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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Le X Factor

It's that time of year again. X Factor time :D I know.. it started last week but this week I said I'd write about it. I really don't know how this year will go... but if previous years are an indication, it'll just get worse. I know you agree :)

So last week was week one of auditions. I'm not actually sure where those auditions were on.. But anyway! In the few hours the show was on - I saw nobody I liked... apart from Ella Henderson. I'll talk more about her later.

But first - Jahmene Douglas. What's the deal with him? The judges loved him... I found him far too screechy.. I've heard stuff about him winning and going far. But it's only week one! Give someone else a chance :O So yeah.. I'm not really that keen on him. EEEEEEEK! SCREEEEEECH! MOOOOOOO!

Now... Ella Henderson! 16 year old girl. I must say I really liked her audition. There was no bullshit that you get with some people *ahem* Zoe Alexander *ahem* So yeah, here's Ella's audition video for you. It is kinda long: 8 minutes and 55 seconds. And 'll be honest, if someone posted that and told me to watch I probably would skim it... But do listen to her audition at least :)

I do hope she gets on well :D So.. I mentioned Zoe Alexander up there. Dear god, what a drama queen. She is a P!nk Tribute artist. As she said, she is Zoe Alexander As P!nk but she wants to drop the "As P!nk" part and just be Zoe Alexander. So naturally, she came on dressed as P!nk and auditioned with a P!nk song. Way to get away from P!nk... Silly girl! After her audition failed her and she was leaving, she threw a tantrum saying the judges made her do a P!nk song... Blah blah blah. Get over yourself! Come back next year...

Curtis Golden... I quite liked his audition. His rendition of Christina Aguilera's Candyman was awesome :) I have the video below. I would like him to get one well. Not much else to say about this guy... But Mel B! Jeez what a bitch! :D "I found it all a little bit irritating" Haha! Way to crush his spirit. But well done to Curtis for getting through with a yes from Gary, Louis and Tulisa :D

The rest of the people who auditioned really didn't deserve a mention here. So I'll leave it at that for last weeks X Factor.

As for last night's X Factor.. Here are my thoughts :D

Dear god... Rylan "Spray Tan In The Back Yard" Clark. "I'm borderline drag queen now"... Fair dues for auditioning and everything, but CRINGE... Didn't really like the audition. But I agreed with Louis. I was confused but I'd have given him a yes seeing as Tulisa and Rita gave him a yes. JUST to give him a chance. Apart from that... Goodbye!

Next up was Kye Sones. Audition was good. Got a great look - well capable of becoming a singer. Got the voice too! Seemed rather... mysterious. Hard to know what kind of person he is but seeing as he got through we'll soon find out.

Lucy Spraggan and her original song Last Night... Now that was entertaining! My favourite audition so far :D There's something about original songs this year. Hopefully there will be more :D Here's her audition video. You'll hear the whole song before it reaches 3 minutes so give it a watch. There's also a music video to her song... here's the link :D

For the most of what I've seen on X Factor, it's been a TFZ. Talent Free Zone as Nicole Scherzinger said! Which leads me to my final audition - Billy Moore. Some people say that Glee ruined Don't Stop Believing. But WOW... just watch this! I'm glad the audience cheered him on though :D

So there's my little ramble on X Factor so far this year. As for writing more about it... I dunno... You'll have to wait and see! ^_^

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