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Monday, 3 September 2012

Behold, The 9th Week Is Over

The 9th week is over.... THE 9TH WEEK IS OVER!!! THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!

Yes, my summer of work is over. From here, it seemed so short but my GOD did it take ages. And I missed so much at home. My cousin's wedding, my other cousin's first steps, the kittens we found are now all grown up, my birthday party, my Nana's birthday, my parent's wedding anniversary... The list is endless! But now I look forward to catching up on all of those things. Seeing photos from the wedding, cuddling the kittens, visiting my Nana, walking with my baby cousin... It's gonna be great to be home ^_^

I have this image in my head... Tomorrow night when my flight is due in, my Mom, dad and brother all waiting for me to come through  the "Arrivals" door at Shannon Airport. They won't recognize me. With my new shirt, long hair and overflowing bags! Not to mention all the money I've earned :D I CAN'T WAIT TO BE HOME!!!

Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on my bedroom and packing the last few things. I have a wash on at the moment so once that's done and those clothes are packed away, I only have my laptop, a few toiletries and my money to put away. Then it's ready for road at half ten in the morning :D

Last night we were given our tips. SUCH as good night we had! Before tips were handed out, we got pizza from Dominos. I RAPED that pizza. When we attacked the pizza boxes, I had 4 slices of pepperoni devoured before most people were finished their first slice of pizza. I tend to get competitive when it comes to food despite my massive dislike for most foods. Oh I was so happy with that pizza. And everyone knew it too! ^_^ But the funniest part of the night... was the cum cap and cum goggles... An inside joke that was turned into something bigger and funnier :D There's not much to explain (mainly coz I don't know anything else) but one guy gave Laura a swimming cap and a pair of goggles. And soon everyone was calling it a Cum Cap ^_^ So I'll leave that to your imagination :D Sorry Laura, but I had to XD 

Cum Cap... Cum Goggles... Cum Slut...

So what did I do in these 9 weeks when I wasn't working? Well most of the time the weather was shit. When I did get out, I went to Barnstaple town a few times. I saw The Dark Knight Rises and Brave. I bought some new clothes and books. I went to the beach and found a cuttlefish bone which I'm gonna bring home for my budgie to whittle his beak on :D That reminds me... I didn't get gifts for anyone at home. CRAP! Must think of a plan. I know! Pic'n'mix at the airport. Sorted ^_^

Jeez my posts are getting boring... And now for the bad news!
Since college is starting up soon, I won't have much time for blogging. I'll try to keep it up as much as I can though. And with loads more things that I'm involved in this coming year, I'll have so much more to blog about. So there's the good news for you :D

Oh, one more thing... the thing I'm most excited about is a package I ordered a few weeks ago. It arrived at my home in Ireland and I can't wait to stick my teeth into it :D You shall soon see what I ordered and I expect many, MANY green faces ^_^

(Green with envy obviously, not because it'll gross you out)

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