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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Facebook Wins At Life

Now I know there are loads of photos on the internet of funny autocorrect messages... most of which are probably fake. But what I have here is real!! This is actually a real screenshot! But... it's not an autocorrect message... I led you astray on that one. Instead... it's a Facebook Photo Tagger WIN ^__^

3 Girls And Robyn's Boobs

I was adding some photos to my Facebook page for this blog.

Oh, there's also a link there...
On the side bar...
Scroll up to the photo again and it should be there on the right.
Do you see it?
Good :D
Well actually it's both a link and a 'like' button ^_^

Anyway... as I was saying, I was adding some photos to my Facebook page for this blog and of course, Facebook asked me to tag people. So I went along with the Photo Tagger. Then I saw this one and I almost died laughing. Congratulations Robyn, you're breasts look like a face ^_^ And just to confirm, this is the thing I was talking about when I posted on your wall the other day. Hope you enjoyed it XD I certainly got a laugh out of it.

Now for something completely different. I happened to come across this website a few days ago... Pokémon Card Maker. It's so much fun to use!! Here, look what I made ^_^

I'm A Pokémon Card!

How can you say that's not cool? I'm quite pleased with it and I can't wait to enter competitions and thrash people with my Calculator Throw attack. I dare you all to make your own cards and post them on my Facebook page.
Just said I'd give you the link again for good measure. Speaking of links... here's another one. This is a link to Evan's blog. Just to clarify, I'm plugging Evan's Hole (verb number 3^_^ I've always wanted to use that line XD Evan's blog is actually really entertaining! Please write more! NAO! Reading your blog has become my latest procrastination technique :D

Oh, since I've crossed the sea and begun my new life in Devon, I haven't had my hair cut. It now gets in the way of my vision... It's never been this long before. This is what I look like now. I had this photo of me taken recently and it has NOT been photo-shopped in any way, shape or form.

Long Luscious Locks

Who here remembers Sabrina, The Teenage Witch? Well I must admit, it was one of my favourite shows as a kid :D I watched Season 1 during the week. Ah the nostalgia... :') I really love the theme song for Season 1 - it's defo my favourite (compared to the other seasons and their theme songs).

Here's a sexy photo of Aunt Hilda. She always cracked me up. The characters in the show were just brilliant! They were all so... magical. HAR HAR HAR!

The Things I'd Do To Her

That's all I have for you today ^_^

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