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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Triumph Of The Human Spirit

June saw the beginning of the summer holidays for Lisa Turner. With the sun splitting the rocks everyday and a light breeze blowing, it's the ideal weather for summer. The chirping of the birds outside the bedroom window slowly wakes Lisa from her sleep state. With no school to worry about, Lisa's mind was cleared from the stress and pressure of academic life. But... she had enough to worry about over the forthcoming debs. Rising from her slumber, Lisa combs her golden blonde hair and prepares for the day to come. The smell of sausages from the kitchen spiced up her morning. Lisa made her way down to the kitchen, dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt... her usual attire. Munching on a slice of toast and sipping orange juice, her mind races as thoughts are juggled. Such a lovely girl, such a confusing life... but no-one can see the hidden side of her life.
"It's nobody's business!", she thinks.

"I'm going out, Mam", Lisa shouts up the stairs, "I'll be over at Jenny's house. Bye Dad. Thanks for breakfast".
Walking proudly out the gate, she smiles happily at the great weather. The sun is the lightbulb in the sky that removes all darkness from the physical world. In the suburbs of Limerick City, neighbouring dogs bark in conversation and cats perch on walls like statues.
"Hey Jenny", Lisa calls, "How're ya this mornin'?".
"Oh the same as usual, just my happy little self! And you?"
"I'm good except I'm nervous about the debs", Lisa replies. Even though Lisa's normal outfit is an old pair of blue jeans and a snazzy t-shirt, she does look the picture of beauty in a dress. But she much prefers being the tomboy because she's very strong and capable. Also, her boyfriend Tim loves having a girl who can stand on her own two feet.
"I don't know if I can go through with this, Jenny. Tim and I... the debs... things are getting too serious".

Discussion isn't Lisa's strong point and she doesn't like telling people her problems. Jenny has always found this as one of Lisa's flaws.
"Tell me what's wrong. I want to help you", Jenny says with a comforting look on her face. Lisa's silence is maddening. Suddenly, Lisa's mobile phone rings. The tune of Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl rings out to quench the awkward silence.
"Oh that's Katy Perry's new song. It's becoming such a hit!", explains Lisa before answering the phone.
"Hey babe", says Tim, "Where are you right now?"
"I'm just going to the park with Jenny. It's great weather isn't it?", Lisa replies. Confusion fills Jenny's head as she hears Lisa's conversation with Tim. Why is she so calm and collected now? She was sulking a moment ago over Tim and the debs. There was tension in the air... But why was the question. What was going on?

"Bye! See ya later, hun", concludes Tim. Lisa's face returns to a sulk. Walking along the grass in the park, the two girls are attempting a conversation. The sun creeps behind a cloud in the sky and the park becomes hidden in a shadow. Screaming children are racing on the grass fighting over a football. For some strange reason, Jenny shiver's. Something's not right.
"Lisa? Something feels odd. I don't know what it is.", whispers Jenny.
"Jenny... I have to tell you what's going on...", explains Lisa, "It's between Tim and I".
"I know, you told me something isn't right between you. Spit it out. You are never this quiet normally!".
"I have to break up with Tim", Lisa cries, "I have to. I can't do it anymore". Jenny's face cracks from a smile to a gasp. The world stands still as if time has stopped. All that can be heard is one of the little boys saying 'Ha! I got the ball. I always get what I want'.

Lisa's face erupts in tears, and falls into her hands.
"Stop it Lisa! Put your hands down and look at me! Tell me why you need to break up". Lisa's crying stops after a few minutes and the girls decide to go back to Jenny's house. Silence stands between the two friends all the way home, Jenny still absorbing shock and Lisa holding her head down. Sunlight peeked through a cloud bringing a pinch of light into the world. What a summer this was going to be... Starting with the break up of the perfect couple!

Jenny's bedroom door slams bringing Lisa back into reality, after a journey through her muddled mind.
"I don't understand this. Why would you want to break up with Tim? Ye are so perfect together and he is so hot too!", says Jenny.
"Tim isn't the problem... It's me", replies Lisa.
"Oh for God sake Lisa, you'll look perfect in a debs dress. Don't worry about the debs... Tim still loves you and he always will", Jenny says while trying to console Lisa.
"No that's not it... I... I...", stutters Lisa. Jenny moves in closer to Lisa to try and hear her quiet words. Then Jenny's world is turned upside-down. Out of the blue, in her own bedroom, Lisa starts to kiss Jenny. Dumbfounded at what is happening, Jenny is paralysed with shock. How could this be happening?

With her heart beating wildly, Jenny, in a confused state, opens her eyes slowly wishing it was all a bad dream. Staring back at her, Lisa smiles and holds her hand.
"I wanted to do that for so long. You don't know how hard it's been on me keeping this in for so long", says Lisa. Still recovering from shock, Jenny jumped off the bed and pushed Lisa away from her.
"What the hell is going on? You're not a lesbian! You're dating Tim! What the... I mean... I don't know". Lisa stood up slowly, with her smile fading away.
"Tim... he's nice and all... But I've never felt a connection... There's no spark. I've never felt a spark... Until just now.", answers Lisa.
"But... I don't... I'm not like you... Just get out. Leave now!", roars Jenny. Lisa's spirit collapses. Her world is destroyed at the sound of those words. All that she could bring to words is,
"But I love you".

The front door of Jenny's house slams after Jenny storms out. Where she's going is a mystery. Jenny's mother is ignorant of the whole situation until she sees Jenny run out of the door. Lisa's cries flood the house,
"Jenny come back! I'm sorry!". In a fit of panic, Jenny's mother runs to Lisa to find out what all the commotion is. The tension in the house could be cut with a knife. Before Jenny's mother could say anything, Lisa has wriggled past and she flees the scene in tears. The friendship of Lisa and Jenny is in peril and near collapse.

'I kissed a girl and I liked it' are the words that sing out when Lisa's phone rings. It's Tim. Lisa can't deal with this... There's too much pressure.
"Tim... I can't talk now... I need to find Jenny... Bye", this is all Lisa says to her beloved boyfriend. With no sign of Jenny on the street, it's going to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. How is Lisa going to find Jenny before Jenny gets to Tim? The roads become busier as it is nearing lunch time. The city is becoming crowded with people chattering and weaving in and out between each other. The day returns to it's former glory and the sky is beaming. As luck would have it, distressed Lisa catches a glimpse of Jenny across the road as she is just turning a corner.
"Jenny!", Lisa screams as she runs across the road. Just as Jenny turns to see where Lisa's cry comes from, her hands grasp her mouth in terror as she sees an oncoming car... With Lisa in it's path.
"Lisa! Look out!", Jenny bawls at the top of her lungs. But it was too late.

A screeching of tyres, the beeping of a horn, and the sound of impact... and Lisa lays on the road. Blood pours from her head and with Lisa's last bit of strength, she looks towards Jenny. Her eyes then close forever. The city street stands still. People gasp and cry after witnessing what just happened. Cries of lament are screamed out, the loudest of which comes from a devastated Jenny.

Several days pass and the funeral of Lisa Turner is extremely hard to handle. Tim is in pieces and heartbroken at what happened. Jenny keeps quiet during the days that pass. She is too distressed to say anything to anyone. The body of her friend lays in a coffin at the altar of the church. It is covered in amazing flowers and cards reading 'We will miss you'. On seeing the lifeless body of Lisa, Jenny whispers,
"I love you too".

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