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Monday, 18 March 2013

Still Loving Pokémon

Hello devout readers! Yes, I know it's been two weeks since my last post. Apologies!

In this post I'm just gonna ramble about Pokémon. On Friday night, I rewatched Pokémon: The First Movie. I was expecting it to be awful cringe because the last time I saw it was a good number of years ago. But, I was quite impressed with some jokes that I did not catch when I was younger. I've always had a severe soft spot for Mew; one of my favourite Pokémon. As for Mewtwo, he's quite a misunderstood villain. Of course, Ash is cringe, but the movie itself ain't. Really did enjoy rewatching this :D

Pokémon: The First Movie

Moving on from the first movie and onto Pokémon X & Y! I can't wait to play these games, however, I do not yet own a 3DS... :( Depending how my summer goes, I'll get one. I actually held a 3DS XL today; it was SOOOO big! My brother has a 3DS which I've played numerous times, but the XL is way bigger than I expected! Still rather set on getting the XL though. . . but once the time comes I'll make a proper informed decision about it. As for the game - I want to get Y but so does my brother. We'll fight for it! Whoever gets what, we'll have the 2 games so it'll be grand! Must actually keep an eye on Serebii for the latest updates on X & Y. :)

Before I get Y (or X), I plan to form some awesome teams in Black 2. I already a couple, such as my playthrough party which I fully EV trained later in the game once I got access to EV reducing techniques. I also have a Dragon party. My next plan which is currently being executed is an Eeveeloution party :D I've always wanted one for novelty so I decided to try make a half-decent battle strategy. Below you'll see the party I plan to make. Once I have them egged and trained, I can work out the kinks. You'll see that the strategy I'm using is so overused for Eeveeloution parties but I don't care :D

Nature: Bold {+Def, -Att}
Ability: Snow Cloak

Ice Beam
Baton Pass

Nature: Jolly {+Sp, -Sp Att}
Ability: Leaf Guard

Leaf Blade
Swords Dance
Heal Bell
Baton Pass

Nature: Careful {+Sp Def, -Sp Att}
Ability: Flash Fire

Flame Charge
Work Up
Baton Pass

Nature: Calm {+Sp Def, -Att}
Ability: Water Absorb

Aqua Ring
Baton Pass

Nature: Timid {+Sp, -Att}
Ability: Volt Absorb

Charge Beam
Baton Pass

Nature: Timid {+Sp, -Att}
Ability: Magic Bounce [hidden]

Stored Power
Calm Mind
Morning Sun
Baton Pass

There's really only one problem I'm having with this party... That is Espeon's ability. I would really love to get Magic Bounce (and there is a way I can get it in-game) but if I do get it, my Espeon won't have as high EVs as the others will. Because I'm breeding the other 5. Be amazing if I found a female Eevee in the Dream World with it's hidden ability :D It'd be the shit! ^_^ But what do ye think of the party? I'm looking forward to having it but I can envisage myself cursing it hard when it loses against everyone... Ah sure!

Ok so there goes my Pokémon spiel :) Before I go, I just want to let you all know how I recently remembered I have two awesome DS games that I wish to finish! Might & Magic and The World Ends With You. Fantastic games! I'm so so bad at playing games, realising I love them and then NOT finishing them :/ WHY?! I'm such a ditz. If you've heard of these games, then here - *high five*.

Actually, I'm gonna play some M&M now... *grabs DS*

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