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Thursday, 25 July 2013

21 Years of Procrastination and Awesomeness - Part 1

21! That's the number you get when you multiply 7 by 3. Or when you divide 168 by 8. Or by doing this... (15-8) x (7-2 x (6/3)). It's also the number of years I've been on this lovely planet. So this is gonna be a very special blog post ^_^ I'm gonna talk about my 21 favourite things! Well... I'll talk about the first 11 here and the final 10 in part 2. Most of them will be obvious... others, I hope are not. Either way, let's get down to business (by the way, this is in no particular order in case anyone was wondering)

1. Pokémon
Now this is an obvious one! Ever since I was a little boy and Santa brought me a brand new purple Gameboy Colour and Pokémon Yellow, I've been hooked. That was.. like... 13 years ago! So I shudder to think the amount of hours I've put into this franchise. Guaranteed I'll be putting a few hundred more into the upcoming Pokémon X ^_^ But why do I love it so much? I really can't pinpoint a single overall reason... but a few would be: the underlying mathematics of training; some amazing Pokémon like Skarmory and Weavile; the will to become the BEST POKÉMON TRAINER IN THE WORLD!!! :P However... this is another new reason that stands out from all the rest. And here it is...

The Pokémon Drinking Game

I found this earlier this week on this website. I actually planned to play this game last Saturday night at my party, but we were all having too much fun. This game is just pure genius... So kudos to the creator :D Oh! And as you all should know, I treated myself to some Pokémon merchandise late last year - the first 8 gym badges! They're such a nice thing to own! Also... I saw this lately and thought you might like it.

Real Pokémon Daycare

2. Digimon
Digimon is yet another childhood guilty pleasure. I hear that people say that Digimon is a rip-off of Pokémon and it's not as good... Well, the TV show was leagues above Pokémon however the games were miles behind. This is my opinion anyway. I still love playing Digimon Rumble Arena 2 on the PS2 because that was a fantastic game. Still one of the best fighting games I've ever played. Oh! Almost forgot about the Digivices. I've been playing with them for years and they're fantastic... they're like pedometers in that you have to walk so many steps to get to bosses. So I'd never leave the house without one. Ah they were some good times. I had one digivice from each season up to 4, but my favourite was #1. Oh! how could I forget. I also still have a stuffed Agumon! He was 5 pounds in Heatons when I got him. I used to carry him around with my Digivice so he could fight and Digivolve! :D I know what you're all thinking but I don't care :P

My Agumon

Gen #1 Digivice

3. Cats
Who doesn't love cats? As you should know, I am an avid cat lover. My phone's memory is full of pictures of my cats (with a few videos too). Spot is my baby. She was born here on May 3rd 2002 and we've had her ever since. Here's a photo of the little darling :D

Look At Her Being All Pretty

I think my love for cats came from growing up in a home filled with them. Even as I type, Spot is on my desk cleaning herself. By the way, I bet you can't guess why I named her Spot :P As for cats in general... we all know how the internet is 99% cat pictures. All the more reason to love the little buggers :3 Always getting into mischief!

4. Dragons
Now this may be a new one for you. But I have an unhealthy obsession with dragons. I don't know where it stemmed from but it's there. Ok, it's really not that bad but I do love these mystical creatures. I have a few dragon ornaments in my room that I've collected over the years. Not to mention my books on Dragonology. I guess I like these beasts because they're all like RAWR and powerful and shoot fire and stuff. Plus, they're all like "They ain't your jewels *fire breath*". Now I'm not some crazy dragon man, but if I could own dragons... Then I would! Here's one of my dragon ornaments made from compressed wood :)


5. Lego
Everyone has played with Lego at some point. And I used to be fascinated by the stuff! Although right now, I don't have any Lego :( I would get more and play with it, except it's gone so darn expensive nowadays :/ But. That's not to say I still don't love the stuff! Back in '98 (or near abouts) when there was no electricty for Christmas because of a storm, that's when I got my first Lego set. And a few years later, my mom gave me her old Lego set (some water mobile my dad got her once). After dismantling the water mobile thingy, I made several aircrafts until I had a huge fleet! I built on this for months and had a very cool collection. But now they're hidden away somewhere in a box... Still. Lego is still one of my top favourite things and I will make sure that my kids get to play with some! If I knew exactly where my fleet was kept, I'd upload a picture but unfortunately, it's been so long that I forgot. :(

6. Doctor Who
Now this is a new one. How new? Well. I've known about the reboot of the show for YEARS but I never watched it or got into it. Until this April. Over the course of study month and exam month, I got through about 3 seasons but I finished seasons 4-7 within two weeks of getting my summer holidays. And I'm so happy I did finally watch it! One of my favourite TV shows of all time. It'll be something to show my kids (and they'd better appreciate it!). Sci-fi is my sort of thing and the whole time travel malarkey is the icing on top for me. Plus, it has some of the best characters ever! Rose. Donna. And of course... River Song! I'd say more but... well just look at the video :D

Since it's my 21st birthday, I wanted to get some collectables so I looked up some Dr Who stuff. It's all pretty expensive but I went and got THIS!

