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Friday, 12 October 2012

Pokémon Black 2

Today's the day! Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 were released in Ireland today ^_^ This makes me super happy. So happy in fact that I bought Pokémon Black 2 at 10.52am this morning and it cost me €34.19 in HMV... That's €37.99 with a 10% student card. I love having a student discount.

Box Art For The Games

I didn't know a lot about the game before I bought it. But I've been playing Pokémon since Christmas 2000 when I got Pokémon Yellow and a purple Gameboy Colour from Santa.


Ever since then, I've been addicted to playing Pokémon (as you should be able to tell from my blog [notice the Pokémon label I have]). So I reckon Black 2 was a worthwhile investment for me ^_^

So, I'm just gonna ramble on about a few new details in the game.


Before buying the game, I found out a few things about the new Unova region...

The first was that Unova is now host to many foreign Pokémon. As in, those not naturally from the Unova region. This makes the Unova Pokédex for this game go all the way to 300! And that's with Victini at #000 so technically there are 301 Pokémon to see before filling up the Unova dex. WOW.

The next thing I heard was that they FINALLY brought back rivals :D There hasn't been a rival in a Pokémon game since 2nd Gen (Gold/Silver/Crystal) so I'm really excited that that's back. I hope they make good use of your rival in the game...

And the last thing I found out about the game before buying it was that the breeding mechanics were updated to make it easier to breed Pokémon effectively for competitive battling. This makes me smile in places that only my doctor should know about :D

Actually... there was one more thing I learned... but this was earlier today when I was reading the instruction manual of the game (yes, I'm that person!). You can 'Memory Link' your earlier version of Black or White with Black 2 or White 2 and this can allow you to access some in-game events that wouldn't happen otherwise. My favourite of these being that you are able to catch N's Pokémon in the wild!! N was in Black and White and it seems that each time you beat him, he got a new party and released his old team. So these released Pokémon become available in the wild in Black 2 and White 2 once you use Memory Link. Here's a link which takes you to a page that explains all this rubbish I've rambled on about...

So, today at roughly 7pm today, I started my adventure in the new Unova region. By new, I mean that Black 2 is set two years later than Black and the region has undergone some changes. New areas appeared. New Pokémon have come to the region. Etc etc etc. ANYWAY... I started off in my hometown of Aspertia City which is home to the first Unova gym in Black 2 [I'm just gonna say Black 2 because that's the one I got... but the details are the same for White 2].

The graphics have been updated since Black which is AWESOME! I'm really looking forward to the new challenges ahead in this game. And I'm going to make the best of this file and only keep properly IV (Individual Value) and EV (Effort Value) trained Pokémon in it. Well... maybe apart from my party Pokémon. I can't really help their IVs but I'll probably EV train them. Pokénerd here ^_^ If you don't understand what EVs and IVs are, I suggest you read up on them as they are essential for competitive battling.
Here's a post I wrote a while back in which I explain EVs in depth -> Effort Value Training

Oh! And here's another link -> IVs.
This one explains IVs. I didn't write this one though :P

So now that I've moved away from that tangent about training... I'm just gonna say that I'm starting with Snivy. Because Snivy is cute. And Grass type. And has an AMAZING hidden ability which I hope to sometime secure. Although this will be impossible with my starter Snivy. Oh well...

Ain't He Cute?

And so begins my journey throughout Unova. I'm looking forward to the challenges and pray this game is worth the 90% of store price which I paid for it ^_^

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