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Friday, 5 April 2013

Questions & Answers 2

1. What's your impression of assigning gender at birth?

Answer: Hmmm. Interesting question. I suppose my answer is that it's important that a person is assigned a gender at birth. It's up to the doctors, nurses, specialists, parents etc to decide so a decision should be made in the best interest of the baby. Of course, ideally each person should assign their own gender but this can't be done at birth. It's a difficult thing to discuss, but while people do give out about their assigned gender (especially for intersex people), I do think that nobody should be at fault for assigning you a gender you don't feel satisfied with.

2. What would you name you first born child if you were to have one? Both for a boy and a girl.

Answer: This is a hard one... I've been trying to think of names for my kids for years. But I can't find any that I adore. I wish I had a better answer to this but until the time comes, I'm going to say that I'll name my kids once they're born if I think a name fits them. Putting me on the spot, I'd say Isabelle for a girl and Felix for a boy.

3. Ever get those moments where you feel you're going nowhere in life? What do you find helps you get over that slump?

Answer: Yeah, of course! Everyone gets them, don't they? The thing that keeps me going is distractions... video games, books, tv, work... anything to just keep me moving. If I don't think about it, I don't linger on the thoughts and they don't get worse. And then, every now and then, something happens which tells me, "You are doing well! Keep it up!". For example, I've been trying to improve my public speaking for years now and haven't really made that much progress. Lately, when I attended USI Congress in Ballinasloe, I spoke to a room of almost 300 people on a very personal topic... and received so much support from people. I was even nominated Best Maiden Speaker which was amazing because there were some unreal speakers there who would have deserved the nomination.

4. If it was proven that you had in fact committed a terrible crime like murder, but we lived in a sci-fi world where memory wipes and implants existed like in Total Recall, how would you react?

Answer: Well, if we lived in such a sci-fi world, I would assume that I was being framed either through cloning or mind-control or something of the like. Because however powerful mind wipes and stuff may be, the brain is such a powerful tool that I will know the truth... in one form or another. So I would fight to protect my name and never stop.

5. Would you have taken the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Answer: Well... from what I've heard, this is a Matrix reference. Yeah, I've not seen The Matrix. So I would have to say, going from my own knowledge, that I'd take the red pill because the last time I took a blue pill, it was a VERY eventful 20th birthday party!

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