Exploding Tardis

It's currently sitting upon my wall :D For those of you who know what this is, I bet you're jelly :P For those of you who don't, watch the video above again :D Needless to say, I'm very excited for the 50th Anniversary Special!

7. Desperate Housewives
I swear, this is the last TV show I mention. But golly.. I must say how much I adore this TV show. Funny enough, my mom started watching it from day one. The first episode I saw was the season one finale and I instantly fell in love! Ever since then I've followed the show up until the end of season 8, when the show ended. I was so mad about this show that I dedicated a huge portion of my website to it! A website that never made it to the internet (thank god!)... I was young, at a computer summer camp and we all designed websites. I still have all the files from that website :) I was obsessed! Again, some of the best characters on TV were on this show (imo) as well as some fantastic story-lines. This show defined my teenage years... which really does not say much about me.. does it?

Defining Quote Of The Show

8. Harry Potter
Here's another one that defined my teenage years! Unlike a lot of people I know, I read the books long before the movies came out. I think I had one and two read when I heard the first movie was coming out. I THINK. I was so young that I forget. But I do remember that my Nana bought me books 5, 6 and 7 each time they came out. My god... what a wondrous franchise. And yes, the books are much better than the films! This franchise picks on my love of the weird and magical. The characters were so loveable and the story was brilliant. This is yet another thing my kids will get as part of their childhood! As I was saying about collectables, I wanted to buy both a replica wand and a time turner. Unfortunately, the website I wanted to buy from only delivered within the US... I did buy the wand from amazon in the end, but I left the time turner. While it's such a cool little device, it cost way too much to justify getting it. So now, I have this just added to my collection...

The Elder Wand

9. Craft
So this is a strange one. By craft, I mean making stuff. For example, I made a cross-stitch picture for my Junior Cert. I've made gloves in the past using crochet. Currently, I'm making a latch-hook rug. I haven't done much in the way of actually following any of these skills through to a hobbie but I do like making things. With crochet, I really didn't give it enough time. However, cross-stitch is something I would like to continue in the future. It's very simple to do, it looks great and with a good pattern, you can really do amazing things! Here's a photo of my cross-stitch picture.

My Magic Teddy Bear

I have it hanging in my room; I really do like it. I got the design from a childrens colouring book. I'm very bad at my time management when it comes to hobbies but I do wish to make more in the future. It's very relaxing and really helps with your creativity :D

10. Photography
Now, this one... I do love taking photographs. But I am in no way a professional photographer or will I ever claim to be. I just love how photos capture the moment and by looking at them, they help you to relive the moment. As you can tell, I love adding photos to my blog. I believe that they enrich the words I write. Another thing I love about photographs is that they're going to be a great to have and show to my children and children's children (as long as I don't lose them). Just so you know, I have about 44GB of photos from the last three years... so yeah, I'm a bit mad when it comes to using the camera. But why should it matter whether there's 4 photos or 44GB of them... each one is a precious memory in it's own right :)

11. Video Games
This one had to make the list. By video games, I mean Xbox, Nintendo DS, games on Facebook, games on my phone... anything like that! Some of my top favourite video games would be Pokémon, Dragon Age, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, League Of Legends, Digimon Rumble Arena 2, Mario Kart... the list goes on really. I've spent hundreds... probably thousands of hours playing games. I'm sure some of you know what that's like, right? I find that these games are a brilliant medium for so many different things... They tell amazing stories; they build up fantastic characters that the world loves; they can be endlessly educational; but ultimately, they're fun! Personally, what I like about games is that they make you think. I can't think of any game I like where thinking and planning strategy isn't a requirement. All of the aforementioned games cover that. I guess when I REALLY think about it... problem solving is at the core and as a maths student, that's what I like to do - solve problems :)

Well... there's the first 11 of 21. I'll come back soon with the next 10. What a long post this was but I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. I'll be back with part two before the month is out :) Bye!

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