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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

S. S. Anne Hathaway

The title was inspired by... *drum roll* ...Anne Hathaway! I must say, I do like her very much ^_^ My recent visit to see The Dark Knight Rises rekindled my love for this woman. So this'll lead to me revisiting The Princess Diaries movies sometime soon. They're fun!

I Can See You Naked. X-ray Specs And All That...

Now seeing as we're all being undressed by Anne Hathaway and her x-ray specs, let's just bask in the moment... *stretches out erotically*

I'm gonna be mean and get onto my main point - Pokémon. Bye bye, Anne Hathaway! I realised something - just before boarding the S. S. Anne, there is a little bit of water which I won't be able to access once the ship leaves. Lightbulb in my head told me to fish for a Magikarp! So I did, and caught it. It is now part of my collection ^_^ I came up with a very clever nickname; it's Splash! :P

With my complimentary ticket for the luxury ship in hand, I stepped aboard. I took the south-east stairs to the floor below and started destroying trainer after trainer until that floor was wiped clear. Next I cleared the rooms you see once you enter the ship. I found a lady who would heal my Pokémon when I talked to her. It was so nice to have her there so I didn't have to return to the Pokémon Centre.

I visited the kitchen next - the door for that is in the south-west of the ship. I just collected a few items there. No trainers to beat. Onwards and upwards I went. Up the stairs on the west of the ship above the kitchen. Once upstairs, I visited the front of the ship and beat 2 trainers. The last few trainers on the top floor succumbed to my superior Pokémon :D Then... Cillian appeared!

Leprechauns, Right? 

I Have 2 More Balls Than He Does...

Pidgeotto was torn apart by my Twister. Raticate was smashed by Queens. Kadabra got a headache from Cynder's Metal Claw. And finally, Wartortle was overpowered by Penny. It was an easy battle... not too much to talk about. When it comes to Pokémon battles, I do like when they're challenging because I can ramble on like no tomorrow. Remember my battle with Misty? :D So hopefully I can whip up more of those fantastic commentaries ^_^

I decided a nice trip home would be refreshing. Mainly because I forgot to get the Town Map at the beginning of the game... Silly Kieran. So once I got HM01 Cut from the captain of the S. S. Anne, I taught it to Cynder and headed to down Diglett Cave. I arrived on Route 2 and grabbed few items. It was off to Pallet Town. On my way, I passes Viridian City and talked to the Move Tutor and now... Flash knows Dream Eater :D With Compoundeyes and Sleep Powder, Dream Eater is an awesome move for Flash ^_^

Enemy Diglett Stands No Chance!

Right now, I'm training to take on Lt. Surge. I thrashed his flunkies in the gym but I'm not ready to take on Surge yet... I'm gonna play safe and work up to level 27. So the forthcoming battle is a while away yet...

*an hour or so later...*

And finally, 6 level 27 Pokémon. Now seeing as Flash, Twister and Sonic are all flying type... I decided to stick with Cynder, Penny and Queens for the gym battle.

Lt. Surge Will Regret Those Words

First out was Cynder vs Voltorb. Nice, easy way to start off the gym battle. Voltorb was only level 21 so it was fine for Cynder to take him on. It was just Ember, after Ember, after Ember... until finally Voltorb fainted. Next, I swapped out to Queens so she could take on Pikachu at level 18. This is where it got difficult - Pikachu used Double Team paired with Thunder Wave. But eventually, after sustaining some injury from Shock Wave, Queens took out Pikachu with a few Double Kick attacks. Finally, Raichu (level 24) appeared. Penny took him on. Penny's resistance to electric attacks worked in her favour. She took Shock Wave after Shock Wave without being fazed very much. I started with Acid and it did a nice bit of damage but Raichu's Double Team made hitting him more difficult. So damn annoying!! So I splashed out Penny's Poisonpowder and that was it... Raichu took persistent damage from poison while also being hit by Acid and Absorb. It was time to send him to sleep with the fishes! ^_^

My Lucky Penny

That's all I've got for you for the time being ^_^ Be back soon with some more on my Nuzlocke challenge..

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