokémon. About 3 levels into her training, I realised that I totally forgot to catch a Pokémon on Route 6 :( So I missed out on a potential Meowth! I like Meowth. I'd have trained it and kept it in my party. Such a silly mistake to make :( Anyway, I continued on with my training. Once Penny got to around level 18, I went out to Diglett Cave to catch my Diglett. And I did! I called him Rattler. There are two reasons for this - one, I found a Cider here in England called Rattler and two, Diglett is known for earthquakes which... rattle... things. Logic for the win ^_^

Next, I walked out to Route 11, just east of Vermilion, and I found an Ekans (I called her Cabra). I was thinking about adding it to my team but decided against it seeing as I already have 3 poison types! There's a sentence I never thought I'd say. Anyway, I took on all the trainers out on Route 11 and beat them without great difficulty. And I finished off with some grinding to level 23. Once I come back, the S.S. Anne is my next target. That's all I have on gameplay so far. But wait, there's more!!

Because of the restricted access to Pokémon, it makes all the ones I have so much more special. This is one of the reasons I was thinking of playing Pokémon Black 2 as a Nuzlocke Challenge until I beat the Elite Four. It could be good. It could be bad. I won't know until I open the box ^_^ Schrodinger's Cat reference :D

I'll leave it there for now. Long blog post is LOOOOOOOOOOOONG! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Tune in next time for more exciting adventures with Blaise and his Nuzlocke Challenge.


  1. Kieran, I really enjoyed this post, especially since I knew the Pokemon you're using unlike those new generation Pokemon! The nuzlocke challenge is where you have to get rid of dead Pokemon right? I know you told me before but just wanted to make sure.

  2. Thanks very much ^_^ Feedback is such a great thing to get. Even better if it's positive! Yup, if one of your Pokémon faints, it's considered "dead". Here's a link to my first Nuzlocke post and it explains the rules I'm using...