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Friday, 26 October 2012

If I Were A Girl

So here's a new one. What it'd be like if I was a girl. Don't even ask me where I got this idea from but I said I'd try write it anyway...

So. I wake up some morning and I'm a girl for a day. And yes, a girl. Not a woman. I consider myself a boy, not a man. So equivalently, I would be a girl ^_^

I'll start off with this picture... This came from a website called Dragulator which was introduced to me one day by a friend of mine. So of course, I took advantage of this opportunity and made myself a drag queen XD

Azealia Wanks

Of course, Azealia Wanks is a drag name version of Azealia Banks. You must know who she is... the song 212? She sings that! ^_^

Anyway, back to the main point :/ Me as a girl. What would my name be? I'm guessing it'd have to be Kiera or Keira. I actually like both of them. If I was to pick a different name, I dunno WHAT to pick but I'll go with Louisa (because it's the first name that popped into my head).

And now for the fun bit! As a girl, I would avoid female underwear because it's SOOOO frilly and just... just... just no! Male boxers all the way because girls in boxers is SEXY. Come on, girls in boxers is sexy! As for the bra, yes I would wear a bra and I would call him Bob. For the rest of my clothes, screw dresses... jeans and a shirt! I'm such a tomboy! No make up because I don't really like girls in make up because most of them overdo it... Anybody agree with me?

Jodie Marsh
It looks like her face is about to fall off... it'll peel down from the top ^_^

So that's for how I'd dress. The boobs would take some getting used to alright. Putting off my balance I think would be the biggest problem (because in fairness, I'd have shapely, firm bosoms!). But taking away all that, they would be such a hit with people! If you wanted a feel, cop it. I'm not a whore but I fully believe that boobs are God's gift so they should be shared with EVERYONE XD

I would take advantage of being a girl for a day by either getting with a really hot lesbian or fit straight guy... Yeah :P Sorry, but I would!! When in Rome! YOYO! You're only young once! No more details for you!

Right... so the kids should stay away from this next paragraph...

** Warning **
Sexually Explicit Content
** Warning **

The female orgasm. It has to be done! Experiencing an orgasm that's 4 times longer than the male orgasm, well.. that HAS to be good! Combine that with multiple orgasms! And now we have a party. Yes, this would be on the agenda... Multiple female orgasms. As I said, YOYO ^_^

What else is there? I'd probably avoid my family because I am NOT going to spend my one day as a girl explaining it to the family... 'Tis just easier. Ooh! Long hair! Want! I'd love to have REALLY long hair for that day too. Mainly because so far, my hair hasn't been cut since May. That's a LONG time for me...

Right, so... Clothes. Done. Name. Done. Sex. Done. Hair. Done. Shopping - not even going there! Boobs. Done. Ah! I suppose I'd first have to get permission to leave my kitchen that day... LOL I'm not a sexist. I just mock everyone equally :P

So there ya go... BOOBS.. :D

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