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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hi, I'm One Of Professor Oak's Aides...

Day 2 of my Nuzlocke Challenge has been a marvelous success (for the former half anyway). The last place I left you was outside Mt. Moon. I had Charz (Charmander), Bubba (Butterfree), Rager (Mankey) and Wings (Pidgey) all level 14. Plus H2Oh Yeah! (Magikarp) and Obelisk (Geodude) who I was just going to train up to level 14. Yay! 6 party Pokémon ready to go ^_^

This Is What I Did

Before attacking Mt. Moon, I trained Obelisk and H2Oh Yeah! to level 15, and raised my other four to 15 to match. My reasoning for this is because Magikarp learns Tackle at this level so he is able to fend for himself. Which is a huge benefit. Mt. Moon was a breeze!! All the trainers I battled were handy, all my Pokémon grew at least one level too!! Some grew a second level to 17. By the time I cleaned out that mountain, I had 4 level 17 Pokémon, 2 level 16 Pokémon, a Dome Fossil (which will give me a Kabuto later in the game) and some nice items including a Rare Candy and a Star Piece. Not a bad haul B)

Route 4 (just west of Cerulean City) brought me to find my newest Pokémon - another Rattata which I nicknamed Spartacus. But he shall rest easy in my PC until I need him (which I hope I don't). Maybe for HM moves... As I strolled up towards Route 24, I ran into my rival, Cormac. And we had an exceptional battle. It was quite easy to be fair. As were the subsequent battles with the Nugget Bridge trainers.

Oh before I forget it - I've decided to not evolve my Pokémon straight away. Charmander for example. He is level 17 now and I prevented him from evolving so that he will learn moves earlier. This should be a help for the Pokémon League. Plus, if I do find that my party are not up for the challenge along the way, I can always evolve them then. I believe that if they can survive longer as their basest form, they'll be stronger when they evolve. Makes sense, right? :D

Right - so Nugget Bridge was defeated and I completed the story with Bill and got my ticket for the S.S. Anne. My next task was training... and this is where it all started to go downhill :( I began training up my Pokémon before battling Misty. And Obeslisk (lvl 19) was brutally murdered by a critical hit Vine Whip used by a wild Bellsprout at least 7 levels lower than him. It was awful. To make it worse - his replacement, Venus (who is my Bellsprout), was killed while I trained her up. And finally, Spartacus was also killed when I was training him up to replace Venus. It was not a happy time for me... That left me with Charz, H2Oh Yeah!, Wings, Bubba and Rager. Once they were all level 20, I took out Misty with H2Oh Yeah!. It was an easy battle...

Leaving Cerulean brought me to find a cute little Meowth on Route 5. So I caught her and nicknamed her Purrfect ^_^ Moving on from there, I got to Route 6 and caught another Pidgey (nicknamed Geotto). In Diglett's cave, I caught... *drum roll* ...a Diglett. Which I called Doug. And lastly, I got a Drowzee (I called her Dreamer) on Route 11. So I had quite a few new Pokémon. Everything went bad...

Purrfect was trained to level 19 before biting the dust... Rager lost a battle at level 20... Dreamer died off at level 19 too... Doug managed to get to level 21 but then died... and the worst of all, Charz at level 23 lost to a Magnemite! 5 Pokémon dead and gone just like that... It angered me so much that I gave up and this Nuzlocke Challenge will never be finished. Never have I been so angered by a Pokémon game >:[

Oh, to bring in the point of my title, just at the gate on Route 11, I found one of Professor Oak's Aides. He wanted to give me an Itemfinder but I needed to have caught 30 Pokémon.... So I didn't get it. This just added to the disappointment of the day.

I'm going to end here on this very low point... The next time I come back, I will have much better news for you :D

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