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Friday, 21 December 2012

League of Legends - Play Time!!

Hello there :D It's time for another blog post. And yes, you've guessed it. League of Legends!

First off, if you'd like to sign up to the game and play (it's free and totally awesome), you can join by clicking here. I'll run through a bit about the game if you've not heard of it. I've written about this game once before (which can be found @ League Of Legends). Since then, I've played a bit more and got the hang of the game a bit better. It's such fun ^_^

Do you like combat games? Tactical games? Even a bit of magic? League of Legends is a free online game. You download the game and play it from your laptop (or whatever gadget you have) with an internet connection. There are over 100 Champions to choose from. They let you use about 10-15 free Champions which change now and then, or you can unlock characters permanently by buying them. Personally, I love playing as Teemo. To quote myself, "Teemo is a ranged fighter who specializes in poisons. His poison darts infect the enemy and they take magic damage every second. He can also lay mushroom bomb which are pretty cool!". So pick a Champion and get practicing ^_^

I found it a tough game to get into - there's a steep learning curve, especially since you play against random people who would have experience. But don't let that deter you - you'll pick it up fast. You can set up matches with friends and add other players to your friend list. My advice would be to look up the Champions' attacks/abilities before fighting and pick your favourite. And from there, you can learn to work with them. Once you get a hang of the controls, expand your pool of Champions. So far, I've stayed playing with Teemo just because I wanna learn the best way to fight with him.

So, a little bit about the game. There are two modes to play in - Classic and Dominion. In Classic, it's just fighting 3v3 or 5v5 in Twisted Treeline or Summoners Rift respectively. You fight to destroy your enemy's Nexus. In Dominion, it's 5v5 and you fight to keep your Nexus from reaching 0 health before the enemy's Nexus (the health is falling continuosly). You have to fight your way through enemy Champions, turrets, inhibitors and minions to destroy the enemy Nexus. It's lots of fun! :D

Some Champions specialize in magic attacks, others rely on brute force physical attack. So do experiment until you find the Champions right for you. You also collect gold for kills and you can spend this in the shop during the game to buy weapons and items to help you out. Gaining experience opens up your movepool and increases your level and every level counts because even a single level can mean the difference between killing an enemy or not.

The level cap is 18, but sometimes you can win games by just getting to level 10ish. The shortest game I ever played was about 10 minutes. The 3v3 games last an average of 15-20 minutes whereas the 5v5 games can go on to be almost 45 minutes depending how good the players are.

Outside of battles, you can increase your powers through Masteries and Runes. Masteries upgrade some powers such as armour, magic penetration, health regeneration, or reduced cooldown on abilities through Mastery Points (you get one per level - I mean you're profile level, not per level you increase in battle). Runes have a similar effect but you can buy runes and combine them.

So there's a quick runthrough of the game. Do have a go, it's great fun! And it's free too :) If you want to add me, my username is elitebibi. Here's the link again if you wanna sign up >>> This. Is. The. Link.

Happy playing ^_^

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